(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Chinese practitioner from mainland China. I learned and began practicing Falun Dafa in June 2002. Currently I am working hard to catch up with the process of Fa-rectification. I would like to share with follow practitioners my cultivation experience, so that we can diligently advance together. We shouldn't allow all kinds of concepts to obstruct our wisdom. We should use our righteous thoughts and actions, do what Master requires of us, and save more sentient beings.

1. Assimilating into Dafa

Obtaining Dafa

In the spring of 2002, Dafa and many practitioners were being persecuted. One practitioner left Dafa materials in my home. Without thinking, I opened a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. After I finished reading Chapter Two, I was surprised that Master started to take care of me and purified my body. That night I used the toilet several times. I experienced the miracles of Dafa. After I finished reading the book, I understood that this is a holy book that teaches people how to cultivate. Also, this is the real Fa that can guide people to return to their original true selves. I thought, "Today Master brings this Fa to me. If I do not practice today, when will I?" I was sitting in the double lotus position and spoke intently to Master, "Respected Master, I want to practice Dafa and follow you home. Master, please save me." After I had sent out this thought, I felt very emotional and tears ran down my cheeks. From then on, I started my journey in cultivation.

Studying the Fa

I always remember Master's teachings, require myself to be diligent in cultivation, and eagerly study the Fa. Every day I try my best to study more. However, looking at all the Dafa books, I have had a hard time understanding everything at once. When the summer vacation came, I came up with a good idea. I sorted Master's books by date and read them one by one. It took me a month to study all the books. It was a great help in my coming to understand Dafa.

Now I systematically read all the books, and have done so eight times. Through studying, I have gradually come to understand the Fa from shallow to deep and have assimilated to the Fa. I firmly believe in Master's words,

"Study Fa without idling, changing in the process..."
("Advance Wholeheartedly, Enlighten Righteously" from Hong Yin Volume II, English translation version B)

Reciting the Fa

I believe the best way to assimilate into the Fa is to recite it. In order to catch up with the Fa-rectification process and validate the Fa more effectively, I recited Hong Yin and the short articles from Essentials for Further Advancement first. It then took me two months to recite Zhuan Falun. I would like to share my experience of reciting the Fa.

Having Interference but my Will is Unmoved

When I started reciting the Fa, the first interference came from the demon of sleep. As soon as I picked up the book, I could hardly open my eyes. When I closed my eyes, I immediately passed out. Facing this interference, I did not let it move my will. I continuously send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the sleep demon. When I recited, I sat, stood, and walked, as well as read out loud. After fighting this sleep demon for a week, I passed the test. After that, my throat started to swell and hurt, and my voice sounded rusty. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts eliminating the interference. I drank water while I recited the Fa in my heart. Several days later, I felt better and had passed another test. One time I recited up to chapter seven, and then a tooth began to bother me very badly. My left cheek swelled up. Opening my mouth was very painful, and the pain became worse and worse. I sent forth righteous thoughts and silently recited the Fa. However, after I had recited for a while it became difficult for me to concentrate and I couldn't continue reciting. I went to a dentist, but he was not there and the doors were closed. I then realized that I had been tricked by evil. Master is trying to save me, but the old forces are trying to pull me down. Reciting the Fa can help me to assimilate into the Fa. I went home and immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. I ignored the pain and continued to recite, and then the pain and swelling disappeared after a few days. Finally, I finished reciting the entire book.

Benefiting from Assimilating into the Fa

What I feel when I recite is that the boundless Fa, during my continuous reciting, is being unfolded for me by Buddhas, Daos and deities that are behind the Fa. I assimilate with the Fa, eliminate karma, and improve my level. It brings me up to a higher level in Fa cultivation.

2. Cultivating Steadfastly

Taking the Fa as Teacher

Since I obtained Dafa after July 20, 1999, I mainly studied the Fa alone. I didn't have many opportunities to share with other practitioners, but I constantly read "Minghui Weekly." By treating the Fa as a teacher, I put my every thought and mind on the Fa. I believe that Master is always beside me and I never feel lonely. Every day I study the Fa, do the exercises, tell people the facts about Falun Gong, and thus feel very happy and have an enriched life.

Giving Up Attachments

Before I started my cultivation, I was very attached to watching TV. After I became a practitioner, one day, I couldn't control myself and turned on the TV again. When I was totally submerged in the TV show, suddenly the people in the show disappeared and four red words appeared on the screen: Xing Ming Shuang Xiu (Cultivate both mind and body). I immediately realized that Master was telling me to give up my attachment. I shut off the TV and started reading the Dafa books. I spoke to Master, "I will give up this attachment, I will use every moment I can to study the Fa." I never had that attachment again.

Eliminating the Mindset of Pursuing Fame and Gain

I am a hard working teacher and used to aggressively pursue fame and gain. Four years ago, the principal assigned me to take on a scientific research project. Through my hard work, I finalized a special and effective teaching method. I wrote four theses about my research and gave many public lectures, demonstrated lectures, and reports. The success of my work was extraordinary and the contribution was great. However, when the project was completed, the honors of this research were given to another teacher. The reason was because her relative was a director of one of the leaders at the city level. My principal tried to seek redress for me and talked with the city leaders, but they did not have enough power. My biggest test came when that teacher even asked me to write a report for her about the results of this project. On the day of the conference, the principal came to comfort me and told me that two other schools had asked that I give lectures for them. I smiled and said, "It is not a problem whether I get the honors or not. If the work is necessary, I will give the lectures for them." All the teachers cursed the Communist Party and said that it was bad. I knew that it was a test for me. I recited in my heart:

"Washing away attachments to fame, sentiment, and gain
What hardship can hinder the divine?"
("Journeying in Dao" from Hong Yin Volume II)

The abandonment is the improvement. If it is yours, you won't lose it. If it is not yours, no matter how hard you try, it won't be yours. Some of my friends came to see me after the conference. When they noticed that my mood was pretty calm, they were very happy and said, "You really changed quite a bit after studying Dafa. We thought you would be extremely angry." I smiled and told them, "I have gained four ways in one shot, it was a big harvest today." After that day, the other teacher never returned to work again and transfered to another school. And the certificate he got oddly disappeared from the school.

Two months later, I was honored as a famous scientific research teacher, outstanding in the entire province. Facing this sudden fame, my heart was very clam. My attachment to pursuing fame and gain had disappeared. Through this incident, my colleagues understood me more and realized the evil nature of the Communist Party. It had given me a foundation for validating Dafa, clarifying the facts, and saving sentient beings.

3. Righteous Mind and Behavior

Since I obtained Dafa, I have firmly believed in Master and Dafa. Wherever I go, I tell people the facts about Dafa. When I need money for saving sentient beings, I use my savings without hesitation. When the truth needs to be clarified, I always speak out about the magnificence of Dafa.

Sincerely Clarifying the Facts to Relatives and Friends

My brother used to practice Dafa, but gave up after the persecution started. I visited him and helped him to form righteous thoughts and come back to Dafa. My sisters, sister-in-law, and nephews also regularly listen to Dafa lectures. I sincerely clarify the truth about Dafa to my relatives and friends, and one after another has quit the CCP. My cultivation has brought brightness to my family.

Clarifying the Facts to Colleagues at Every Opportunity

I work in a comparably large school. I clarify the facts about Dafa to my colleagues whenever I get a chance. When people in the office talk about Dafa, I always stand up and validate Dafa. When school directors informed everyone about the documents the Communist Party passed around slandering Falun Gong, I told all my colleagues the true facts. I wrote down "Hong Yin," and passed it around among colleagues for them to read. Some of my colleagues saved "An Upright Person" ( a poem from Hong Yin) in their cellphones. I used the SARS incident and current affairs to tell people the facts and persuade them to quit the CCP. Because of my righteous mind and behavior, I gained the trust of my colleagues, which provided me with a big space for validating Dafa.

Clarifying the Truth to School Directors

One time I had to proctor an exam. The classroom was very quiet, so I was reciting Lunyu in my heart. Suddenly, I saw more than ten school directors standing at the classroom door. One of them looked very angry and criticized me for breaching my duty. He said the exam room was as noisy as a market. I lost face and was chagrined, but remained very calm. I knew that he was helping me to pass a test. Later, I went to this director's office and told him that it was not my classroom, but another room where some teachers were talking very loudly. After I told him the real situation he was embarrassed. I told him, "I cultivate 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance,' the characteristics of the universe. That day you helped me to pass an exam. I actually should thank you." We talked for a long time until he knew the truth about Dafa.

Another time, a practitioner came to my home very late at night. He told me that the education department had sent out flyers to ask every student to sign, opposing Dafa. The next morning, I visited the three school directors that were in charge of the education propaganda. I clarified the truth to them for two hours. After that, no one mentioned the flyers again.

4. Using Wisdom When Clarifying the Facts to Students

I teach "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" on a daily basis and lead the students so that they behave according to Dafa's principles. One time I was clarifying the facts in class and one student told me that his father's job was catching Falun Gong practitioners. I immediately told the facts to the students, answered every doubt they had, and eliminated their misunderstandings toward Dafa. As a result, these students were saved. Several days later, a school director who already knew the truth told me that one of the parents had called the school about me. He told me that the next time I should combine the lecture content with clarifying the facts. I knew Master was helping me to realize that I should pay attention to the methods I use when clarifying the facts. I should always consider safety issues as well.

I teach eight classes and have taught countless students. Whenever I meet students, I tell them the facts. When they decide to pursue a higher education or when they hold a party, I join them. I won't miss any chance to eliminate the wrong thoughts they hold in their minds, bring out their virtuous natures, and show them a golden way.