(Clearwisdom.net) In the early 1990's when Qigong reached its peak of popularity in China, I was in college in Wuhan. I often heard about supernatural phenomena in relation to Qigong. I was very curious and wanted to learn more so that I could attain some kind of supernatural power.

Later, when a "Qigong master" came to my college, I attended his class. There were several dozen people there. He briefly introduced his method of Qigong and taught us some movements. I had many questions to ask, however he seemed not very enthusiastic about answering my questions. Not being able to get answers to my questions, I was depressed and thought that I might need to spend more money so that another "Qigong master" could teach me more stuff.

At that time, many Qigong classes required several sessions and the teachers demanded lots of money. Students like us could not afford them. Therefore, my first experience with a "Qigong class" ended there. In retrospect, the purpose of many so-called "Qigong masters" at that time was to make money. Although they might have some small supernormal capabilities, they did not know the real mechanisms. Therefore, in regard to the many questions I raised, it was not that they did not want to answer, but rather they could not answer.

One Saturday in March 1993, my classmates turned on the radio. When I returned from the washroom, I found several of them listening to the radio. I went up close so that I could hear as well. A radio station in Wuhan had invited the founder of Falun Gong to introduce Falun Gong to the public. I was immediately deeply attracted to the profound principles and miraculous effects. I only had one feeling- that it was so marvelous! The program invited listeners to call in with questions and the Master would answer them right away. Some people called to ask whether the Master could rectify their bodies over the telephone. Almost all the callers that followed asked Master to cure their diseases.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to attend Master Li Hongzhi's class. His class was held in Hankou and my college was in Wuchang. It was a long distance. I was a little hesitant as to whether I should go. The class had been held for two days already. I still could not make up my mind. The next day, a mysterious power urged me to go, so I went with three other classmates. When we got there, they all hesitated and left. They later decided to attend the next day, but only I stayed that day.

As soon as I started the class, many of my questions regarding Qigong and life in general were answered. Although I missed the first two classes, I truly knew how to be a good person after attending the remaining classes. I looked forward to the class every day.

To get to the class, I needed to take a bus to the Yangtze River ferry. I took the ferry and then again took another bus to the site. We always cheated and did not buy bus or ferry tickets. After taking two classes, I felt that we should no longer do that. However, my classmates did not realize it. I therefore bought tickets for all of us.

With every class I attended, I felt that my heart was changing. Gradually, I came to understand what "cultivation" is. During the classes, I truly felt a spinning Falun. There were two days when Teacher cleansed my body. I felt pain in my abdomen. When it was hard to endure the pain, I sat down with my legs double-crossed and my hands conjoined. The pain would stop, but it would resume if I were not in this position. This lasted only for two days. When I first started practicing the exercises, one time I was practicing the second exercise and felt a hot stream from head to my feet. It felt very comfortable.

I remember that one girl said she had been diagnosed with leukemia with no hope of treatment. After attending Teacher's classes, she was completely cured. Her parents were so grateful that they presented Teacher with a flag of grateful words. Another woman I met explained how she had been to many other Qigong classes before. Her Tianmu (celestial eye) could see some supernormal things. She told me that although she had been in many Qigong classes, only Master Li could explain the principles thoroughly and clearly. Therefore, she made up her mind to give up all her other practices and to focus on Falun Gong.

During breaks, Master always patiently answered questions. Sometimes Master was next to the podium and many practitioners surrounded him and asked him questions. He would answer them one by one. I always stood on the side and listened. I came in late to the class and did not know how to do the hand gestures. One time I asked Master how to make "Lotus Palm." Teacher showed me hand by hand. In retrospect, I was a truly lucky and happy person. I always remember that scene as if it had happened only yesterday.

For me, all these great memories encouraged me to be diligent. I will do the three things well and will be worth Teacher's compassionate salvation.