(Clearwisdom.net) On July 1, 2007, several organizations from New York held a rally in Chinatown to support 23 million withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Several Chinese people quit the party at the rally.

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The rally

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Listening to the speeches

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Learning the facts about quitting the party

The Global Service Center for Quitting the Party initiated the "Global Quitting the Party and Disintegrating the CCP Month" on July 1. Li Dayong, representative from the service center; Wang Zhiyuan, a representative from the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG); Wang Jun, president of the Chinese Democratic Movement; John Nania, editor-in-chief of the English version of The Epoch Times; Heng He, an Epoch Times columnist; and Wei Shi, a special commentator from New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV) all spoke at the rally, calling on people to recognize the evil nature of the CCP and resign from it.

The CCP controls overseas Chinese student associations

Wang Zhiyuan explained how the CCP controls the Chinese student associations outside of China through its consulates and embassies, in attempts to undermine the NTDTV International Chinese Classical Dance Competition. Wang Zhiyuan said that the CCP has been offering financial aid to the Chinese student associations outside of China and ordering them to harass Falun Gong practitioners' activities. The constitutions of those associations show that they are directly controlled by the Chinese Consulates and Embassy. Many members and officers of those student associations are from the Chinese Consulates. Wang Zhiyuan called upon the association leaders to recognize the evil nature of the CCP and to serve the Chinese people instead of the CCP.

The CCP's promises are not reliable.

Heng He, The Epoch Times columnist, reminded people not to forget the disasters that communism has brought to the world. Heng He talked about the violent deportation of Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners by the Hong Kong government. He said that the CCP promise of "one country, two systems" is a broken one. He called upon Chinese people to quit the CCP for a wonderful future.

Chinese people's lives will be better without the CCP

Wei Shi, a special commentator for NTDTV, said that throughout history a tyrant's power could not last long. He said the CCP cannot represent the Chinese people and quitting the CCP is not equal to undermining China. He pointed out that the CCP is the origin of all the sufferings of the Chinese people and they will have better lives without it.

Chinese people quit the CCP at the rally

Hao Rongxia from China said that the CCP is a corrupt, dark, and tyrannical power. He quit the party at the rally. More than 40 members of the Chinese Democratic Movement and Chinese for Freedom and Democracy quit the Party and its related organizations at the rally. Volunteers at the rally passed out many copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.