(Clearwisdom.net) My computer was recently infected with many viruses. I have had to rebuild the system many times, yet it would still become contaminated with new viruses. I had to think of a solution. I remembered that when a Trojan had been planted on a widely read forum, one fellow practitioner shared that his computer never became contaminated by it. He said that if he believed it might be contaminated, he would use righteous thoughts to cleanse it.

I began looking inside. I had attachments of zealotry, lust, and leisure due to some events in my ordinary life. I warned the evil beings manipulating people and spreading viruses that the computer is a special tool I use to save people in this world, not some common object. I told them that if they still wanted to be saved, they should assimilate to Falun Dafa and stop interfering with us; otherwise, they would be eliminated.

I calmed down and began sending forth righteous thoughts. I did this several times around my computer, and it has become pristine. Righteous thoughts have truly boundless power. I enlightened to the fact that Master has prepared supernormal abilities for us and waits for our xinxing to reach the standards, then we can use them. I am not saying that making sure our computers are free of viruses is not important, I am just sharing the divine miracle I experienced with my computer problem.