(Clearwisdom.net) I felt that I was not doing well in face-to-face truth clarification. I looked for the reasons, but I could not find the problem.

Among ordinary people, no one would say that I am not good at speaking. I have had decades of experience in my job in society, which is writing articles and public speaking. Yet when I clarify the truth in a face-to-face manner, the other party would often refuse to accept it. The results have been somewhat better with non-acquaintances, but the more familiar I am with someone, the more difficult it is for me to clarify the truth to them. I could not even persuade my family to quit the Party. I always felt that it was so hard to offer salvation to people.

In contrast, there is a fellow practitioner in my work unit. Among her peers, they would say that she is not quick-minded and is not good at speaking. But she is very good at face-to-face truth clarification. Almost everyone quits the Party after she clarifies the truth to them. She does not need to talk long either; she only needs to say a few sentences. She goes out in the morning around 8:00, and without having lunch, she clarifies the truth until 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. After I got to know her, I felt that she had very few human notions. She is a woman in her fifties, yet she is pure, like an innocent young girl. Later, I realized that maybe this was just her godly righteous thoughts and godly state.

Master's "Fa Teaching at the US Capital" has further strengthened my confidence in face-to-face truth clarification and saving sentient beings. Master said,

"...the people in human society are no longer the same ones as when gods created man once upon a time--divine beings have taken the place of human beings' lives. They still appear human on the surface, but in fact they are beings from different dimensions and different levels."

In this lecture Master also said,

"...I know that these people should be saved and are worthy of being saved."

So we should unconditionally overcome all difficulties to do it. If one cannot do it well, one should unconditionally look inside, look for where one did not do well.

The Chinese people, after having been brainwashed by the evil Party, do not believe in the existence of gods. They believe in violence; they believe in the laws of jungle, where the strong eat the weak. They believe in evolution and experimental sciences. I always wondered how I could use the method of sciences to break through people's atheism shell. Sometimes, even when people lost the debate with me, they still would not quit the Party. For example, I once clarified the truth to my younger brother who studied Pure Land Buddhism; we talked for a whole night. He said, "You know even more about Buddhism than I do. You are clear; thus you clearly cultivate your Falun Dafa. I am confused; I thus confusingly cultivate my Pure Land. I know you are saying this for my benefit, but I will not quit the Party."

Afterwards, I thought, "I spoke so clearly to him; why did he still not quit the Party? Is he one of those who could no longer be saved? Or was it something that I did not do well?" For a long time I could not understand the problem. Later, I thought, "Let it follow the predestined relationship. If I cannot save him, then let it be."

Why did I not talk well? The "Fa Teaching at the US Capital" helped me to realize the reason is that I still have too many human notions. I came to understand that the real reason my truth clarification lacks effectiveness is because I still clarify the truth with a human heart, with human reasoning, not with godly righteous thoughts, and not by entering a godly state to clarify the truth. Moreover, I did not eliminate the evil elements behind people with righteous thoughts. That's why it was not effective. Human reasoning does not have the power to eliminate the evil elements.

After Master's "Fa Teaching at the US Capital" was published, the Fa-rectification has entered another new stage. We must follow Master's Fa-rectification process and use godly righteous thoughts to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

"The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people." ("Fa Teaching at the US Capital")

We must complete our own destiny in assisting Master in Fa-rectification.

This is a little understanding in my Fa-study. Kind fellow practitioners, please correct any wrong understanding. Heshi.