This picture was taken shortly after practitioner Li Yan was released from the labor camp for the first time

Ms. Li Yan was arrested for the second time at her home, prior to the Olympic Games, and sentenced to two and a half years in a forced labor camp. She is currently being held at the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp, in the No. 6 Battalion.

Li Yan was first sentenced to forced labor in 2005, and was held in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp, No. 2 Battalion. Because she refused to "transform," she was deprived of her basic rights. She was forced to sit on a bench for over twenty hours every day, she was deprived of sleep, not allowed to clean herself or take a shower, or to change into clean clothes. She was given very little food, and she was not allowed to wear warm clothes during the winter. Guard Du Jingbin instigated other inmates to abuse her and curse her. The guard herself choked Li Yan until she was almost unconscious. The guard didn't release her until Li yelled, "Help!" Li Yan was tortured to the point of mental collapse. She was unable to sleep, and was even driven to hitting her head against the wall. She signed the so called guarantee statement while in such a state, but once she realized what she had done, when she was fully aware, she declared that she would definitely continue practicing Falun Dafa, and negated everything she wrote and said under such circumstances.

After this solemn declaration, she was transferred to the most evil battalion - the training group. She, along with another Dafa practitioner Zhang Lianying, were both held there, and each was held in a two square-meter box. They were forced to eat, sleep, and relieve themselves in the box. Before the Olympic Games, local 610 Office officials harassed her, and attempted to force the landlord into kicking her out. The landlord refused to comply with the request, as she knew Li Yan was a single mother with a six-year-old daughter. But without any lawful procedures, Li Yan was still sentenced to two and a half years in a labor camp. Whenever her daughter sits down at her table, she asks, "Where is my mother, I miss her."

While Ms. Li Yan was in the labor camp the first time, three of her family members passed away. There are situations similar to those of Falun Gong practitioner Li Yan all over China. The persecution affects millions of families in China, and must be stopped immediately.