(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2000, Mr. Mou Qiang was illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment and sent to Yaan Prison. When he was detained, a prison guard named Wu Yun tortured him, attempted to brainwash him, and violently force-fed him. Now, after suffering a month of physical and mental torture, Mr. Mou Qiang can barely move, his face has become pale and full of deep wrinkles, and his hair is completely gray even though he is only 35 years old.

Brutal Torture

On May 8, 2006, in an attempt to "transform" Mr. Mou, Yaan Prison instructor Wu Yun instigated several criminal inmates to take him to an empty room on the top floor of the prison where no one else could hear or see anything. Six inmates were divided into two teams of three and took turns torturing Mr. Mou, while four other inmates stood by if replacements were needed. Two inmates held Mr. Mou's arms while the third loudly read materials slandering Falun Gong right into his ear. Mr. Mou was not allowed to lower his head, close his eyes, or say anything. Any indication of non-cooperation would trigger a violent "reprisal." Any attempt to struggle or resist triggered even more vicious torture.

Mental Abuse and Attempts to Force Mr. Mou to Write a Guarantee Statement

The inmates said to Mr. Mou, "Either you go crazy, or you write a Guarantee Statement and keep silent. If you go crazy, that's not our fault, and we'll just say it was caused by your practicing Falun Gong."

From 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Mr. Mou was constantly tortured in this way except when he was allowed a few minutes to wash his face in the morning, to eat his meals, or to use the restroom. However, he was still closely monitored when doing these things. The prison guards at Yaan Prison not only tortured Mr. Mou Qiang physically, but also abused him mentally. They took advantage of their authority and instigated the other inmates to torture practitioners. The inmates are ranked by their performance in "transforming" practitioners.

Some guards took advantage of the situation just to obtain more money and privileges. They lied to the other guards and drafted fake Guarantee Statements. Mr. Mou Qiang could not imagine that they added the sentence "above is my true sentiment" on their falsified statement. A guard named Chen Ying told Mr. Mou to write an appreciation letter to the prisoners who tortured him and forced him to read the fake "Guarantee Statement." Mr. Mou would not do it. He was alone and helpless and was constantly harassed by the prisoners and guards. Every person leaves a legacy in this world, and Mr. Mou kept his honor because he refused to acknowledge the fake Guarantee Statement written by the guards.

Mr. Mou Qiang's Letters Were Confiscated and His Family Was Lied to

Mr. Mou's letters to his family were confiscated or returned to him with the excuse that his family "would not understand." His family's letters to him were confiscated by the guards as well. Furthermore, prison guard Wu Yun, who had tortured him, also threatened Mr. Mou Qiang's family and lied to them. Mr. Mou doesn't fear the evil methods of torture so the guards instead put pressure on his family to try and sway him.

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