(Clearwisdom.net) Since Teacher first taught us about sending righteous thoughts in 2001, every practitioner has had powerful supernormal abilities to eliminate evil.

I have eliminated many dark minions and rotten ghosts and have seen some dramatic scenes when sending forth righteous thoughts. I'd like to now share with you what I have witnessed in directing righteous thoughts toward Beijing.

There are a lot of evil factors in Beijing. The head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), his supporters and the CCP headquarters are all in Beijing. In 2002, I observed that practitioners eliminated a lot of evil factors around the world when sending forth righteous thoughts, and that the remaining evil factors, which were extremely small in number, all amassed in Beijing and New York.

I directed righteous thoughts toward Beijing and saw that the entire city was covered with an impenetrable dark lid. I proceeded to send out gong (cultivation energy) and falun for a lengthy period nonstop, and finally made a breakthrough. I smashed the dark lid with irresistible force and the pieces all fell down into Beijing. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts to clean the dark substances until all the streets were clean. The process of sending forth righteous thoughts was also a process of eliminating the evil forces. I saw the head of the CCP, actually a toad in another dimension, who was now only a rotten skeleton. Luo Gan (member of the Politburo at the time) was a shark without a tail and Zeng Qinghong (also a member Politburo) was a leech from a hole by the side of a small stream. These evil beings were all eliminated when I sent forth righteous thoughts.

In sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that all the government buildings had collapsed in this dimension. I cleaned up all the substances and then continued to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate and clean out the dark substances of the evil specter of Communism, to completely disintegrate the CCP, put an end to the persecution of Falun Gong and save sentient beings.

The persecution of Falun Gong was mainly the work of the CCP in other dimension. Beginning early this year, I have been sending forth righteous thoughts to Beijing every hour to eliminate the communist evil specters and disintegrate the CCP and all the factors it used to control the state system and state organizations. I also eliminated the evil specters from food, drinking water and other materials from the cosmos in order to completely disintegrate the CCP, end the persecution and save sentient beings.

In sending forth righteous thoughts over the past few years, I found that the color of the celestial body in higher dimensions has turned from dark to light gray. Now it's much clearer and some new scenes have also appeared. The city of Beijing that I saw in the past has since disappeared and has became a splendid and wonderful land. New crops are growing on this land, a most benevolent phenomena, and Buddha light shines broadly over the city.

This is what I have seen when sending forth righteous thoughts. Please kindly point out any misconceptions I may have.

Since the evil factors still haven't been completely eliminated, we must not lower our guard and instead we must keep up with the process of Fa-rectification, do the three things well on the final leg of the journey.