(Clearwisdom.net) The local police arrested practitioner Yang Huanying from Doumen District, Zhuhai City near the cross-over bridge at Jing'an Street on May 21, 2007, at around 9 a.m. They also ransacked Yang's home and confiscated a large amount of Falun Dafa truth-clarification materials. Yang Huanying was illegally sentenced to 18 months of forced labor after being held for one month in the Third Detention Center of Zhuhai City. Yang Huanying was sent to the infamous Sanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province to serve her term. The prime persecutor of Ms. Huanying is Wu Zebo, head of the 610 Office of Doumen District.

Liang Genpeng from the 610 Office in Doumen, along with a few police officers, went to the home of Lu Ruihua, a practitioner living in Dongwei Village, Baijiao Town, Doumen in the afternoon of July 3, 2007 and told Ms. Lu that local officials requested a "talk" with her. Ms. Lu saw a police vehicle waiting in the street when she left her home. At that point 610 Office staff arrested Lu and sent her directly to the Guangdong Provincial Brainwashing Center in Sanshui. Ms. Lu Ruihua was released after eight days due to high blood pressure and other ailments.

Practitioner Yang Xiumei, who had been picked up the same night, was released after he was held one day because of his high blood pressure.

Practitioner Zhao Juanjuan went to visit her daughter, practitioner Lu Jianwen, who was sentenced on June 25 to three years at the Guangzhou City Women's Prison. Personnel from the local police station checked Ms. Zhao's home 30 minutes after she left for the prison. The police authorities threatened her family and forced them to phone her and ask her to return home immediately. Personnel from the 610 Office harassed her at home or phoned her every day during the next few days. She got back on June 28, and three people from the community office and local police station went to her home on the morning of June 29. They watched her through a vent next to the ceiling by standing on stacked chairs. Two others watched the entrance. They were there from 6 a.m. until midnight. Ms. Zhao's neighbors felt strange and thought: why do these two watch her around the clock? In the evening of July 2, Ms. Zhao went outside for a walk, and someone immediately followed her. During those few days, other practitioners in Doumen District were also under surveillance.

Since July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party has imposed the persecution on Falun Gong practitioners in Doumen District and acted unscrupulously. According to an incomplete estimation, there are 99 counts of unlawful arrests in this tiny area; 28 illegal sentences handed down; 20 counts of homes being ransacked, and 16 practitioners remaining in jails.