(Clearwisdom.net) When I started practicing cultivation in 1998, my daughter, who was in the fifth grade, started practicing too. Young kids don't have notions and therefore their understandings of the Fa are no less than those of adults. I remember one day during group Fa-study and discussion, an elderly practitioner said it was too hard to cultivate to high levels, and my daughter said immediately, "Teacher will be sad hearing you say this." My daughter and I rode our bicycles for half an hour each way to attend the nine-day seminar during summer vacation. We recited the Fa while on the road. She was very smart and was able to memorize the entirety of Hong Yin and other articles by the end of the seminar.

One day, a classmate bullied her at school. She came back home and told me, "Today a classmate hit me. I didn't fight back because she was giving me something good--virtue." I replied, "Good job." At that time, my daughter didn't practice the exercises much, although she had been attending the group Fa-study.

After the persecution started in July 1999, each time I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, I would tell my daughter about it beforehand. One day she said, "Mom, I saw a heavenly ladder coming down from the heavens. I want to go to Beijing, too." I didn't think she should go because it was the middle of the semester, so I didn't take her with me. Now I regret that.

In late 2000, I was illegally sentenced to prison. My daughter was in her first year in junior high school. The Communist Party officers wanted to use my daughter to persecute me. One day, while she was doing homework at home, a group of officers went to our home and talked to her for a long time. My daughter answered them in the end, "My mom will surely be steadfast because she knows Dafa is good." One of the officers said angrily, "Your mom taught you this, didn't she?"

In the following days, had it not been for Teacher's Fa and merciful protection, it would have been very difficult for my daughter to make it through. Her father couldn't restrain himself and had an affair with a woman who later stole all his money. The family was ruined, and he often yelled at my daughter. My daughter hoped he would pay more attention to her so she intentionally failed her exams, but it didn't help. She wrote a lot of letters to me, although she didn't know where to send them. She said she had seen the Falun and understood it meant mom was doing well.

Nobody in the family knew where I was being held until they were told they could visit me in 2002. During that time, my daughter often lived by herself in the apartment. Sometimes she would recite Master's poem, "Who Dares Renounce Human Attachments?" from Hong Yin. With the care from my sister and her daughters, my daughter was able to graduate smoothly and enter high school. She wrote to me, "Mom, I will become someone you're proud of."

She did very well in every aspect at school and was able to enter a good university. When I was released and came home and saw her, she was already a college student and a young woman. She did not mention any of the hardships she had gone through, instead she talked about how her teachers and classmates as well as family members cared about her. She said everything was very smooth for her and she could get everything she wished for, including schoolwork. The classmate she shared a desk with was very grateful to her for the inspirations she had brought to her, and got a very good score in the college entrance exam, too. During the exam period, my daughter and a few other classmates took over the task of cleaning the classroom and made it part of their duty. One day, she and another classmate saw a five-yuan bill on the floor, and she said immediately, "We cannot pick it up, or we won't get a good score on the exam."

I'd like to share my understandings about raising Dafa disciples' children. These children must have had a great predestined relationship with the Fa to be able to have been born into our families. It is our duty to bring them up well, our heavenly duty as parents. We should look at them as members of the family and treat them with respect, encourage them to do their own chores, and never spoil them. It is good to talk with them every day regarding things that happen in their schools or daycare facilities and compare these experiences with the Fa. We need to praise them for what they have done right and analyze what they have done wrong, and encourage them to do well the next time. We should never blame them. I remember when my daughter was very little and had just started walking, she stumbled. I didn't pick her up; instead I encouraged her to stand up by herself. She was going to cry, but as soon as I said to her, "You're very brave. Good job. Now dust off your clothes. You're such a good girl," she smiled.

Since the persecution started, I haven't seen my daughter much, and she has been shouldering everything by herself. She often encourages me to hold on, and that the darkness will soon be over.