(Clearwisdom.net) Yuxiu is from Taiwan. She is 47 years old and has three sons. Her husband is addicted to drugs, plus he is physically ill and unable to work, so Yuxiu carries the whole load on her shoulders. She also has to deal with the disturbances caused by her husband's addiction and is worn out mentally and physically. At her children's request, she almost divorced her husband.

On Mother's Day this year, she appeared relaxed with a smile on her face. What caused the change? Beaming, she replied, "Falun Dafa saved my family!"

Offering Free Teaching, Dafa Saves People with Predestined Relationships

On October 10 two years ago, Yuxiu went to a local park to exercise. She saw people there doing the Falun Gong exercises. She stood beside them and began to follow the movements. She felt the strong energy field but also feared this was one of those sham qigong practices after people's money. She went there the next day and mustered up the courage to ask how much it would cost to learn Falun Dafa. She was surprised to learn that Falun Dafa offers free teaching. From that point on, she began learning the exercises and studying the Fa, walking the path of true cultivation.

Her husband could not find a job for a long time, so Yuxiu had to work long hours and could only go to the group exercise site on holidays. The teachings of Falun Dafa explain profound principles in simple language and the exercises can be done anytime or anywhere, which helped her family to start practicing also. Yuxiu has been cultivating for three years now.

Practicing Falun Dafa Purifies the Body and Promotes Health

After obtaining the Fa, Yuxiu benefited enormously mentally and physically. She did not have any major illness before practicing Falun Dafa, but she went to see doctors often for colds and sore throats. All the minor illnesses have disappeared since she began practicing, and she has not seen any doctors since.

During cultivation, she went through several body purification experiences. One time, her hand developed blisters and later ulcerated. She knew this was a manifestation of body purification, so she firmly believed in Master and Dafa and her hand healed shortly after. This made her believe that Falun Dafa is truly a righteous Fa. Master does not want money, he only requires practitioners to get rid of attachments and human thinking and purifies the bodies of true practitioners upon xinxing improvement. This was not like folk healing, she realized, where you have to pay money for the techniques.

Last July, her company laid off a number of employees, and she was one of them. She walked down the street and happened to meet a friend she had not seen for a long time. Her friend introduced her to a new job which turned her situation around. She feels people are very lucky when they practice Falun Dafa. As long as the heart is righteous, imperceptibly but inevitably you are able to turn bad luck into good fortune.

When Yuxiu's Husband Was Addicted to Drugs, Her Family Was on the Brink of Falling Apart

Yuxiu's husband had been addicted to drugs for over a decade. Whenever his craving flared up, he would yell and scream, disturbing the whole family and the neighbors and making their home environment extremely tense. Yuxiu had to call the police many times, hoping the consequences would restrain her husband, but he did not change.

After Yuxiu began to practice Falun Dafa, her husband lost his temper often when she performed the exercises. He not only smashed her " Little Bee" (exercise music box), but also splashed water on her. Last July, Yuxiu participated in an activity in Taizhong condemning the CCP's harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners' organs for profit. She came home around 10 p.m, and her husband met her at the front door and began cursing her out so loudly the whole neighborhood could hear. As he cursed at her, she remained very tolerant and replied: "If you do not understand, please do not say what should not be said. It is not good for you." Her husband continued, and the next day was involved in a car accident and dislocated his shoulder.

Yuxiu gradually lost her patience after the long-term mental bombardment from her husband. She began to treat him coldly, not talking to him for months, and the relationship became quite tense. Her three children were on a part-work, part-study program, and they could not study due to their father's yelling and screaming. Her son once asked her: "Mother, why don't you divorce him. We do not want to live with him."

Listen to Master, Looking Inward Unconditionally

One day, her husband could not handle her cold shoulder anymore. He said: "Is this how you cultivate? Cultivators should not be this way!" His words woke her up a little. She thought: "Master wants us to save sentient beings. How can I do it when I cannot even save the one next to me? I am so willing to tell everyone that Dafa is good, but I do not have enough compassion toward my own husband. This is not right."

Master Li Hongzhi made it very clear in Zhuan Falun that disciples should look inward unconditionally, whether they are right or wrong. Yuxiu felt that she had been wronged and tolerated her husbands behavior for a long time. She did not put down this attachment, which made her tribulation even bigger. When she became aware of this, her environment changed under her compassionate energy.

Her Husband Fortunately Obtained the Fa

Yuxiu realized that her marriage was predestined, that Master had arranged for her husband to have a predestined relationship to the Fa, and that she should not give up on him. When she began looking inward, her workplace surprisingly gave her three days off. Her husband then asked her to accompany him to see the doctor for his shoulder problem because he was planning to have surgery. Yuxiu kindly replied: "Of course, but I want you accompany me to the exercise site for three days." Her husband agreed.

To everyone's surprise, in just three days (the day of the interview with the reporter), things have changed! Before Yuxiu's husband began to practice Falun Gong, he had to take medicine for his insomnia every night. After long-term use of the medicine, he could not sleep well and his gait was also affected, plus he would always be very disruptive at night, which made the whole family suffer. After he practiced at the exercise site, he slept very well. After he woke up, he told Yuxiu: "I forgot to take my medicine but slept very well." He threw the medicine out. Yuxiu agreed that after exercising, he looked much better.

The instructor at the exercise site encouraged him to study the Fa and gradually gave him some material related to cultivation. After months of a bitter relationship, the couple had nothing to argue about after the husband started to practice, and they now enjoy discussing subjects they have in common. He likes to listen to Yuxiu now and no longer complains about her exercising. The ice between them has been completely melted by the compassionate Dafa.

Dafa Provides Salvation, Countless Beings Begin Their Homeward Journey

With Master's compassion, a being that cursed Dafa in the past is to begin the journey of cultivation. From Yuxiu and her husband's story, we can see Master's enormous compassion in providing salvation, no matter a person's age, career, or race!

How many families similar to Yuxiu's were on the brink of destruction before finding happiness and hope again with Master's compassionate salvation? I believe they experienced the same feelings as Yuxiu who said: "Thank you, Master, for saving me and my family!"