(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Sun Lianjiang and Mr. Jing Yong'an are Falun Gong practitioners in Daolan Village, Kangping County, Liaoning Province. Because they put up a banner on May 1, 2007, officers from the Chaoyang Development District Police Station in Kangping County came to arrest them, following orders from police station head Zhang Shaowei.

All those who know Sun Lianjiang know that Falun Gong gave him a second life. Mr. Sun used to be a late-stage lymph cancer patient. Doctors at six major tumor hospitals in China considered his disease incurable. He became healthy again after he started to practice Falun Gong. Likewise, Mr. Jing Yong'an suffered from a severe illness that had required the removal of two thirds of his stomach. His poor health prevented him from performing any physical labor. After he became a Falun Gong practitioner all his illnesses disappeared. He started an electronics repair shop and warmheartedly served his neighbors. Mr. Jing was widely recognized as a kind person.

Mr. Jing's family kept petitioning the relevant departments to demand the release of the two practitioners. Kangpin County police head Jin Weiming refused to see them. People at Mr. Sun and Mr. Jing's workplaces and their fellow villagers were outraged. They felt it was extremely wrong to arrest good, innocent people. The villagers took the initiative to write a joint letter of appeal to demand the practitioners' release. We are hereby warning Jin Weimin: Listen to the voices of the people! Stop following the evil Communist Party to do evil! If you continue to go your own way to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, you will be buried with the evil Party when the time is right.

Letter of Appeal written by Mr. Jing's daughters

Release Our Father! We Want Our Father back!

To the Supervisors of the County Government, Police Department, and Politics and Law Committee:

We are Jing Yongan's daughters. A few days ago police arrested our father for putting up a Falun Gong banner. He is now being held in the Kangping County Detention Center. Since childhood, the two of us had never been separated from our father. In the past several days we have not been able to eat or sleep well. Our father is a good person. We cannot understand why he would be arrested. Our father used to have severe stomach disease and had two thirds of his stomach removed. His physical condition was so poor that he could not perform any labor. Our mother had to take care all the farm work and household chores. Our family spent all our savings and sold all our valuables to find a cure for his disease. Seeing Father's skinny body and worn-out face and how hard our mother had to work for our family, we were often moved to tears. We dreamed of discovering some miraculous medicine to cure Father's disease. How wonderful it would be to restore his health!

Our father eventually began Falun Gong practice. He indeed recovered from his illness. Our whole family rediscovered our long-lost joy.

Our father taught us how to become good people by his verbal instructions and his exemplary conduct. He always strictly required us to be kind to others, to be polite, to do more good deeds, and to refrain from doing bad deeds. Especially after our father started to practice Falun Gong he taught us to conduct ourselves according to Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. When our father not only recovered from his illness but opened an electronics repair shop to serve our neighborhood, we were all very happy. All our fellow villagers liked his service, and our family started to have a steady income.

In the past few days that our father has been detained, many people have come to request repair services. We cannot help crying when they come to ask for help, only to realize that our father, who presided over the repair shop, is not there. We miss our father dearly. We need him. Our fellow villagers also need him.

All supervisors: our father is a good person. Please release him. Our whole family will be grateful. Your kind deed will certainly be rewarded.

Jing Yong'an's daughters: Jing Dan and Jing Ming

May 9, 2007

Joint Letter of Appeal Written by 487 Villagers from Daolan Village, Kangping County

Leaders and Supervisors at the Kangping County CCP [Chinese Communist Party] Committee, County Government, County Politics and Law Committee and Police Department:

We live in Daolan Village, Kangping County. Our fellow villagers Jing Yong'an and Sun Lianjiang were arrested for putting up a banner. Participating in the arrest were agents from the Chaoyang Development District Police Station. The two men are now being held at a detention center. They are both residents of our village. All of us have witnessed their daily conduct. They are widely recognized as kindhearted people.

Jing Yong'an underwent surgery to have two-thirds of his stomach removed. He had to live daily on millet congee. There was no way for him to do any farm work. His family was very worried about him.

Sun Lianjiang's story is even more widely known. He once suffered from late-stage lymph cancer Even major hospitals could do nothing about his illness. He was on the brink of death. Fortunately he started to practice Falun Gong and became a healthy person again. He miraculously survived cancer.

We personally witnessed their experiences. Jing Yong'an opened an electronics repair shop and served his fellow villagers warmheartedly. He does not care about personal losses or gains. Those who sought his help were served. He repaired things for them, even if he was not paid or was paid very little. He was widely known as a good person. He enjoyed a good reputation and was respected by all of us.

Therefore, we are writing this joint letter of appeal to urge you to release them. Being a good person should not be a crime in any country. We hope all supervising personnel will listen to our heartfelt voices and release Mr. Jing and Mr. Sun as early as possible. By doing so, you will accomplish a great deed for local citizens. We hereby thank you for your attention to our request.

Villagers at Daolan Village: (names omitted)

May 13, 2007

Phone numbers of related persons and organizations:
Police Department of Kangping County, Liaoning Province, Postal code: 110500
Jin Weimin, police chief in Kangping County: 86-24-87331708 (Office), 86-24-87128328 (Home), 86-13940162062 (Cell)
Zhang Shaowei, deputy police chief in Kangping County, head of the Development District Police Station: 86-24-87307315 (Office)
Niu Qingshan: 86-13236635878 (Cell)
Xia Zhanying, deputy chief of the Development District Police Station
Dai Guoqing, political head of the Development District Police Station
Guo Qinghui and Wang Jianzhong, staff members of the Development District Police Station
Wu Jingfeng, Hao Xiankai, and Sun Fengzhi, security personnel at the Development District
Ma Yuchun, deputy head of the Standing Committee of the Development District: 86-24-87333538 (Office), 86-24-87339257 (Home), 86-13840131849 (Cell)
Zhang Xiangli, deputy head of the Development District: 86-24-87253217 (Office), 86-24-87345591 (Home), 86-13889237999 (Cell)
Zhang Yimin, deputy office head, 86-24-87307395 (Office), 86-24-87785666 (Home), 86-13940201555 (Cell)
Fu Xiaomin, deputy head: 86-24-87253317 (Office), 86-24-62795075 (Home), 86-13332436707 (Cell)
Secretary of the CCP Committee in the Development District: 86-24-87344189, 86-24-87344239 (Office)