(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner from out of town recently joined our group. Before he came he made a big mistake before regarding the attachment of lust, and the practitioners there pointed their fingers at him, judging him. He felt like he didn't have any other choice so he left. I knew that he did a great deal of technical support work locally and in the region, the result being that he hardly had any time to study the Fa. I want to share my thoughts on this incident.

The old forces want to destroy each and every one of us. They sometimes use the demon of lust to interfere with us at this final stage. This fellow practitioner did well before, so why did he fall when he did? The incident provided us with an opportunity to examine whether or not we could look inside and whether we would use human thoughts to treat him or use divine righteous thoughts. Are we thinking about our one body or just ourselves? Does this incident have something to do with me? I rely too much on fellow practitioners that provide technical support. Whenever we have had problems with our machines, I call them without hesitation. I never gave a thought about if they had time to study the Fa. In this sense, I probably pushed him a little bit in his fall. I felt guilty. What we cultivate is altruism and unselfishness; have I reached that state? I enlightened to the seriousness of cultivation through this incident.

My fellow practitioners, it is the final stage now, and we must treat everything around us with rationality and truly reach the standard of cultivators. Master is waiting for us to return home!