(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime's organizational units are currently implementing a new salary reform in certain provinces in China. Based on what I know, the guidelines in its document "Proposal for the Execution of a Salary Allocation System Reform for Government Employees" list a new requirement in the section that calculates the number of years of service. "Besides the reduction of the years of apprenticeship, one also needs to deduct those years during which the employee was not given an evaluation or failed the evaluation." Here "the number of calculated years of service" will directly determine an employee's salary bracket. That is to say, if the years during which "the employee was not given an evaluation or failed the evaluation" are deducted, the person's salary might correspondingly fall into a lower salary bracket. The more years that are deducted, the lower the salary bracket.

The "annual performance evaluation" is required of all employees who work for governmental organizations in China. The evaluation consists of two parts: "Virtue" and "Accomplishments," that is, one's thoughts and work. If an employee ends up not getting an evaluation or failing the evaluation, he or she will then miss the chance of any salary increase or job promotion. Overall, this "annual performance evaluation" system is, in fact, an example of the CCP's totalitarianism. Such a performance review procedure acts like shackles on the bodies of all employees of government organizations.

Since the inception of the persecution of Falun Gong, under manipulation of the Communist specter, the "annual performance evaluation" has become a club for the Party to beat Falun Gong practitioners and a means for it to persecute people in general. The Party is really expert at using it. Any of the practitioners employed by the government who explicitly declared their determination to continue practicing Falun Dafa after 1999 would have been rated as " not evaluated" or "failed the evaluation." It has already been this way for several years that Dafa practitioners have been deprived of their right to salary increases and job promotions.

We Dafa practitioners who practice a righteous cultivation way in an open and dignified manner cannot accept this kind of unjustified persecution. It is well-known that Falun Gong practitioners work hard, treat others with compassion, and do not compete for recognition or self-interest. When practitioners raised substantiated arguments and filed their appeals, they received responses such as: "You failed the annual evaluation because your 'virtue' disqualified you. You have indeed worked diligently and treated others kindly; this is a fact. But you insist on practicing Falun Gong, and you have not kept to the decrees as spelled out by the Party, which means you failed in your political rating. Since you have failed your political rating, you definitely have failed in the 'virtue' rating category." How come "virtue" and "politics" are rated as one category? People can see to what degree the Party has twisted the actual meaning of "politics" and "virtue." What is their "politics" and what is their "virtue?"

Based on normal procedures, an annual performance evaluation for a specific employee should be made after a collective discussion by all the employees in the department. Then the department leader fills in the evaluation form, adding a conclusion. Before submitting the evaluation to upper management, the leader needs to review it with the person being evaluated and get his or her consent. However, with the CCP officials' sanctions, the department leaders can simply write the arbitrary conclusion "failed the evaluation" for Dafa practitioners. They neither discuss it nor share their conclusions with the practitioners, thus hurting people behind their backs. Even when a collective discussion was held, some of the participants in an employee's evaluation who may already be cognizant of the evilness of the persecution have refused to participate in this sinister game; nevertheless, the leaders railroad the conclusion "failed the evaluation" for a practitioner. One practitioner's evaluation form indicated, "Some people forfeited comments (at that time people actually refused to comment). This person 'failed the evaluation' because of Falun Gong practice." So this written evaluation becomes part of the practitioner's permanent employment record.

Making matters worse, when the practitioners appealed the "failed" evaluations, some Party members even brazenly replied: "This was for your own well-being, to wake you up" or "If I had let you pass (the annual evaluation), I would have failed mine" and other, similar comments. They have betrayed their consciences under the CCP's implication policy [the policy of being guilty by association].

Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, six to seven years could be deducted from practitioners' calculated years of service during this salary reform, making their salary four levels lower than others with similar numbers of years worked. This still does not take into account the salary differences arising from practitioners having been barbarically deprived of any job promotions due to "not being evaluated" or "failing the evaluation" based on the annual evaluations. The resultant salary differences due to both factors would thus be huge.

When one's years of service for calculation in the salary reform are reduced by six or seven years, it means that six to seven years have been deducted from this person's total years of service. How can six to seven years of their services be eliminated so easily? Just for their practicing Falun Gong, now can their efforts and contributions during those six or seven years be eliminated? Isn't this outright plunder and deprivation? Doesn't the law protect practitioners' labor and contributions?

But this is exactly what is happening in present day China. The Party thinks it controls everything and is the embodiment of "virtue." Should one who is not in accord with the CCP be deemed to have failed in "virtue"? Only those in the CCP regime whose minds have been dominated by a desire for power can commit such devious acts and perpetrate such an outright farce. From these examples, people can see the brazenness and presumptuousness of the CCP's tyranny. All these constitute full exposure of the CCP's policy of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and the dictum, "ruin them politically, bankrupt them financially," which governmental agencies on all levels, from the highest to the lowest, have implemented nationwide. Furthermore, this type of persecution is still happening.

Because of the CCP ideology and deceptions, people's morals are sinking rapidly. Many corrupt and depraved things keep happening. Party members embezzle and accept graft and bribes. Sexual promiscuity has reached an extreme, and the degenerate nature of the Party reveals itself frequently. Considering all this, how does the Party still dare to speak of "virtue​?" The CCP has severely eroded several thousand years of Chinese tradition and genuine culture. The CCP minions have twisted the meaning of virtue, which the Chinese people have highly regarded. This twisted mentality has become the CCP power base to persecute people at will and thus destroys people's genuine values, the biggest crime against the nation of China.

The CCP has never stressed "virtue," and neither can it understand the supreme meaning of the word. It could not understand the inner lofty and pure realm of Dafa practitioners who have paid attention to virtue and solid cultivation. What the Party has used to persecute practitioners is extremely feeble-minded, laughable, and ludicrous. It is powerless to change in any way the broad and compassionate minds of Dafa cultivators, not even one bit. Besides practitioners, even the worldly people can see that all these actions are the CCP's abnormal ventilation for it has failed to shake practitioners' determined faith after exhausting all their despicable means of torture. It is their evil performance, and the means they have used is extremely abhorrent. Therefore, we must expose the Party's brazenness to society at large, to let people clearly see the CCP's immoral countenance and unconscionable activities.