(Clearwisdom.net) The temporary female unit of Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp in Helongjiang Province is located at the west side of Sidao Village and is surrounded by high walls with electric barbwires on top. Beginning in June 2000, female Falun Gong practitioners were detained on the third level of the north building. The forced labor camp specifically purchased 20 iron chairs, wide tape, shackles and other apparatuses for use to torture practitioners. About 20 practitioners were detained and tortured there. However, with firm righteous thoughts and resistance from practitioners, this unit was dismissed soon after.

The guards tortured practitioners in various ways all day and night. Practitioners were often stripped searched for no reason. Their bed and personal belongings were also searched every couple of days. One time, the guards tied eight practitioners to the bed, taped their faces and then videotaped them.

The guards often locked practitioners in individual cells and beat them. Guards Liu Xiufen and Wang Xiaoguang slapped practitioners' faces and hit their heads on the iron bed frames, walls and iron bars. They would pour buckets of water on the practitioners and their beds. They used mops soaked with water to forcefully wipe practitioners' heads, faces, and bodies. They would also sit on practitioners.

The guards would turn the music on very loud in the hallways, eat, drink and dance. They forced practitioners to watch videos that slandered Falun Dafa. They used electric batons to shock practitioners' entire body including private areas. All of the practitioners were shocked and the room smelled of burnt flesh.

The perpetrators are: Li Changqing (head of the Mudanjiang 610 Office), Sun Shutian (Director of the forced labor camp), Zhao Guanying (Deputy Director of the forced labor camp), Zhang Xuefeng, Ma Li and twelve female guards.

The followings are facts of the persecution suffered by practitioners:

Zhang Fengrong Beaten, while Zhu Yang Injected with Unknown Substance

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Fengrong, 39 years old, is from Xinlong Township of Mudanjiang City. The guards often tie practitioners' hands and feet together, and tape their mouths before beating them. One time, Ms. Zhang was tied up while guard Zhang Guanying beat her with a briefcase. As a result, Ms. Zhang's mouth was full of blood and she could not eat for several days.

At a different time, the guards tied Ms. Zhang Fengrong and Ms. Hou Lihua to iron chairs. The guards took turns beating them. When Ms. Zhu Yang tried to stop them, a guard locked her in solitary confinement. She was then injected with some unknown medication. As a result, her left arm became numb for many days.

Shang Xiufang and Cheng Yuhuan Almost Lose Consciousness after Their Mouths are Taped Shut

The guards often punished practitioners in the dormitory hallways by taping their mouth and beating them. One time, Guard Zhang Xiaoguang poured water on practitioners' face while their mouths were taped. As a result, Ms. Cheng Yuhuan and Ms. Shang Xiufang almost lost consciousness because they had difficulty breathing only through their nose.

Ms. Shang Xiufang, 41 years old, was an employee of Heath Vaccination Station of Ning'an City. On February 10, 2000, she was sentenced to one year in prison for appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing. Since she refused to give up the practice of Falun Gong, she was further detained for two months at the temporary female unit at Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp and another month at the Ning'an Detention Center.

Ms. Hou Lihua's Falun Dafa books were confiscated by the guards. When the guards refused to return them, she went on a hunger strike to protest. To punish her, the guards held her down, used a plier to open her mouth while holding on her tongue and forced-fed her. As a result, her tongue became numb for a long period of time after the forced-feeding.

Ms. Sheng Jin'e Dies from Being Tortured

Ms. Sheng Jin'e was arrested by Kong Qinzen, Wang Yong'an and others on April 2000 when she did the Falun Dafa exercises with other practitioners at a stadium in Mulin City. She was sent to the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp in Qiqihar. (Kong Qinzen extorted 1,500 yuan from her family before she was released.)

On June 27, 2000, Kong Qinzen then sent Ms. Sheng and other practitioners to the Sidao Forced Labor Camp in Mudanjiang. While at the forced labor camp, the practitioners recited Teacher's articles. The guards then taped their mouths and tied their hands and feet to the chairs before beating and shocking them with electric batons.

One time, Ms. Sheng was doing the second exercise in her cell. A guard tried to stop her. When the guard failed to do so, the guard then took off Ms. Sheng's pants to humiliate her because Ms. Sheng's cell faces the male prisoners' rooms. When she did the sitting meditation on the bed, the guard poured cold water on her. Ms. Sheng was beaten, scolded at, and humiliated daily.

After enduring three and a half years of torture and two months of being on a hunger strike, the forced labor camp sent her home in May of 2005. By then, she was extremely weak and fatigued. Her body was emaciated and she could only eat a small amount of food. Even at home, she still lived in fear every day and could not meet the basic living standard because the Chinese Communist Party refused to issue her retirement money. Ms. Sheng died on November 5, 2006 at the age of 45.

Ms. Pan Yanhua Suffers a Mental Breakdown

Guards Zhang Xiaoguang and Liu Xiufeng pinched Ms. Pan's inner thighs, mouth and other areas of the body. As a result, Ms. Pan's body was covered with black and purple bruises.

One time, when the female guards tortured Ms. Pan in a room, the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest. The guards then dragged Ms. Pan downstairs where the male prisoners were held and had the male guards beat her instead. Due to prolonged physical and mental tortures, Ms. Pan had a mental breakdown. She was then transferred to a mental hospital.

Ms. Zhang Yanqing and Ms. Jin Fengying Injected with Unknown Medicine

After Ms. Zhang replied that she still practices Falun Gong to guard Zhang Xiaoguang, she was viciously beaten. As a result, she had a big, black bump on her mouth that lasted for many days. At another time, the guards also tied Ms. Zhang and Ms. Jin to iron beds and injected them with unknown medicine. They also used needles to poke their feet. The perpetrators involved in torturing them are Zhang Guanying, prison doctor Liu, Zhang Xiaoguang, Liu Xiufeng, and others. One time, guard Liu Min slapped Ms. Jin's face over several dozen times. It was so loud that everyone could hear it in the hallway.

The Malicious Guards

To humiliate Ms. Hou Lihua and Ms. Sheng Jin'e, guard Liu Xiufeng forcefully took both women's pants off and then pushed them to stand in front of the window that faced the male prisoners' cells. Liu Xiufeng even grabbed sixty-year-old practitioner Ms. Song's nipples and harassed her sexually saying profane words.

Guard Zhang Xiaoguang handcuffed Ms. Wu Xiuyan in the bathroom and beat her. She also handcuffed Ms. Jiang Yumei to the water tank of a toilet and poured water into Ms. Jiang's pants.

One time, the guards tortured a practitioner for an entire night. The rest of the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest such horrific persecution. They also wrote appeal letters to the forced labor camp officials and other relevant government agencies. The practitioners demanded that the persecution stop and the responsible guards be investigated. As a result, the guards separated the practitioners to individual rooms and brutally force-fed them.

The deputy director of the forced labor camp, Zhao Guangying, tried to stop practitioners from exposing the persecution by having so-called talks with them. However, practitioners did not cooperate with her. Due to the practitioners' persistence, guards Ma Li, Zhang Xiaoguang, and Liu Xiufeng were reprimanded.

Because all the practitioners resisted and refused to cooperate with these wicked guards, the guards were not able to "transform" them. The plan to set up a female unit at the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp failed. The unit was quickly dismissed. As a result, most of the practitioners left that evil den except for a few who were transferred to other cities for further persecution.

However, the female guards who committed these crimes have not been punished. Zhao Guangying was promoted to a director position. Zhang Xiaoguang was promoted as an Education Officer and became an anchor for their internal TV station.

List of perpetrators involved in the persecution:

Li Changqing, male, head of the Mudanjiang 610 Office
Sun Shutian, male, former Director of the Mudanjiang Forced Labor Cmap
Zhao Guangying, male, former Deputy Director in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners; is currently the director of the forced labor camp
Guard Ma Li, female, sister-in-law of Sun Shutian, officer of the Health and Living Section of the forced labor camp
Guard Zhang Xiaoguang, female, was promoted to officer position in the Education Section. She is also the anchor of their internal radio and TV station. She and another guard Xu Zonghai have put together materials that defame Falun Dafa.
Guard Wang Li, Captain of the No. 4 Brigade