Malaysian Falun Dafa Association Hosts a Three-Day Fa-Study to Promote Overall Progress (Photos)

( The Falun Dafa Association of Malaysia hosted a three-day Fa-study from October 25 to 27. About 100 practitioners from different areas of Malaysia attended the gathering to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and share about how to do three things well. The practitioners also shared how to coordinate group activities better.

Taiwan: Experiences of Practitioners from the Long'an Park Practice Site (Photos)

( Every day about 40 practitioners gather at the Long'an Park practice site in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan. The practitioners come from different places and from all walks of lives. Most of them are relatively new in the practice, but they are all grateful and steadfast for Falun Dafa has renewed their lives.

Falun Gong Practitioners Cruelly Tortured at the Jilin Province Prison

( Guards in the "Strict Control Unit" in the Jilin Province Prison (Jilin No. 2 Prison) have incited inmates to brutally torture practitioners, resulting in many deaths. The officials have established a so-called "correction center" where they use the cruelest torture methods, including the "constraining bed," "stretching bed" and the "big hang up." (1) Practitioners who do not follow their commands or refuse to be "reformed" are sent to the "correction center." Between 2001 and 2003, many practitioners were tortured on the "stretching bed" and were force-fed.

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