(Clearwisdom.net) Every thought of Dafa practitioners must be on the Fa, because it affects the salvation of sentient beings in their celestial systems. Practitioner A would like to share his experiences after some painful lessons. The purpose of this sharing is to alert fellow practitioners so that they do not suffer from such unnecessary losses.

Once a practitioner was validating the Fa and said, "This is something we could lose our heads over." Because he did not rectify this thought in time, although he had many abilities, his shortcomings were taken advantage of by the evil and he was tortured to death. When practitioner A read this story in the Minghui Weekly, he suddenly remembered that a few days ago, when he was copying CD-ROMs, he also had this thought. It was very dangerous. It wasn't really his thought--it came from elsewhere. He was able to reject it by thinking, "I need to eliminate this thought at every level, all the way to its source. I am Master's disciple. I do not want or acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. What I am doing is the most sacred and magnificent in the universe. Nobody could touch me." He was able to eliminate the incorrect thought as soon as it emerged, instead of fighting against it while following its arrangements.

Practitioner A also thought the practitioners who have been detained and tortured in labor camps and prisons have undergone much hardship and should have also cultivated higher. He also heard that over 90 percent of those practitioners who were sent to brainwashing centers were "transformed." He became curious about the brainwashing centers, wondering if he would be "transformed" as well if he went there. Since he was not clear on the Fa principles, he had a thought that he should also go to a brainwashing center. He couldn't get rid of the thought. Because he did not explicitly eliminate it, a few days later, police came to his home, arrested him, and sent him to a brainwashing center.

Once Practitioner A met Practitioner B. Practitioner B was feeling quite anxious about the fact that the truth-clarification material he distributed was turned in to police. He was afraid that he would be recognized, and was contemplating what he would do if he was arrested. Practitioner A shared with Practitioner B that distributing truth-clarification material and clarifying the facts were the most magnificent, sacred things in the universe, and that we needed to completely deny and eliminate the thought of being persecuted. We are disciples of Master's. We cannot accept any arrangement of the old forces. We just need to do the three things well and return with Master to our true homes. Practitioner A told Practitioner B to study the Fa more and send forth righteous thoughts more. At the same time, Practitioner A also sent forth righteous thoughts for Practitioner B. Nothing happened after that.

Practitioner B started an environment at his workplace for openly studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and clarifying the facts. One day another person came for a work-related visit. He was shocked and told Practitioner B, "Don't do the exercises anymore! If this happened in my place, police would force your company to fire you." Since this person was not a practitioner, Practitioner B also spoke as an ordinary person and said, "No such thing would happen in our place." A few days later, police came to his company. This happened because the old forces are watching everything we do and taking advantage of every weakness of ours. It doesn't matter if you are a "key individual" as identified by the police. You are only safe if you have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and are always on the Fa. The old forces were able to take advantage of what Practitioner B said, since it indicated that the persecution around Practitioner B was not severe enough and he only dared do it because nobody interfered with him. It wasn't accomplished through studying the Fa and having righteous thoughts. Fortunately Practitioner B looked inside promptly and adjusted his mentality. He sent righteous thoughts towards the police to make them go away. The police came several times, yet were unable to arrest him.

Cultivation is serious. Any human attachment is harmful and dangerous. There have been hard lessons. Every thought of ours must be based on the Fa. We cannot take this lightly. If we are not diligent, the old forces will be able to take advantage of any loophole we have.

One practitioner was giving out truth-clarification materials and thought that he had earned some merit because he gave out one copy of the material that day. A few days later, the person who received the material turned it in to the police. The news made its way to this practitioner. The practitioner suddenly realized that he was doing work with a pursuit and was not based on the Fa. As such, what he brought to ordinary people was disaster, not good fortune. Dafa practitioners should have a pure heart when they are doing sacred things such as these. They should have no pursuit and just gain naturally.

I hope all practitioners can truly improve on the Fa principles and eliminate every thought arranged by the old forces. We must fully and fundamentally deny the old forces' arrangements so that we can reach maturity in cultivation.