(Clearwisdom.net) The Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in the Zizhong County of Sichuan Province is a den of evildoers where the wicked CCP persecutes Dafa disciples. In addition to camp officials persecuting practitioners themselves, they also instigate groups of criminals to act as their goons to torture Dafa disciples. The following are crimes I personally know were carried out over the last year in Nanmusi.

Policemen Ren Fengming, Duan Yuanyuan and Wu Qihui forced Dafa disciples to write the so-called three statements. If you do not write them, you would not be allowed to sleep, eat or drink, or even go to restroom; and you could even be sexually violated. These are the methods they often use to persecute Dafa disciples.

  1. Dafa disciple Ms. Xiao Guiying, from Chengdu, was pressed in her crotch by a policeman's knee. After that, she was not allowed to go to restroom for 12 hours. Later on, she was thrown to the ground several times. They tightly squeezed her neck making her unable to breathe. She was beaten to be black and blue and not allowed to sleep in the evening. They forced her to hold a stool and stand. She was not allowed to move. She would be beaten at once if she moved.
  2. Dafa disciples Ms. Li Lan, and Ms. Xu Xinlian from Yaan were illegally arrested by the Yaan Municipal Police Station and were sent to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Li, fifty-six years old, was beaten by the police until 2am and only then was she allowed to sleep. She was forced to begin work at 5am. Ms. Li was beaten until she became extremely weak. Police asked the criminal goons to open her mouth with pliers and force fed her medicine (I do not know what the medicine was). They later had the audacity to order her to pay for the medicine.
  3. Dafa disciple Ms. Tan Debi is over 60 years old. She was beaten on the head by police and blood dripped from many wounds on her skull. They dragged her from the first floor to the fourth floor, always dragging her on the ground while blood flew from her whole face. It was painful to even look at her. There was blood everywhere. By the time they were done dragging her to the fourth floor, she had become unconscious.
  4. Dafa disciple Mr. Zeng Jun was bound with his hands behind the back and forced to jump like a frog. The police used rope to bind his mouth to the bed to torture him. He fainted several times.
  5. Ms. Tian Biying, a Dafa disciple from Leshan, was mercilessly beaten every day because she would not write the "three statements." Her whole body was bruised.
  6. Police forced Dafa disciples Ms. Chen Yuanqing and Ms. Jiang Subi to sign the "transformation" statement, but they refused. Police beat them at the ears and pulled their hands to put their fingerprints on the statements against their wills.
  7. Dafa disciple Ms. Xiang Xiuzhen, was beaten to the ground by police. She loudly shouted. A guard came over and said: "What do you shout for? Who truly beats you? Where? Who saw that?"