(Clearwisdom.net) Lian, who was sitting in front of me, spoke calmly and kindly, her words sincere and simple. She had a classical beauty, her bearing elegant and dignified. Listening to her story is like sipping a good quality tea. On the first sip it was bitter, but gradually the flavor improved. This is her story:

"In 1999 when the CCP first began to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, I had a dream. I was flying very high and then came to rest on the edge of a cliff. I thought I must have reached the heavenly kingdom. But it was very dark, the only light coming from a bitter-tasting plant on the ground. At the time I didn't understand what it meant. Two days later I suddenly realized that only through hardships could it glitter.

"And, in truth, the hardships soon began. My husband began to always come home late and with a sullen expression. He didn't talk to me for days at a time. I wanted very much to follow him and find out what he was doing. But I felt this was not the behavior of a dignified person, let alone a practitioner. Then I gave up. At the time I spent a lot of time studying the Fa, delivering materials to fellow practitioners, and giving out truth-clarifying materials. I went to remote villages by taxi, then passed out flyers as I walked back home. By the time I arrived home, it was midnight. But even though I was busy, and free to do what I wanted, I still felt lonely though I knew Master and the Fa were there. I had been seeking a happy and pleasant life.

"One day I saw my husband wearing a new pair of trousers, and I asked him who had made them for him. He said that his sister made them, looking as innocent as a baby. But I knew that was not true. My daughter also told me that she had found a lady's photo in her father's bag. I said nothing. My daughter reminded me of me of Master's poem 'The Difference Between Mortal and Divine:'

'What is a human? Full is he of emotion and desire.'
(from "Hongyin" Version A)

"I knew that my daughter was trying to comfort me. But facing the breakdown of my marriage, my heart ached, even though I never talked with my relatives about my grief. I thought to myself that from now on my human side would be dead, but I would be reborn from the Fa.

"In the spring of 2003, a woman came to my house and said, 'I have lived with your husband for three years. We travelled to Beijing and Shanghai together and he came to see my parents. He was very good to me.' As she said this I felt very calm, but I could see that she was not at ease, so I served her a cup of hot tea and talked with her. Seeing she was trembling because of the cold, I put a jacket on her and shared the truth of Falun Dafa. She was ashamed of herself and said to me with her head lowered down, I didn't expect you to be so good, good from the bottom of your heart. I will certainly go back to my hometown and start my life over.'"

As she told this part of her story Lian pushed her hair back, and with a sad face continued:

"I felt that my heart was breaking. The hollow feeling was beyond words.

"I felt so injured. When I picked up Master's article 'Teaching the Fa at 2004 International Fa Conference in New York,' I couldn't stop my tears from flowing. Master is my closest relative, and I told my grievances to Master: 'Master, I am suffering so much.' As I said this, I felt that Master was standing beside me. Master was tall and grand, with a smile on his face. He looked just like the photo in Zhuan Falun. Master said to me: 'This is cultivation. Do you choose to continue your cultivation?' I cried and replied: 'Yes, I will keep cultivating.' I picked up the article and read a few sentences. Then I said to Master again, 'Master, I feel so distressed inside.' Master was smiling and looking at me all the time. He said to me, 'This is cultivation. Which path do you choose?' I answered, 'I choose Dafa!' Master stretched out his hand and removed something from my heart. Suddenly all of my anxiety and hurt disappeared. I felt happy and full of joy."

When Lian finished telling her story, I said to her in a trembling voice, "Hey, Lian, you have freed the three of you from suffering. You are remarkable!" Lian was humble and denied this, saying, "No, I was not that good. I only listened to Master and strove to be considerate."

When I heard this, tears came to my eyes and her face before me faded and she turned into a fragrant white lotus that grew out of the mud but was not contaminated and stood straight and tall in the pond.

I could not help thinking of a poem:

There is an attitude which moves people's hearts, that is "Truth"
There is a quality that warms people's hearts, that is "Compassion"
There is a realm that shakes people's hearts, that is "Forbearance"

"Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance"--the fundamentals of life. When I find life can be so beautiful and the soul can be so pure, I'd like to tell you my personal experience: "If you acknowledge 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' as well, someday you will exclaim from your heart like me, 'Falun Dafa is good!'"