(Clearwisdom.net) At around 8 p.m. on May 31, 2007, Jiexi Police Station Director De Nengshan (male) in Dayangshu Town, Oroqen Prefecture, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region, led Morin Dawa Prefecture 610 Office Chair Zhang Shibin (male) and agents Liu Fuqing (male), Ao Liqiang (male), and Wang Baojuan (female) to arrest Dayangshu Town Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yang Yuxin and his wife, Ms. Zhen Haiyan. The couple had been married for only a month. Zhang Shibin pointed a handgun at Mr. Yang Yuxin's head while four or five agents carried him to a vehicle. The agents ransacked their home and took Mr. Yang and Ms. Zhen Haiyan to the Morin Dawa Prefecture Detention Center.

When Mr. Yang was being tortured in the detention center, a relative went to visit him twice, but the detention center administration refused to let him see Mr. Yang. They called his family only after Mr. Yang died. Mr. Yang's body had dark bruises under his neck, his mouth would not close, and both of his arms were crossed in front of his chest.

Not long after Mr. Yang Yuxin was tortured to death, Zhang Shibin asked Mr. Yang's wife if she was going to appeal regarding what had happened. He told her they would arrest her if she appealed. At around 3:00 p.m. on September 10, De Nengshan led Zhang Shibin to Ms. Zhen Haiyan's mother 's home in the Xinhua Residential Quarters in Dayangshu Town. Five or six officers forcibly carried Ms. Zhen to a vehicle and arrested her for the second time. It was the 15th day after her husband's death from torture. While they were carrying out the arrest, they said , "You appealed, didn't you? We are arresting you because you appealed." Ms. Zhen has been illegally detained in the Morin Dawa Prefecture Detention Center ever since.

We urgently call upon the international community to show concern and give help. Bring the killers to justice and help rescue Ms. Zhen Haiyan!

De Nengshan, Director of Jiexi Police Station in Dayangshu Town, Oroqen Prefecture: 86-13904708806 (Cell)
Zhang Shibin, Morin Dawa Prefecture 610 Office Chair and Police Department Chief: 86-13848600007 (Cell), 86-470-4621889 (Home)
Morin Dawa Prefecture Police Department chief's office: 86-470-4613876
Deputy Chief's office: 86-470-4613476, 86-470-4613793
Yimin Mine Power Plant Hotel in the Ewenk Prefecture (location of the brainwashing center): 86-470-8726578