Master said:

"That's why I say that when it comes to cultivation, you must truly grasp what cultivation is, be truly and rationally responsible to your own cultivation, truly handle everything you encounter with righteous thoughts, and have strong righteous thoughts. ("Lecture in Canada in 2006")

Recently my cultivation status has not been good and I came across some interference in advising people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I clarified the truth to people but they did not accept it, which distressed me. Recently I studied "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference." Teacher said:

"Right now, one important thing that needs to be attended to is the matter of how to save more sentient beings, and it is something Dafa disciples are to accomplish during their current process of achieving Consummation. This is Dafa disciples' mission, a duty that cannot be shirked, something that they must do and must complete."

I read this lecture, and I knew I must do better. Master also saw my situation and arranged for three fellow practitioners good at clarifying the truth to meet with me over the next three days so that I could see how other practitioners do it.

On a Saturday I went out to give out truth clarification materials. I rode my bicycle there and then walked to the south end of the market, where I saw a lady who looked very kind. I thought, "I want to save her." Maybe both of us sent out the thought of saving people at the same time, because our eyes met. She spoke first and asked me, "Did you go to school? Did you join the Young Pioneers?" From her words I realized she was a fellow practitioner. We walked and talked and laughed. She said, "I advised six people to quit the CCP here." I nodded. She said a few days ago she went to the home of a relative in Shanxi and advised over 100 people to quit the CCP. She advised six people to quit when she took a boat. We separated after talking half an hour.

The next day I went to an old market in the countryside. A fellow practitioner saw me, so we stood together to advise people to quit the CCP. As we did this, she found some of my shortcomings. She told me I should talk a little faster. I kept that in mind.

The third day was a vacation day, and many people were at the market shopping. I thought this was a good place to advise people to quit the CCP. When I went I saw a fellow practitioner standing there clarifying the truth. I went over to greet her and cooperate with her. She said, since there were so many people, we should separate to reach more of them. The effect was good. When there were fewer people we came together to discuss. She also saw my shortcomings and told me that I spoke too loudly and sometimes I gave people the materials before they understood the truth, scaring some of them away. I nodded. She is very good at clarifying the truth. What she says is very powerful, and she says it quickly. Whenever she sees someone, she catches up to talk to him or her. Although she is over 60 years old, her skin is delicate and bright.

Through meeting with fellow practitioners and discussing with them, an obstacle in my mind suddenly disappeared. Like Master said in Zhuan Falun (2000 translation version), "After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!" In the afternoon, I went to a study group to study Fa. On the way out I advised two people to quit the CCP, and on the way back I advised three people to quit. I felt the limitless power of Dafa, I must not fail Master's arrangement or be unworthy of fellow practitioners' help. On the way to consummation I must accomplish my mission. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!