(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Xinxiu (pseudonym). I am 38 years old and live in the Town of Jianping. I always tell people: "If it were not for Falun Dafa, my bones would be rotting."

I was born into a farmer's family in 1971. When I was four years old, someone kicked me in the face and split my lips wide open and I lost half of my teeth. Right after this had healed, I was badly bitten by three big dogs on my legs. Because of these two traumas during my early years, I developed a heart condition. My heartbeat was severe all day long and I had to take medicine for 16 years. During those years, I hardly stepped outside and lived mostly inside my bedroom.

Later on, my family moved into town. My heart disease was getting worse as time went by, and taking medicine did not work anymore. After I was examined in the town hospital, the doctor told me that I had to have surgery; otherwise, I would not live much longer. The operation would cost 170,000 yuan (about $25,000), and my family being farmers, we did not have this amount of money! All I could do was to go home and wait for my death.

I was lying on my bed all day long, I ate very little, and I was thus emaciated. The skin of my entire body had a purplish blue color, which was like that of a dead person. My breathing was very weak and I had completely lost the courage to live. I was just waiting for the end of my life.

The wife of my landlord was a Falun Gong practitioner. In the spring of 2003, when she saw that I was so sick, she clarified the facts about Dafa to me. Mostly, she talked about the changes within herself, and Dafa's magical healing effects on her own health. At the beginning, my family and I did not believe her and said: "With all the medicine in the drug stores, this health problem could not be fixed. How could it be possible to have it fixed simply through learning Falun Dafa?" However, I could not resist her persistence and felt that nobody had been so nice to me before. With gratitude toward her and a thought of giving it a try, I agreed to learn Dafa.

On the first day, she read Zhuan Falun to me. While I was listening and listening, I thought: "What this book says is really good!" I blurted out, "How can there truly be such a righteous person, such a righteous Fa?" My landlord's wife answered: "My Teacher is truly such a person." I felt that I could no longer lie on the bed, and asked her to help me sit up. I sat up, and she read the book to me for two hours. I felt that my body was as light as a feather. It was as if I were sitting on a soft cotton cushion. I told my landlord's wife: "It is so comfortable. I have never felt so comfortable."

I started to believe in Falun Dafa. During the night after the second day of learning Dafa, when I was half asleep, I saw that I vomited a lot of black blood, and a lot of dirty stuff which looked like maggots. My landlord's wife told me that it was Teacher cleaning up my body for me, and he was getting rid of the roots of my diseases. On the fourth or fifth day, when my landlord's wife saw me, she said: "Xin, you have changed your appearance." I was confused because I had not changed my appearance! When she noticed that I did not understand, she continued to say: "Go look at your complexion. Your face and hands, the color has changed." When I looked at myself, I noticed that the complexion of my face and hands had indeed changed. The purplish blue color had disappeared, and my face and hands appeared to have a reddish color. Due to my consistency in studying the Fa, I was gradually able to eat, and I felt stronger.

I was eager to learn the Fa. I did not know how to read, but within two months, I was able to finish reading Zhuan Falun. Even though I used to be so sick, I was now able to cook for my family, and do other housework. When my family saw the effectiveness of Dafa in helping me to get rid of my health problems without taking any medicine, and they saw the supernatural power of Dafa right in front of their eyes, they all stopped being against Dafa, and instead supported me. My mother even obtained a copy of Teacher's audio lectures, and started to listen to it. My father was an educated person; when he witnessed that I could finish reading Zhuan Falun in just two months, and that my heart disease of many years just disappeared on its own, he had a very high opinion of Dafa from deep within his heart. He said: "I will never again believe in the CCP's outright lies that frame Dafa."

One year after I had started practicing Dafa, I was able to go to work. I could handle any dirty or tiring job, I became a totally normal person. My neighbors praised me a lot as they also had witnessed the supernatural power of Dafa through me. Those who were poisoned by the CCP and misunderstood Dafa and even claimed to report Dafa practitioners to the police also stopped talking like that. Some of my family members started to practice Falun Gong; other members have now become supportive, whereas they used to be against reading Dafa books, doing the exercises and clarifying the facts about Dafa. A lot of people have renounced the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated associations, and are willing to safeguard the informational materials about Falun Dafa. When they noticed that others, who did not know the truth, wanted to destroy Dafa booklets, they told them: "Please do not hurt Dafa, Dafa is good for us."

When I noticed all of these things, I felt very happy. Dafa is coming into people's hearts, and a lot more people are being saved.