(Clearwisdom.net) The practitioners who are coordinating must have a clear understanding of the Fa during the current Fa-rectification period and fulfill their responsibilities. However, every practitioner should have the mindset of assisting Master to rectify the Fa, and also think from the point of coordination. This is just the Fa's requirement for the whole entity. The practitioners who are coordinating should not go to extremes, since those who do the detailed work may not always think from the point of the whole entity.

Actually, we should understand "everybody should be coordinators" like this: the coordinator has an idea, and contacts everyone. Then every practitioner adequately uses his or her wisdom to harmonize this idea and so utilize the power of the whole body to save sentient beings.

In the meantime, coordinators should not be limited by ordinary people's notions. For example, worrying about whether their own methods are controlling is not necessary, as long as our goal is to save sentient beings. Of course compassion and rationality should not be ignored in the process. Now it is very urgent to save sentient beings. Time is very limited. Our own cultivation is not a problem. That's not to say we should hold onto our shortcomings, but to just be happy with our own cultivation and do the three things well does not meet Master's requirements:

"The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people."

"As Dafa disciples, you need to validate the Fa and do what Dafa disciples are supposed to do. You can't take such a long time to change yourself. There's no time for that." ("Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital")

During this Fa-rectification period, if the coordinators don't utilize the capabilities they have locally, or don't realize the current requirements for Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, then those areas will not catch up with the Fa-rectification period. Other practitioners should really have a clear understanding of the Fa, harmonize the whole body, and cooperate with the coordinator and each other, to maximally utilize our power to save sentient beings.

For example, the coordinators mentioned that we should clarify the truth to the officials of all levels in our local governments. Therefore we should not keep delaying this, and every practitioner should actively cooperate on this. Of course, we should have adequate preparation work and let the coordinators arrange the practitioners who do the detailed work. For example, they can ask everyone to send forth righteous thoughts towards these sentient beings in advance, arrange practitioners to provide sufficient VCDs and fliers, arrange practitioners to write letters and make phone calls, and arrange practitioners who can clarify the truth face to face. After everything is ready, we should send forth strong righteous thoughts, and we should be able to save sentient beings to the maximum extent. Of course during this period, practitioners have different understandings, and can accept this to different extents. But everyone should cooperate well. During this process, if some practitioners have more time and energy, of course they should go to save more people with predestined relationships. No one should go to extremes.

Several months ago, several active coordinators were persecuted and detained, and the general coordinator was interfered with. There were omissions in practitioners' cultivation, but the essential goal of the old forces was to reduce the power of our whole body. If they were not in that role, maybe the evil would not be so scared as to actually implement such a damaging test. At the same time, the notion of depending on someone else is a major reason that practitioners are persecuted. Now our local entity's power cannot be utilized, and our saving sentient beings cannot reach the effect that Master asks. Isn't this making the old forces happy?

Coordinators should not slack off with their responsibilities. Instead, they should lead local practitioners to save more sentient beings, which is the most important thing. We cannot wait any longer, or wait for ourselves and other practitioners to improve. While we continue to study the Fa well and share experiences, we should immediately adopt this detailed approach. Other practitioners need to give adequate cooperation in their areas to provide an effective Dafa particle. We must reach the standard that Master expects from us and so save more sentient beings without causing any regrets in the future for our conduct.

As we have cultivated to this day, as practitioners we should be rational and mature. We are very clearheaded even in doing very big things. Therefore, Master does not worry about those things too much, and Master wants us to do things more efficiently and with bigger impact. Today's history is for Falun Dafa disciples. Shouldn't everything we do be great and outstanding in the eyes of the people in the world?