(Clearwisdom.net) The tainted milk scandal has become a focal concern of the Chinese people. China's Ministry of Health reports that as a result of consuming the poisoned milk, close to 53,000 children have suffered illness and more than 10,000 children are currently hospitalized. Media outlets outside China, however, suspect that the number of victims could be as high as 6 million or more. It is truly a national disaster.

This latest scandal is yet more evidence that the lack of food safety poses a threat to the Chinese people's way of life. Even babies are not spared. We cannot help but ask, "What can the Chinese people safely eat anymore? What will happen to China in the future?" Let us try to look at the root cause of the food safety issue in reference to the Sanlu tainted milk scandal and explore ways to protect the rights of the Chinese people.

The hidden inside story

According to information recently revealed by Yang Chongyong, Hebei Province Deputy Governor, Sanlu milk powder products were augmented with melamine as early as 2005. When the tragedy of the "Big Headed Baby" toxic milk powder happened in Anhui Province, Sanlu's products were pulled from the shelves. However, Sanlu worked their way up through public relations channels, and in the end the communist authorities in Hebei Province resumed the normal sale of Sanlu milk powder.

In August this year, Sanlu's New Zealand partner, Fonterra Group (which has a 43% share in Sanlu) received complaints from consumers. As soon as they discovered that the Sanlu milk powder contained melamine, they immediately contacted their Chinese partner and asked Sanlu to openly recall the toxic milk powder. They tried for six weeks, but the their request was rejected all along. It was not until New Zealand Prime Minister Clark personally contacted China's high-level authorities that their request began to take effect, and the Chinese side agreed to recall the toxic milk powder.

The Chinese people need to get to the bottom of this issue. It is unconscionable that toxic products such as Sanlu powdered milk remained and sold well on the market for 15 years, even as a number one seller, and has been listed as a "test exemption product." In 2007, Sanlu was awarded a nationwide "award for advancement in science and technology," the only such honor in the dairy industry.

How can we guarantee that such a tragedy as the Sanlu deception and sickening of thousands of people will not happen again? All the Communist regime has done is to simply replace a few token officials? Can we possibly rely on the regime to thoroughly resolve the food safety problems? Let us take a look at statistics from the General Administration for Quality Supervision: 69 batches of substandard products by 22 dairy companies were tested to contain melamine. It seems that adding toxic industrial chemicals to dairy products has become a widely accepted and long-existing, hidden code of practice.

It is relatively easy to sell inferior toxic food in the Chinese marketplace. This is because, in the eyes of the Communist regime, the lives of the common people are worth nothing. 40 days elapsed between the time that New Zealand officials first notified Sanlu that their products were toxic until the Chinese government acknowledged it, on the evening of September 11, and began a recall the following day. How many lives were endangered? The Chinese regime still has not taken any responsibility for the issue.

How to put an end to the culture of lies that treats human life with indifference?

The ancients said that anything that involved human life must be treated with the utmost care. Communist officials are also human. How can they be indifferent to the lives of others to such an extent? The reason is that the Party culture advocates atheism and shows disrespect for gods and heaven, even less for human lives. To them, a human life is no more than a pile of protein. Now that even the ideals of communism have been completed shattered, the only goal the ruling clique strives for is to enrich themselves by hook or by crook. They have no concern for the well-being of the people, or even their lives.

The Party culture has banned and done its utmost to destroy traditional culture; culture that encourages people to respect gods and heaven, and teaches that evil and good will each receive their due. The Party culture is one that tramples human life and dignity, and puts profits first. This is particularly evident in over 9 years of oppression and ban of belief in Falun Gong and its principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Morals in China - the so-called "divine land," have severely degenerated, completely destroying sincerity and trust. Lies rule.

Then what is the way out for the Chinese nation? The popular book - The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has already pointed a way out: cast away the evil CCP and its ideologies that advocate falsehood, evil and struggle, and return to traditional Chinese culture that attaches importance to morality and the belief in gods.

More than 43 million people have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. This is an expression of the Chinese people's choice for a better future. Only by quitting the CCP and disintegrating the CCP can the issue of food safety be completely resolved, and fundamentally guarantee the rights the Chinese people deserve. When the majority of the Chinese people recognize the true color of the CCP and abandon it, a truly bright future will emerge for China.

(From the Minghui Weekly Mainland China edition)

September 26 2008