(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner from southern China, and I began cultivation in March 1996. My life has been changed ever since. Everything changed without my noticing it through studying the Fa, memorizing the Fa, and hand-copying the Fa. My voice became louder and clearer, my eyes became brighter, and my body became lighter.

Looking within and thoroughly explaining the facts to people

After the persecution began, I was illegally detained at a labor camp for persisting in my Dafa practice and for appealing for justice for Dafa in Beijing. I was released on January 4, 2002. After returning home, I intensified my Fa-study and realized that the persecution cannot be acknowledged. I said to myself, "Master does not acknowledge it and neither do I." I came to understand that clarifying the facts to resist the persecution and offering sentient beings salvation are a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple's duties.

I have poor enlightenment quality. In order to deepen my understanding, since May 2002 I have hand-copied practitioners' articles published on "Minghui Weekly" as I read them. During the process, practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions, as well as their tremendous efforts in offering sentient beings salvation, touched me. Seeing them looking within, I saw my own shortcomings. Negating the old forces and resisting the persecution are not lip service; one must truly temper oneself and raise one's level through actual practice and truly improving oneself through comprehension of the Fa principles. In my humble opinion, truly letting go of humanness is not just merely a physical action, but more importantly, involves one's change in mentality.

I began explaining the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution to people at my workplace, approaching first those people that were easy to reach. I demanded the removal of my forced labor sentence by visiting the local government organizations, the local office of the People's Congress, the Political and Judiciary Committee office and attorneys' offices, telling them that we are persecuted under groundless accusations. I went to the Procuratorate to look for opportunities to bring the persecutors to justice. Intensive Fa-study enabled me to understand that resisting the persecution and telling people the facts were also for the purpose of offering sentient beings salvation; a Dafa disciple needs to cultivate amid the Fa-rectification, raise his level based on understandings of the Fa principles, and leave the trappings of a human being behind.

I discovered many human thoughts and attachments during the process. I studied the Fa more and sent righteous thoughts more frequently to eliminate interference from evil factors, dark minions and rotten demons. As long as I did that, Master helped me to remove the attachments as soon as I raised my xinxing. I got rid of many of my human thoughts and attachments.

Initially I had too many human thoughts while clarifying the facts, and sometimes I tended to treat it as something that was done from human to human. The results were good, though, when my righteous thoughts were strong. One day I went to the Procuratorate to submit a document requesting an investigation and to clarify the facts, but prior to that I underwent a test of whether or not to go. I remembered Master telling us that Dafa disciples were shouldering great responsibilities. Dafa disciples clarifying the facts and offering sentient beings salvation were the most righteous things in the cosmos. Dafa disciples had descended to Earth with Master to help Master save people, and only Dafa disciples were worthy of doing this.

I was deeply moved after reading "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People (With Master's Comments)." That is when I decided to go to the Procuratorate. I sent righteous thoughts and studied the Fa more intensively several days before I went. I kept rejecting thoughts of fear and constantly reminded myself that I was a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. I also reminded myself that clarifying the facts and offering sentient beings salvation were Dafa disciples' responsibilities and historical mission. I was well prepared before I went. In addition to the document accusing those who had persecuted me, I also brought with me letters addressed to government officials at all levels. I was very clear that my trip was not to solve my personal problems, but rather to validate Dafa.

One day I went to clarify the facts to the Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary. At first she tried to stop me at the door. When she asked about the purpose of my visit, I said, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I came here to request the removal of my two-year labor camp sentence from the records." She told me that it would be no use talking to her because her department was only handling administrative matters. She wouldn't even read the documents I brought. I thought, "Dafa is of the highest dignity, and Dafa disciples are noble." I sent righteous thought while looking at her to eradicate all evil factors that damage Dafa and to destroy all elements of the Communist evil specter and all of its evil factors in other dimensions behind her. Gradually, her attitude changed.

While clarifying the facts, I kept Master's words, "Doing, but without pursuit" ("Abiding in the Dao," Hong Yin) closely in mind. I understand we are not after gain or loss in everyday people's society. What we are doing is validating Dafa. We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples that have come to offer sentient beings salvation. I constantly reminded myself, "I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, and I am following Teacher to do Fa-rectification. We are also offering sentient beings salvation while clarifying the facts to them, and during the process are walking toward rationality and clear-mindedness." With our environment of validating Dafa getting better and better, my job and withheld wages were reinstated in June 2002.

Learning to log on to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website to validate Dafa even better

In the fall of 2002, the Minghui/Clearwisdom editors suggested establishing Falun Dafa truth-clarification materials production sites "like flowers blossoming everywhere." I thought that having a computer would enable me to log on to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, the Dafa practitioners' website. I knew nothing about computers then, but I knew that for a Dafa practitioner, that should not be a deterrent because Dafa can do everything, and only the thought matters. I trusted that Master would give me the wisdom for how to go about this.

Master knew my thoughts and arranged everything for me according to my wishes. Toward the end of 2003, my son bought me a computer! The evil was seizing every opportunity to do harm. One 610 Office member, who lived across the hallway from us, saw it. I did not take him seriously, negated the evil and continued to do what I was supposed to do. He told my son specifically not to teach me how to use a computer. I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil factors that are damaging Dafa. I negated the evil's interference because it is not worthy of interfering with Dafa! I asked Master for help. I told my son that I wanted to log on to the Minghui website. I told him that it was safe to do so because nobody could damage the Minghui website, because top computer engineers were running it. He took a look at the articles I had hand-copied from Minghui Weekly and installed specific software for me. I took notes about the procedures and started to go on-line. For over two years, despite some interference and blockade attempts by the old forces, it has run smoothly, because I have Master's merciful protection and support as well as help from practitioners at the Minghui website. There are many magical stories, too, which have shown me Dafa's power and that every one of Master's words is invaluable.

I remember the day when I first logged on to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. I felt I was the happiest person in the whole world. Sitting in front of the computer, looking at Master's picture, I felt so happy, as if I was home. I put my hands together in the Heshi position to greet Master, but I could not find words to express my veneration. I read the articles eagerly, feeling my xinxing rapidly rising. Since then I have tried my best to keep my mind as pure as it can be so as to be worthy of our great and venerable Master. I also kept reminding myself that only by doing the three things well and offering more sentient beings salvation would we be worthy of Master's salvation. I began learning how to type Chinese characters and how to download an article and print it, as well as other skills. I wrote articles to expose the persecution, submitted fellow practitioners' solemn declarations and the statements to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for everyday people. I collected phone numbers and email addresses, and worked on clarifying the facts with overseas practitioners.

I remember submitting the first article to the Minghui website during the 2004 Mid-Autumn Festival. I represented Dafa practitioners in my area to greet our great and benevolent Master, wishing Him a happy holiday. My heart beat wildly while submitting the article. After it was successfully transmitted, a lotus flower appeared on the screen! I felt a warm current flowing through my body and felt so happy for having done it. Since that day I felt like another person, because even though the article was not long, I was validating the Fa. Our benevolent Master has given so much on our behalf.

This has helped to strengthen my confidence in participating in work related to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. The process of going from not knowing how to write to writing, collecting information and going on-line is also negating the old forces' arrangements. It represents walking a righteous path that Master has arranged, and it is a process of cultivation practice during the Fa-rectification period. While I was on-line, while writing articles or clarifying the facts, oftentimes a bright speck would flash right before my eyes; other times a shadow would pass by, and my head would suddenly feel tight and numb. I would immediately hold my right hand in front of my chest and send righteous thoughts. In addition, I would ask Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts so that I can eradicate all evil that damages Dafa, disintegrate all of the dark minions and rotten demons, destroy all of the Communist specter's evil elements and all of its evil factors in other dimensions, and firmly negate the persecution. I would recite the Fa-rectification formula Master taught us and send the following righteous thoughts: "I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. I am a disciple of the Lord Buddha. Anyone that interferes with my Dafa-validating work and with my clarifying the facts and offering sentient beings salvation is forbidden to exist in my dimensions." Disturbances would normally disappear in less than a minute.

One day not long ago at 2:00 a.m., while I was typing a practitioner's article on-line, suddenly my teeth and half of my head had a throbbing pain. I knew this was interference from the evil that was trying to stop me from transmitting the practitioner's article through the Internet. I negated it and immediately sat upright to send righteous thoughts and asked for Master's help. I sat for an hour, and everything became normal again. I could easily feel that Master had strengthened my energy. I finished typing and successfully submitted the article the next day.

Since I had the computer, more and more projects have been put on my agenda: validating Dafa, exposing the evil persecution, better coordination and harmonizing our one body. Without waiting for or relying on others, I collected persecution facts and step by step made truth-clarification materials myself. We therefore never had a shortage of truth-clarification materials in our area. We would not waste any opportunity to offer salvation to sentient beings. Our materials would include those from the main material site. We would make copies if there weren't enough, or we would download materials from the Internet and make copies at stores. We would laminate the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" and pack it well. We would send righteous thoughts to anyone we offered the materials to: "Treasure Dafa's truth-clarification materials. From one person to ten people, from ten people to one hundred, and from one hundred to one thousand, let those with predestined relationships be safe."

Besides good cooperation among coordinators, we remembered that each one of us could be a coordinator. This avoided estrangement among us and kept the evil from taking advantage of our loopholes, because the evil is glaring menacingly at our every thought, word and deed and seizes every opportunity to do harm.

The closer Fa-rectification gets to the end, the higher and stricter the requirements on Dafa disciples are..The evil can take advantage of any unrighteous thought or insufficiently righteous thoughts, words or deeds and interfere and prevent us from offering salvation to sentient beings. During the process of collecting and compiling the persecution facts, I found many notions to purge and things to improve upon. These include my notions, interference from other dimensions, as well as conflicts among practitioners. If our benevolent Master were not watching over us, making us the Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples and giving us the opportunity of Fa-rectification period cultivation practice, it would take me many lifetimes to get rid of my selfishness.

"Cultivation is about cultivating one's self. No matter what kind of state emerges, you need to take a hard look at yourself." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital" 2006) Sometimes I want to change others without taking a look at myself first, and oftentimes I complain about things other practitioners have done. I would regret this afterwards, but find it difficult to control when things arose. I would feel unhappy when other practitioners' understandings of the Fa were not the same as mine. But how could they possibly be the same? If I took a look at myself and looked at it from the standpoint of the Fa, isn't this unhappiness a human thought? How could a human thought move a god? It becomes obvious then that this behavior is not complying with the characteristic of the cosmos: "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." I understand that only serene harmonization is the best way to validate the Fa, and only Dafa can change a person, not someone's orders or attitude.