(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time the Fifth District of the Shanghai Womens' Jail has made use of a long statement slandering Dafa in order to "transform" practitioners. The head of the jail's middle team, Shi Lei, played the taped slander in a phone conversation with the daughter of imprisoned Hong Kong practitioner Ms. Zheng Aihua.

In mid May 2007, Chen Muhan received a letter from her mother stating that Ms. Zheng was illegally sent to jail on April 23, 2006. Ms. Zheng's blood pressure suddenly elevated to 210/110 mm. Her daughter called the Shanghai Womens Fifth District Jail every day to check on her mother's situation. Fifth Division head Yuan usually answered the phone herself and asked who was calling. She would then say Yuan was not in, did not know which "Yuan" the caller wanted, along with other excuses, and would hang up.

First Middle Team head Shi Lei was directly involved in the persecution by answering the phone but pretending she couldn't hear the caller. She would say " hello, hello" then hang up. When others answered, they would often say the responsible person was not in, but most of the time would immediately hang up.

When Ms. Zheng's daughter called on June 7, 2007, She Lei did not hang up but instead played the slanderous message. The taped message has a ferocious sharp-toned woman's voice cursing Dafa, Master and Dafa practitioners. The message is about ten sentences long with each sentence not more than ten words, and lasts about a minute. It repeats for the entire phone call. Ms. Zheng's daughter hung up then called again. Whoever picked up the phone did not speak but played the same tape.

Ms. Zheng's daughter told Shi Lei that this recording was evidence that she persecuted Dafa practitioners. When she called again, Shi Lei changed to another tape, with a woman's voice announcing a statement from the Civil Administration department about the "Six Prohibitions," for several minutes.

When She Lei answered two phone calls from Ms. Zheng's daughter the next day, she played two different tapes, each of them over ten minutes. While playing, Shi Lei didn't say a word, but every so often picked up the phone to check if the other side was still listening, and when the tape completed she hung up the phone.

It unimaginable that jail police would play a brainwashing tape to callers, but this has exposed the fact that Shanghai Women's jail tries in vain to "transform" Dafa practitioners using such evil means. This has also provided the most direct evidence of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Dafa practitioners. It has shown that jailers like She Lei have already lost their human rationality after being brainwashed by the CCP.

Since Ms. Zheng's blood pressure escalated just a week after she was illegally detained in jail--even though she was very healthy before her detention--it's obvious that it must have something to do with her treatment while in detention, and this kind of forced brainwashing.

To date, the Shanghai Womens Jail has not released any information to her family regarding Ms. Zheng's current condition. The jail has not responded to her family's registered mail on May 20 asking to meet with her, or a request for bail, and they have retained all letters sent to Ms. Zheng.

Since May 2006 when Ms. Zheng was illegally detained, her family has seen her only once--in February 2007, which was her opening court session. Her face showed symptoms of dropsy, and she walked unsteadily. Because she was not allowed to wear glasses, she could not recognize her family members.

Persons directly involved in the persecution:

Shanghai Women's jail switchboard: 86-21-57615998, Fax: 86-21-57616779

Team leader of the first middle team in the fifth division where Dafa practitioners were most strictly controlled is Shi Lei at extension 4505

Head of the fifth division: Yuan at extension 4510
Shanghai Women's Jail Disciplinary Inspection Commission: 86-21-57615990
Fan Tianmin, head of the Shanghai Women's Jail
Yi Ling, deputy head of the Shanghai Women's Jail
Qiao Yesheng, head of the Shanghai jail's Administration Bureau
Tai Xun, deputy head of this bureau
Party Secretary, Zhang Ling: 86-21-35104888-2501 86-21-65372159, Fax: 86-21-65458819
Head of he Shanghai Jail General Hospital: Wei Wei 86-21-65375446