I became a practitioner in 1998. For the past eight years, I've been both diligent and hesitant. I've also experienced detours and regrets, as well as the joy of being reborn to a new life.

I recently received a package of Falun Gong truth clarification materials sent to me by another practitioner. During the past few days, a nationwide "important conference" was hosted here in my city. During this time, many police and their vehicles showed up on various streets. More booths and check points were added, passengers were checked, more mobile patrols appeared, and the atmosphere of terror was everywhere.

As I looked at the package of Falun Gong material for saving people (including copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, "Minghui Weekly," truth clarification booklets, etc.), a hesitant, selfish thought appeared: "Put it away temporarily, and wait a couple of days."

No matter what you are afraid of, the old forces will strengthen this fear. That entire morning, I experienced all kinds of interference. I received a phone call from a wrong number and a wrong cellphone call. Someone sent a short message about the law, and another asked for information about home appliances. Yet another knocked on the door for gas utility maintenance. Someone came to the door to sell cosmetics--they all came. My husband (he does not cultivate, but he does support Falun Gong) came home at noon time. He always seems to know what I'll do, so the moment he entered the door he said to me gravely, "These next few days are sensitive for the government and everyone is being very tightly watched, so do not do anything and do not seek trouble."

I understand my husband's thoughts. In 2001, I went to Beijing to appeal and to validate Dafa and was illegally detained for over a month. During that time, my husband asked a lot of people to help find me. In our daily life he is also affected by the persecution. After I came home he sighed, "Do you know that in order to find you, I looked everywhere possible and talked to everyone I could? When they asked why you were arrested, I told them about your great physical improvement once you began learning Falun Gong (before I cultivated Falun Gong, I had diabetes for many years and was in poor health) and the benefits of Falun Gong. I explained the facts thoroughly. Two of them even said that they wanted to learn Falun Gong from you, once you returned." Ever since I was detained, my husband has been very concerned and kindly reminds me of the despicable, evil history of the Chinese Communist Party.

I thought: "Shall I go out to distribute these truth materials, or not?" After hearing my husband's reminder, my heart calmed down. Compared with Teacher's Fa, I wondered why so much interference and false symptoms appeared while I was undecided about what to do? Didn't they representing my attachment to fear?

I was fearful since I was a child. While walking at night, I would not pass any place with shadows. After I started cultivating Falun Gong, this changed significantly. Now I often travel between streets at night to clarify the truth, distribute flyers, post stickers on walls, etc. I have been validating Dafa for a few years now, and what impresses me the most is that when our words and actions are not from the basis of Fa, our attachment to fear suddenly grows. Then it occupies and controls our whole body if we do not suppress it. These are human attachments. Teacher says,

"Cultivation is cultivation, and cultivation is about getting rid of one's attachments, putting a stop to bad human behavior and all kinds of fears, including the human attachments of being afraid of this and being afraid of that." ("Pass The Deadly Test")

Only when our hearts are filled with the Fa can we truly feel the unselfish, fearless righteous God state. "In the world is a great Arhat, Spirits and ghosts fear greatly" ("Mighty Virtue" in Hong Yin)

Using righteous thoughts to break through the so-called sensitive period imposed by the authorities, eliminating all fake appearances and interferences, and seizing the time to save sentient beings--these are the most righteous, most important, and the most needed things for us to do. Teacher said in "Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital" on July 22, 2007:

"Aside from what you as individuals need to go through and establish on your final road to Consummation, what is most important for you and most significant right now is to save people."

"That is to say, don't pay any mind to whatever the reality of today's mankind is or however rampant the evil is: The people who have come to this world are waiting for you to save them!"

When my righteous thoughts were expressed and I was determined to distribute the materials, benevolent Teacher made the arrangements. A classmate of mine whom I had not seen for years came to the city on business and wanted to meet with me. I thought that one more person had come to listen to the truth. I would give her one copy of truth clarification materials and take the opportunity while I was out to distribute the rest. So I sent righteous thoughts and then carried the package of materials another practitioner had given me. I ventured out to do what I was supposed to do.

I'd like to share two points of understanding.

1. Use righteous thoughts to break through the evil's so-called "sensitive days." Currently the evil Party not only labels "April 25," "July 20," etc. as "sensitive days" for their ulterior motives and as an excuse to persecute Falun Gong practitioners even more, the Party is also afraid of holidays, conferences, and other special events. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in extreme panic and fear, therefore stepping up its persecution of the public and edging towards the end of its existence.

In fact, the so-called "sensitive day" is a deviated notion that the Party culture imposes upon people. Behind this notion hides a series of the vile party's evil precepts. Not only do they harm the public, but they also severely interfere with Dafa practitioners activities for saving sentient beings. You may read about many typical stories on Clearwisdom.net (and these are not all the cases that exist).

We do not even acknowledge the elimination of the evils' manifestation of what the "sensitive day" is about, so we must negate all their activities and use righteous thoughts to eliminate the various so-called "sensitive days." Whether it is the 17th Party Congress or the Olympic Games, no matter what kind of holiday or event, we should clarify the truth and save sentient beings in a dignified and upright manner until we completely stop the persecution of Falun Dafa.

"For every day that the vile CCP does not stop its persecution of Falun Gong, that is another day we will keep up our efforts to expose its persecution and to disintegrate it." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles")

2. Teacher said,

"You cannot wait. Sentient beings are being persecuted, and morality is on a rapid decline. The number of people you are to save is becoming smaller and smaller, and it is becoming ever more difficult. That is why we cannot wait." ("Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference")

During the critical moment of saving sentient beings while facing the various so-called "sensitive days" created by the Party, we cannot be driven by our fear and wait till the "sensitive day" passes. The old forces will take advantage of our loopholes and create yet another "sensitive day," increasing the number "sensitive days," defaming the Fa-rectification, and thus preventing us from saving sentient beings. The sentient beings will then lose the precious opportunity to hear to the truth again and again throughout their lives.

Today, assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, our duty-bound historic mission is to fulfill our prehistoric vows with Teacher, take the Fa as Teacher with righteous thoughts and actions, make the most of every day to save sentient beings, maintain every thought during righteous Fa cultivation, truly use a rational and mature mind, and be clear-minded along with wisdom to perform the three things well. Only then will we not lose the opportunity to save more sentient beings.

My level is limited. Please point out anything improper.