Since the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, it has inspired mainland Chinese to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its two affiliated organizations, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Currently, more than 25 million Chinese have officially withdrawn from the CCP. In China, the movement has undergone dramatic changes since its inception. Mr. Hong, who withdrew from the CCP, told me his perspective of the movement.

The Nine Commentaries Has Triggered Dramatic Changes in China

"After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, the movement to quit the CCP got started. In China it has had a huge impact. You often see banners about quitting the CCP. Because of those banners, now many Chinese on the mainland know about the withdrawals. Now, in every corner of every place of China, there are people working on this, including former high ranking officials in the CCP. In our local area there is a high ranking official. At home he prints and copies materials about withdrawing from the CCP. He then distributes those materials. When he sees his old colleagues, he gives them the materials. He tells them, 'You should read the materials, they are right. We should also quit the CCP.'"

Mr. Hong said many people are now actively taking part in persuading people to withdraw from the CCP, including retired high ranking officials. It shows that the CCP has lost people's support.

"I encountered an elderly man that used to be a high ranking official in this area. His neighbor is the former Chief Governor of a certain province. He himself is a senior official. He said to me that, even in his neighborhood, people are spreading the word about quitting the CCP. That person is our former colleague. Those people are veteran CCP members, but they are disappointed with the current corruption, bureaucracy, vested interests, and people in power. So they choose to quit the CCP."

Speaking about the recently disclosed slave labor incident, this veteran official told Mr. Hong that now the CCP members have no heart to work for the country and the people. They ignore entirely the people's wellbeing. They do things completely for the sake of their own interests, thus contributing to the corruption of the CCP.

Mr. Hong said, "Ordinary workers' incomes are low, and they lack labor insurance and medical insurance. Especially those farmers in the villages, their living standard is even lower. The so-called 'reform and opening up' for 30 years--it is close to 30 years now--and we still have child slave labor issues. This is extremely deplorable. The CCP is in fact a matter of self-interest alone! Why join the CCP? To obtain benefits."

Mr. Hong thinks that every level of the CCP in China is now corrupt. Even the Commission for Discipline Inspection, which is responsible for disciplining officials, is corrupt. Now in China people are oppressed by the officials and their organizations. People have no place to complain when they have a grievance. This situation often leads to serious confrontations.

Twenty-Five Members in One Family Quit the CCP

One person in Guangxi Province not only withdrew from the CCP, he also became a volunteer for the movement. He helped his 25 family members to see the true nature of the CCP, and all of them withdrew. He said those relatives work for the government, they are disappointed with the CCP, and they are very supportive of those that are quitting.

This man said, "I persuaded 25 people to withdraw. They are all my family members. They have been very supportive of the movement to quit the CCP. They receive wages from the government, but they absolutely disregard the CCP."

He continued to speak about the unreasonable behavior of the CCP: "In cities, the government seizes and demolishes people's homes, and people become homeless. In the current situation of no subsidies and no relocations, those people have to go to the government to appeal. It is their basic right to go to the higher government to speak about their grievance. But the CCP is above the law. They say things one way and do things another way. Ordinary people have nowhere to register their grievances.

"I want to be a good person"

Many volunteers for the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP (GSC) say that, after reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, many people who have cooperated with the CCP become clear-headed. When they quit the CCP, they also express the wish to be a good person.

A security officer in Hefei City, Anhui Province, called the GSC and said, "Chief director Li Bin, who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, was rated as an 'excellent individual' for actively participating in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. But on January 29, 2007, of the Chinese lunar calendar, he suddenly showed signs of a mental disorder; he had severe pain all over his body and could not control himself. He committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of a building. This event caused quite a shock in the local area."

People talked about Li Bin's death and said that he had received karmic retribution. This security officer also said that after recently reading the Nine Commentaries, he became clear-headed. He said, "I no longer want to be in cahoots with the evil Party. I want to be a good person. I want to withdraw from the Party."

In the end, not only did this security officer withdraw from the CCP, but all four of his family members also signed the withdrawal statement.

Collective Withdrawals Using Real Names

Volunteers have said that the power of the Nine Commentaries wakes up ordinary people and gives strength to Chinese who want to be descendants of the Chinese nation, but not the offspring of Marx and Lenin. Volunteers said that in one county in Liaoning Province, some people risked their lives and sent a withdrawal collective statement to the GSC. The statement was signed by a total of 140 people, all using their real names and real addresses. This withdrawal statement included people from three towns and 111 villages. Among those that signed were primary school teachers, pharmacy owners, and farmers.

In one office that is directly under the central government of the CCP, the eight people in the office read the Nine Commentaries. Afterwards, they held a meeting to discuss it. They decided to use their real names to withdraw together. One of them, a manager, called the GSC in the office and asked to publish the statement. He said on the phone, "We all have read the Nine Commentaries. We have a clear, true understanding about the CCP now. We do not want to be in league with the CCP. [We] want to quit the evil Chinese Communist Party. Please issue the statement on our behalf."

Long-Distance Travel to Quit the CCP

A volunteer in the service center said one farmer in Hunan Province, on behalf of 14 people that wanted to withdraw, traveled over 60 li (about 30 miles) to search for a long-distance telephone. He called the GSC phone number and submitted the names of those 14 people.

"I waited till today"

Once, a volunteer of the service center received a call from a man in Beijing. The caller said, "I have listened several times to your telephone broadcast. Every time I pushed a button and waited for your call. Today I finally got connected."

The volunteer was happy and said, "This opportunity is not easy to come by. Today it is not too late." The man agreed, "That's right."

The man said, "The dictatorial tyrant Saddam was already hanged. So many Chinese communist officials, led by the ruffian Jiang Zemin, murdered many more people than Saddam. One day they should all be sent to the gallows."

Withdrawal From the Young Pioneers

One man, 69, from Guizhou Province is a retired teacher. He told one volunteer of the service center that he used his saved retirement compensation and repaired a bridge in his hometown.

The elderly man joined the CCP Young Pioneers when he was a child. He said that he believed that the CCP committed atrocities and that he believed in the principle of retribution of good and evil. But when the volunteer presented him with the opportunity to withdraw from the CCP, he appeared somewhat stubborn and refused. He said those things were in the past and then hung up the phone.

The volunteer said, "I thought such a kindhearted elderly man should not be buried with the CCP. He should have a bright future. So I called him again and chatted with him. He refused to quit the Young Pioneers because there were two issues he did not understand: one was that he did not believe that Heaven will eliminate the CCP; the second was that he was afraid of getting political and invoking troubles. So I chatted with him on those two issues."

In the end, the man said that the due retribution of good and evil is a heavenly principle. He said, "I lived frugally to save money to repair the bridge, because I want do good deeds so that I will have good retribution. The evil things done by the CCP, how could I not understand? How could there be a dynasty that never falls? I'm old and in poor health. You can tell by listening to me talk. I have asthma, and I'm lying in bed. I don't want to cause trouble. I just want to look out for my personal welfare, to be safe."

But he said that what the volunteer said was all very reasonable. He said, "I taught classes for so many years, I understand the rise and fall of dynasties in history. The CCP has become so bad. Heaven won't allow it; it surely will be eliminated."

The volunteer said, "We chatted for a long time. Maybe my sincerity and patience touched him."

In the end the elderly man said, "You have a rare kind heart. Please help me to withdraw from the Young Pioneers." He thanked the volunteer several times before he hung up.

When Will Heaven Eliminate the CCP?

One man was worried that he would not live to see the day when Heaven eliminates the CCP. He asked, "When will the CCP be eliminated? The CCP has so many soldiers, police, and special agents. It looks to be very strong. I'm afraid I will not live long enough to see that day."

Based on his doubts, the volunteer explained from different viewpoints that the CCP will soon be eliminated.

The man agreed and said, "Yes, the CCP is just like what you said, a place holder for rogues and bandits. Who would want to stay in that bloody Party? Two years ago my wife wanted to join the CCP. I firmly opposed it and told her that she was looking for trouble. From then on she never mentioned it."

The volunteer said, "You are really thoughtful. Did you join any of the CCP's organizations?" The man said he was clean and did not join any of the CCP's organizations. His wife was a member of the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers, and his son was a member of the Young Pioneers.

He hoped that he could represent his wife and son to withdraw for them from the CCP's organizations. The volunteer solemnly told him, "The key is one's heart. Only when they agree to withdraw is it effective."

He said, "No problem." So the volunteer gave his son a pseudonym, "Give your son a nickname: Lee." He laughed, "Wow! Today I encountered a deity! How do you know my last name is Lee?"

The volunteer also laughed and said, "Gods are beside us. Isn't there a saying: 'There are spiritual beings three feet above one's head!'"

Breaking Through the Internet Blockade

When a volunteer and caller talked about Falun Gong, the caller said, "A lady gave me some material about Falun Gong. I have read the Nine Commentaries. I know Falun Gong is innocent. I have not seen her for quite some time. I don't know if she has been arrested. I have been worried about her." He also said, "Since I do not see that lady, our news is blocked. Please call me more often when you have time."

So the volunteer told him how to break through the CCP's Internet blockade to read the Epoch Times and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, and how to listen to the Sound of Hope Radio Network. He wrote down all the information and thanked the volunteer. "Do you need me to do anything?" the caller asked.

The volunteer told him, "Just as we've advised you, you could advise your relatives and friends to withdraw from the CCP's organizations. Then you can give me a list of their names." He happily said, "No problem."

According to the information provided by the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, after many Chinese on the mainland come to know the truth about the wave of quitting the CCP through various channels, they break through the Internet blockade to issue withdrawal statements on overseas websites. They take the initiative to spread the Nine Commentaries and persuade others to quit the CCP and its related organizations.