Ms. Gao Guofeng in Critical Condition from Abuse, Authorities Deny Family's Requests to Take Her to a Hospital

( Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gao Guofeng in Heilongjiang Province was tortured at the Qianjin Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. She was beaten black and blue, and also experienced symptoms of dizziness, high systolic blood pressure of 180, loss of consciousness and weakness. She also became unable to speak in clear sentences. The evildoing guards' severe beatings of her head affected her central nervous system. She felt numbness in her legs and was able to walk only with assistance.

Young Woman Tortured to the Verge of Death at Weifang City Detention Center

( After over two months of torture, Ms. Kong Xi is on the verge of death.

Ms. Kong Xi, approximately 30 years old, is a practitioner from Weifang City, Shandong Province. After she was arrested on July 9, 2008, she was detained at the Weifang City Detention Center. She held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Once, the detention center officials tied her to a cross constructed with metal poles for seven consecutive days and nights with her arms fixed by long rubber bands and feet shackled together, causing excruciating pain.

Mr. Li Qiguo's Life in Danger from Torture in Wuxue City Detention Center

( Mr. Li Qiguo lives in Lirong'er Village, Meichuan Town, Wuxue City, Hubei Province. He used to have type B hepatitis, and also had a digestive disorder, which caused his family to live in poverty with a huge debt. He was fortunate to learn Falun Dafa, as all of his illnesses disappeared within one year. He used to be in constant conflict with his father-in-law, but when he changed to being a person who always thinks of others first, those conflicts were resolved. The people around him were stunned by the miracles of Falun Dafa, and a lot of them started practicing this great way.

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