(Clearwisdom.net) I am the mother of two small children, ages two-and-a-half and one. Caring for small children is exhausting. The mother usually does not have not much time for other things.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I read Dafa books aloud to her every day. When I did the exercises, prepared truth-clarification materials or sent righteous thoughts, my daughter would always sleep quietly, leaving free time for me. She would wake up when I was done. I also carried her around to distribute truth-clarification materials, rain or shine. She was always there with me, causing no disruptions at all. With Master's compassionate protection and care, my daughter never cried or fussed.

I think my daughter was so good because she was fortunate to listen to the Fa. Of course, I was also doing my best to do the three things well that Master requires of us. I sent righteous thoughts to clear my surrounding environment and negate interference from the old forces. I left no loopholes for the evil to exploit.

Later I had my son. It was a lot of work taking care of two children. I found it very difficult to squeeze in time to do Dafa work. Even if I had time, the sleeping demon always made me sleepy. If I managed to send righteous thoughts, then I was not in the mood to practice the exercises. When I was able to work on truth-clarification materials, then failed to study the Fa. As days like these dragged on, I was fatigued and anxious. I also developed the desire for comfort, and my cultivation environment took a turn for the worse. My two children often cried and fussed. Moreover, they had frequent fevers, leaving me no time to rest. Eventually I realized that I could no longer live like this. I told myself to be determined in my cultivation. I calmed down to study the Fa and reminded myself to maintain righteous thoughts and actions. Gradually my children became better. They no longer had fevers and they were able to eat well.

Our slacking in cultivation misleads our children and is the reason for them becoming disobedient and misbehaving. If we neglect doing the three things we can easily fall prey to the evil forces, which then impose evil things onto the children, causing interference for practitioners.

This is the first time in my ten years of cultivation that I submitted an article sharing my experiences. Please point out anything inappropriate. Thanks!