(Clearwisdom.net) On January 13, 2008, Brian McAdam, a retired 30-year career Canadian diplomat came to attend the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular. McAdam commended the show for "bringing back authentic culture once again to society."

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Brian McAdam, a 30-year career former Canadian diplomat

The Canadian government appointed McAdam as a foreign service officer in Hong Kong in 1968, and he witnessed how the Chinese Communist regime destroyed traditional culture. He told the reporter, "I went to Hong Kong in 1968, when China was in the Cultural Revolution. It destroyed ancient culture, 5,000 years of culture. I think they absolutely should not do so."

McAdam said that the Chinese Communist regime began exerting political influence over art, craftsmanship, music and dances. "That period of time was basically a period of death of the culture."

Talking about the Chinese Communist regime's interference with the performances of Divine Performing Arts company, McAdam said, "(the success of the Divine Performing Arts) is what they (the Chinese Communist Party) fear. They do not want to see the success of the performances. Because the Chinese Communist Party is evil, they do not want people to be aware that there are other different lifestyles."

McAdam said, "In history, the tyrants wanted to define what culture is as they thought it should be, but they have never succeeded. They may succeed for a period of time, but most of the world's people would be aware of it. For example, the Nazi Germany was a kind of evil cult. So was the Soviet Union. They wanted to destroy the Russian culture. Though unfortunately, these tyrants existed for several decades, the spirit of humanity will ultimately bring authentic culture once again back to society. It is really great to be able to see such culture once again."

McAdam commented that the dancers are beautiful, and their costumes gorgeous. He particularly liked the drum performance. "They were really extraordinary. Their movements were coherent and synchronized. It is really incredible!"