(Clearwisdom.net) In the past two years the conflicts in my family worsened. My husband is also a practitioner and my child believes Falun Dafa is good. But we had a lot of problems and conflicts at home. We complained about each other and reprimanded each other whenever things went wrong. We measured others using the Fa and said to the other party that it was for their good. Although we looked for our own shortcomings according to the Fa, we still went back to our old ways after a short while.

Sometimes the conflicts were so intense that we were not able to talk to each other. I often felt aggrieved and cried a lot. I thought I was considerate of him and it was for his benefit but I was blamed as a result. Without any choice I had to put up with it silently or back away from it. I was afraid of conflicts coming again. I knew this state was not right but I was not able to find the root cause. One day I was packing, thinking I'd go to my mother's house to stay for awhile. But I still felt that as a cultivator I shouldn't do this. I said to my husband, "Let's have a good talk and understand each other's thinking." After we talked, on the surface, we calmed down a bit but in our hearts we felt that there was an invisible partition between us.

What should I do? According to the Fa, I looked within. Then I found that my heart was not pure at all. Was I in accordance with the universe's characteristics, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance"? I asked myself, "Am I a true cultivator? Am I truly good to others? Do I consider others first?"

Master repeatedly teaches the Fa with kind words and a pleasant smile. He bears so much for sentient beings. Is it that hard to let go of those filthy things that were not originally part of myself? I must listen to Master and let them go. I had to get rid of stubborn notions, a strong ego and my selfish nature. I had to look inward unconditionally and assimilate to Dafa. As soon as I had such a thought, a strong gust of energy spread over all my body. Anything not good no longer existed. I sincerely thanked Master for dissolving countless debts of ages past for me with his great compassion. I also thanked my fellow practitioners for their kind help.

My family became harmonious. My husband improved from the Fa. Fellow practitioners got along harmoniously. I could do the three things smoothly. I went out with my husband to clarify the truth and we cooperated very well. On the first day we persuaded over 20 people to withdraw from the CCP within two hours.

Let's cultivate ourselves well and break through the human shell to improve as one body and save more people.