(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhou Qing, a senior physics teacher at the No. 1 High School of Jingshan County, Jingmen City in Hubei Province, was born in 1970. Because he was persistent in practicing Falun Gong, he was persecuted by personnel from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While he was homeless in 2004, he published his cultivation experience sharing article entitled "Years of Experience on Three Foot Platforms" on minghui.ca (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), using his real name and address. After that, the 610 Office and the Education Department of the province issued an order and sent personnel to seize him from wherever he was. In July 2004, the National Security Police illegally arrested Zhou Qing in a place called Xiaogan, and he was imprisoned at the First Detention Center of Xiaogan City. He was then escorted to the provincial brainwashing center and tortured until his arms and legs were paralyzed. A year later, he was "illegally sentenced" to four years of imprisonment.

Mr. Zhou Qing has been imprisoned at Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Hubei Province. Because of his long time in prison and ongoing torture, he is now partially blind and has not recovered. The following is his wife's open letter of appeal to organizations responsible for the persecution, requesting the release of Zhou Qing.

Open Letter to All Organizations Participating in Persecution:

I am Zhou Qing's wife. I want to appeal on behalf of our family's present situation.

Zhou Qing was a physics teacher at No. 1 High School of Jingshan County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province. After the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, our family was singled out as a top-target in the Jingshan area. Zhou Qing and I were monitored separately by specific county leaders, and we were illegally imprisoned many times. While we were imprisoned, our child was placed in the care of his grandparents. This happened when our boy was only one-year-old and continued until he was two years old. When our child saw that the other children all had their own daddies and mommies but he himself did not have his parents, he frequently held his grandmother's hand and wailed: "I want a daddy, I want a mommy. Please help me buy one on the street ..."

We were frequently not allowed to go out the gate of the school, prohibited from grocery shopping, and our child was not allowed to play outside the gate. When Zhou Qing was first imprisoned, my child and I were evicted from our own house and then I was imprisoned, too. We were not allowed to live in our own house. I was even prohibited from going home to wash and change my child's clothes. While in prison, Zhou Qing's wages were stopped completely. The school dismissed him from his position, and I was out of a job for a long time. During these years, if our relatives had not helped us, my boy and I would have starved to death on a street corner a long time ago.

Zhou Qing has been illegally imprisoned at the First Detention Center of Jingshan County many times, the longest for16 months. At that time he was beaten mercilessly by criminal inmates under the direction of Zheng Daisheng from the County 610 Office and police officer Wu Anmin. The prison warden ordered inmates to take turns jumping on Zhou Qing's chest from a high location and the inmates kicked him all over. This merciless torture lasted for an entire night. After that, for a very long time Zhou Qing had difficulty breathing. The beating caused very serious internal injuries. Due to repeated tortures of this type, in conjunction with a long prison term, inadequate nutrition, and lack of food, Zhou Qing became practically blind, and he now cannot see anything clearly. Both eyes are affected. In February 2003, the school principal, Huang Xiao Xiu, and personnel from the County 610 Office again wanted to arrest him and force him into the provincial brainwashing center, so Zhou Qing was forced into homelessness.

In 2004, when Zhou Qing was homeless and traveling in the Xiaogan area, he was arrested by the National Security Police and imprisoned in the First Detention Center of Xiaogan City. While he was in detention, his limbs became paralyzed and he could not speak. His life was in imminent danger. Xiaogan City did not release Zhou Qing but transferred him to "The Legal System Training Center" in the province, causing his condition to seriously worsen. His legs ached so terribly that he could not sleep at all, day or night. The severe, unrelenting pain affected him mentally. His state of mind to became unclear and he lost his memory. He was very thin and he lost nearly all of his hair. He no longer looked like a man, and when his family took him home, no one recognized him and dared not go up to him. Zhou Qing's condition was such that he could not take care of himself when he returned home, and there was no one else to look after our child. At this time, the county 610 Office arrested me. I could not withstand these attacks any longer and consequently was unable to eat or drink water at all for many days. I suffered so much that I was getting sick. Even though Zhou Qing had not yet recovered, personnel from Xiaogan and Jingshan seized him and sentenced him to four years. He is presently imprisoned at Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Hubei Province.

Because my child and I had no source of income and my child still needed to go to school, I planned to take out Zhou Qing's "Common Reserve Fund"(reserve requested by the government) so we could survive. However, to take funds out of this fund Zhou Qing's own personal application is required. Last May my son and I went to visit my my husband, so that he could file an application, but we were not allowed to see him. We waited in the cold wind for a long time. Finally, when there was no hope seeing him, we returned home. Later I went to the county 610 Office, hoping they could go with us, but the 610 Office dodged us repeatedly. This caused me to become extremely depressed. On that very same day, a big truck knocked me down and rolled over my legs repeatedly, back and forth, causing severe injuries. I have not be able to walk for over a year.

The saddest thing is that our son, who was just over a year old when his father was illegally imprisoned, has not seen his father for several years. These past few years, he has been frequently looked after by his grandparents (my parents). Due to their advanced age, plus the mental and economic pressures from the long term persecution of my family, their physical conditions are equally poor. After I was injured by the truck, my father's blood pressure suddenly elevated. My parents insisted on taking care of me and also they sent my child to school and picked him up from school. This has made their lives extremely difficult. Moreover, Zhou Qing's father could not bear these assaults, and he died last year. Before his death, he did not have a chance to see his son.

During the time when Zhou Qing was practicing Falun Gong, he did a lot of good things for others and society and never did anything harmful to others. This is well known. He took on many painstaking projects to support education in his hometown and trained many outstanding people for his hometown and the country. His conduct was noble and he was an outstanding teacher with high level teaching skills. Then he was thrown into jail. In the prison, Zhou Qing could not see things clearly because of his eyes, so he was unable to participate in embroidery work and other forced labor. His vision was very good before he was tortured. He was persecuted with a long prison term and housed in an extremely small space with little opportunity to move around.

Our family is now most worried about the effects of his long-term imprisonment and torture. Zhou Qing has been extremely weak, and his body and mind have been seriously devastated. We fear that he cannot withstand such continuous long-term imprisonment and torture. His entire family is extremely concerned about him. I am still unable to walk, and there is no one to take my child to and from school. Therefore, our entire family strongly requests that the center holding Zhou Qing release him and that our hometown government, 610 Office, and Police Departments bring Zhou Qing home.

Zhou Qing's wife

May 2007

Organizations and Personnel Participating in the Persecution of Zhou Qing:

Huang Xiaoxiu, the former principal of the No. 1 High School of Jingshan, current CCP's branch secretary of the school (He is one of the primary responsible persons who persecuted several Falun Gong practitioner teachers in the school.): 86-724-7221620 (Home), 86-13707262198 (Cell), 86-724-626698

Zheng Daisheng, former director of Jingshan County 610 Office, current assistant commissioner of the economic bureau of Jingshan County (At the beginning, he actively directed and planned the persecution against practitioners in the Jingshan area and caused many to be sent to forced labor camps, be imprisoned, and become homeless. Later he gradually understood the truth and no longer actively participated in the persecution.): 86-13197119288

Tian Lixiang, current director of Jingshan County 610 Office (He actively directed and planned persecution of Dafa practitioners.): 86-724-7330410 (Office), 86-724-7333772 (Home), 86-13908693368 (Cell), 86-724-6626456

Zhou Qing is currently imprisoned in the Second Branch of the Fourth Prison District of Fanjiatai, Shayang area, Hubei Province.

Director Xiong, the Fourth Prison District of Fanjiatai, the Shayang area, Hubei Province: 86-13774051942 (Cell)

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