(Clearwisdom.net) I was deeply moved while reading Teacher's poem, "Gods Awaken" (Hong Yin II). I still remember the indescribable delight that I experienced when I first obtained the Fa, and the positive way it affected my dealings with other people. Wasn't that the manifestation of my cultivated and divine side? That was the part of me that had awakened and was no longer confused. So isn't it true that our task to save sentient beings is to awaken the divine aspect of human beings and to help them become clearheaded, and thus be saved?

With this realization, I recited in my mind, "Gods Awaken" :

"Living beings, quickly wake up
In the Central Plains, traps are set
All have come for Fa
Why can't you figure it out."

I had opportunities to clarify the truth to the divine side of sentient beings. The effect was very good; that day, 64 Chinese people withdrew their affiliations with the CCP, and among them, 20 were Communist party members. It was clear to me that it was the power of the Fa that suppressed those people's distracting thoughts and let their divine side respond to the call of the Fa and be saved.

In the process I realized that Dafa was serious and sacred and at the same time, my heart was being refined to a higher level. I sincerely said in my heart to the sentient beings whenever I finished clarifying the truth to them, "Hurry up and don't miss this precious opportunity!" They would immediately say, "Yes," and "Thank you" to me. Those were my happiest moments, and I felt that I made a big advancement in my path to validate the Fa.