(Clearwisdom.net) The spread of Falun Gong was not done through television ads or such promotions, but through word of mouth. People who practiced Falun Gong felt great and then shared their experiences with others. The first Fa lecture drew many people who were interested in Qigong. Many people who had a predestined relationship with the Fa registered for this lecture in Guiyang.

The lecture was held in the Provincial Mining Bureau's Conference Hall on May 25, 1993. About three hundred people attended. Master had set the lecture time for 7:00 p.m. for the sake of the students that had to work during the day. Master appeared promptly on the stage at 7:00 p.m. As he looked at the audience, everyone had a deep sense of peace and serenity. We listened carefully to Master's lecture.

Master always gives lectures without notes. He used plain language and lay terms to explain things so that practitioners could easily understand. We were captivated by the Fa of the universe. The electric power went out three times during the lecture. The electricians could not find the problem, though we found out later on in Zhuan Falun that this was the work of a snake spirit. Quickly Master reminded us not to panic and told us that everything should be fine in a little while. Master made some hand gestures and told us that things were now fine. Sure enough, the power came back on.

After cleaning up the environment, Master continued his lecture. He spoke based on the audience members' level of understanding and adjusted his approach so that the audience could comprehend his teachings. Our minds were opened up and our souls were moved. The world as we perceived it had changed for us.

The weather in Guiyang was bad during the first Fa lecture. It was foggy and cloudy all the time, but there was no rain. At the end of the lecture, in order to purify our bodies, Master asked us to stomp our feet, while Master was gesturing with his hands to help us. Some practitioners experienced strong reactions. Those reactions included feeling dizzy, hot or numb. Some were worried and asked Master about it. Master would comfort them and told them that these were the signs of eliminating the bad elements from the body. He assured us that he would take care of us.

Master taught us the Falun Gong exercises after each lecture and corrected our movements. Some practitioners had a hard time completing the second set of exercises, the "Falun Standing Stance," or the fifth set, "Strengthening Divine Powers." Master encouraged them to persist and complete the exercises. Master also gave us time for questions and then answered them patiently. We were filled with awe and a sense of compassion. After several lessons, Master also helped us to elect a group leader, to pick a site for Falun Gong practice and to clean up the practice field.

Master lived a simple life. He did not stay in a hotel, but rather in a small hostel nearby. When Master first arrived in Guiyang, the sponsor offered Master 10 yuan for meals per day and did not offer his staff any compensation. Master refused the sponsor's offer. He made arrangements to live with and share meals with his staff. After each lecture, walking back to the hostel, Master would run into practitioners on the road, who would ask to get his autograph, have a picture taken, or ask questions. Master never refused those requests and showed his compassion and kindness. He has set a great example for us.

One practitioner emotionally shared his experiences: "I was very fortunate, or might have a predestined relationship from my past life to participate in Master's lecture several times. After participating in Master's Fa question and answer session prior to this Fa lecture, I felt that Falun Gong would have profound accomplishments and is the Universal Law. Cultivating and practicing Falun Gong benefited me tremendously and I felt great. That is why I thought I should share my experiences with others so that people would benefit from the practice. I started by sharing my personal experiences with my relatives, friends and co-workers. I told them to treasure this Fa-lecture opportunity and not to miss it. You might not have another opportunity if you miss it. Many of my co-workers attended Master's first Fa lecture in Guiyang.

"My three-generation family had a predestined connection with Master and was fortunate to be protected by Master's immense compassion. When Master had completed the lecture in Guiyang, he went to Chengdu for another Fa lecture. Several of us decided to go to Chengdu, as well. We felt that there were limited opportunities and we would regret it if we missed it.

"Master was very busy in Chengdu, but he still found time to see the group of us from Guiyang. He asked about our cultivation progress, encouraged us to be steadfast in cultivation and asked us to help more people who might have a predestined relationship. After that event, activities to promote Falun Gong in Guiyang expanded greatly. The practitioners held a nine-day seminar and taught the Falun Gong exercises. In a short time, Falun Gong nine-day seminars and Falun Gong exercises had reached Guiyang townships, factories and villages. More and more people started to practice Dafa."

Another practitioner recalled her participation in Master's Fa question/answer session and Fa lecture in Guiyang. After she read the book Falun Gong, Falun Dafa had completely changed her way of thinking and helped her to find answers to her questions in life. Master purified her body. She had suffered from many illnesses prior to Fa practice, such as bronchiolitis, numbness of her lower body, stomach distention and neurasthenia. She had seen many doctors, but none could cure her. After commencing Fa practice her symptoms vanished. She felt healthy and was full of energy. Her husband witnessed her miraculous change, decided to practice Dafa, and soon benefited from it as well.

A work accident had disabled him. He sustained a blow to the head and injury to a leg from large fragments from an explosion. He immediately lost consciousness and was sent to a hospital in critical condition. He remained there for a week but was still weak. He had frequent severe headaches and sciatic pain due to the leg injury. This made it difficult for him to stand up. His constitution was fragile. He had to wear heavy clothing, like a jacket, in the summer. He was hospitalized several times per year and had to take medicine year-round, racking up countless medical bills. He tried medical specialists and other types of Qigong, but there was no improvement. In short, he was suffering. He was told to stomp his feet during Master's Fa lecture to get rid of illnesses, and Master sent many Falun to purify everyone's body. A miracle happened! His illnesses disappeared. He felt the joy of being healthy again.

The practitioner continued, "Both of us have experienced the miracle of Falun Gong and would not be alive if we had not practiced Falun Gong. These experiences are the concrete, real truth and evidence of Falun Gong's miraculous powers. This is a great motivation for us to continue practicing Falun Gong, which teaches us to cultivate our xinxing, to be unselfish, and to think of others first. We had grown up with the culture of the Communist Party and came from the old universe, which made us self-centered. We have many things that we have to let go of during our cultivation.

"I had gone to a park in October, shortly after beginning Fa study, when the autumn chrysanthemums were blooming. They were so beautiful! I could not control myself and thought about cutting some branches to take home and display them. I took out a small knife, but the knife did not work, so I pulled the flowers out at the root and took them home. When I got there, I could not find my keys. I suddenly realized that I had done a bad thing, which led to the missing keys. I acknowledged my mistake to Master in my mind and promised not to do it again. That same night I dreamed that my keys were found.

"The next day I went to the park and asked for the missing keys. A cleaning lady had found them and returned them to me. From that point on I paid attention to doing things according to Dafa's standards. Starting with small things, I gradually got rid of my attachments one by one and became a true Dafa practitioner. Actually, Master has set a good example for us. Master came to Guiyang once for a Fa lecture. He and the sponsor had agreed to split the profits 40-60. The sponsor later changed his mind and took almost the entire profit. Practitioners were angry at this unfairness, but Master did not seem to care and simply laughed."

A third practitioner was deeply moved and tearfully shared his experience: "Before I began Falun Gong practice, I was ill for more than twenty years. I had to have a heavy coat on, even in the autumn, stayed in bed most times. I was a big burden to the whole family. I heard that Master would come to Guiyang for a Fa lecture. I decided that no matter what happens I would go, which was my only wish as a person that was close to death. My family carried me to the lecture hall. When Master was purifying practitioners' bodies, I felt strong chills going down to the bottom of my feet. The chills soon went away, and I felt warm all over. After purifying me, Master asked me to relax, get up and walk. I was in a panic, and my heart pounded. Master encouraged me not to be anxious and asked me again to walk. I got up and started walking. I was in tears from the encouraging applause from the audience. At that time my third eye was opened. I saw many Falun turning, and the moving eyes on Master's Falun Gong exercises poster. When I got home, I saw golden Faluns filling my room, and Master had cleaned my home environment. I felt very fortunate. From that point on, our three-generation family are true believers in Master and Dafa. No matter what has changed, and no matter how crazily the evil has acted, we are determined to cultivate and practice Dafa."