(Clearwisdom.net) The NTDTV International Chinese Classical Dance Competition will be held from July 6-8, 2007, in the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University in New York. The goal of the competition is to promote pure authentic traditional dance, pure goodness, and pure beauty, and at the same time provide a platform for professional Chinese dancers to demonstrate their talents. It has drawn close attention from Chinese dance circles in China and abroad who enthusiastically participate. Taiwan's dance community and art professionals are full of anticipation.

National Treasure Dancer Highly Praises the Dance Competition Being Groundbreaking

Ms. Li Tsai-E, a national treasure and also a first generation outstanding dancer from Taiwan, expressed her respect for NTDTV's effort to promote traditional Chinese culture. Li admires NTDTV's courage and believes this competition will be of the highest caliber.

The 83-year-old Li is still passionate about dancing and is often invited to performances. She puts a lot of effort in dance choreography and education. Li said she had been challenging numerous dance competitions in the last half century and never heard of a competition that required certain dance routines, which shows the authenticity of the competition. She wanted to participate if there wasn't age restrictions and encourage dancers in Taiwan to take part in this rare opportunity.

Cultural Exchange Contribution Award Winner Appreciates the Chinese Dance Competition Spirit

After seeing the performance of the of the Divine Performing Arts group in April, You Yue, head of the Han-Hsin Dance Group and winner of the 29th culture exchange contribution award, highly recommended the competition. He hopes dancers from Taiwan can participate and together promote the Chinese traditional culture. You said, "The power to bring people's focus on art culture through dance competition is great. It's boundless. It combines everyone's talent and brings greater recognition to the traditional arts. The dance competition discovers the talented and helps them promote good traditional Chinese culture, and leads more talented performers to the competition."

Helping All the World's People See the Most Exquisite and Wonderful Aspects of Traditional Chinese Dance

Wan Yu-min, head of the Beijing Opera Department of the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, hopes the competition can help people understand and appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese dance, which is magnificent and focuses on the soul. Beautiful dance not only purifies the soul but educates society through the drama that is part of it. Wan said, "The Dance Competition has drawn great attention in Taiwan's society. The dancing industry hopes to display the essence of traditional Chinese dance in every corner of the world."

Taiwan's Dance Community Spares No Effort to Carry Forward Chinese Culture

Liuchuang Shui-Shu, head of the Taiwan Hsiang-Ying Dance Group, has worked on teaching Taiwan's folk dances for over thirty years. She highly praised the competition and encourages students to participate. She would like to let the world see the effort Taiwan has put in to continue the Chinese traditional dance. Liuchuang spends most of her time training artists. Her dance group has performed in Holland, Thailand, Italy, and China and has won numerous awards. The group won the highest dance award, The Flying Phoenix Award, in Taiwan in 1987. Most of Liuchuang's students are successful in the field of dance education. Liuchuang says folk dance is the hardest among Chinese dance because of the style.

No Fear of the CCP Suppression, Taiwan Arts Group Greatly Supportive

Zhu Ruixiang, head of the Dongfang Performing Arts, is glad to see that a competition is about to take place for traditional Chinese dance, which is the representative work of art of traditional Chinese culture. Zhu wasn't surprised that the Chinese Communist Party uses its mouthpieces and special agents to slander and interfere with the competition because the CCP often looks at things from its political point of view.

Ma Hui-Min, head of the Taiwan Datang Folk Dance Group, said the competition can promote Chinese traditional dance culture to the world and should be a great thing. Ma couldn't understand why the CCP suppresses it. Wan said that the CCP's efforts to suppress the dance competition will be in vain because people by nature love beautiful things. "Things of good nature are welcomed and accepted wherever they travel," said Wan.

As the Time Nears, Taiwan Contestants Make Intensive Preparations

It's less than two weeks away from the competition. Contestants in Taiwan intensify their practice routine hoping to give their best performance at the competition.

Ms. Chen from NTDTV said there is no registration deadline, and she encourages contestants in Taiwan to seize the opportunity to shine on an international stage. The competition is also a great occasion for contestants to refine their skills and learn more. Some enterprises in Taiwan sponsored part of the contestants' air tickets.

For information on the competition, visit http://dance.ntdtv.com/web/?q=en/front