(Clearwisdom.net) My two daughters and I practice Falun Gong. During our cultivation, cooperation is an important issue. If one person does not do well, all others and our cultivation environment will be negatively impacted.

We went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in 2001. Because we lacked strong righteous thoughts, my youngest daughter was arrested and put into a local forced labor camp for two years. My husband was so angry that he reported my elder daughter and me to the police. Our family environment became very tense. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was viciously persecuting Falun Gong at that time, but our home environment was even worse than what my younger daughter faced in the forced labor camp. All our relatives and friends blamed me for teaching my daughters bad things. Staff from the local CCP Political and Legal Committee, 610 Office, police department, police station, Residential Committee, and employers all came to our home, threatening, deceiving, and cajoling my elder daughter and me to give up cultivation. We were not allowed to read Dafa books. Based on what we remembered from previously studying the Fa and our firm belief in Teacher, we turned the situation around and used it to clarify the truth to the people who were trying to "transform" us. In the meantime, we frequently visited the police department, local police station, and the home of the director of the police department to clarify the truth. We told them that their harassing practitioners was illegal and requested unconditional release of my younger daughter. Under Teacher's benevolent protection, and with our strong righteous thoughts, we were able to rescue my daughter from the forced labor camp in a little over 100 days.

Under the pressure, my daughter allowed herself to be "transformed" while in the forced labor camp. She was very weak when she came home. The local evildoers came to our home right away after her release to harass us. The most important thing for practitioners coming out of the labor camp is to study the Fa. But my husband treated us like prison inmates and would not allow us to read Teacher's books. My elder daughter and I kept sending righteous thoughts and asked him to visit friends and neighbors with us. This way, my younger daughter could lock her door and study Essentials for Further Advancement. Following the Fa, her righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger and her mind became clearer and clearer. She found her attachments and published a solemn statement declaring that her compromise while in detention was null and void. During the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in March 2002, she went to Tiananmen Square. She displayed a big banner and shouted "Falun Dafa is Good!" Under Teacher's protection, she returned home safely. At that time the evildoers frequently came to our home because they were afraid we would go to Beijing, but since we had a strong wish and had given up our human attachments, benevolent Teacher arranged everything for us.

We three practitioners formed a unified body. As my younger daughter became more and more diligent, looked inwards and looked at problems using righteous thoughts, we felt that our righteous field was strengthening and our ability to eliminate the evil was increasing. We decided to change our environment on Falun Dafa Day, May 13.

May 13 was a special day. After dinner, knowing that other practitioners were clarifying the truth to save sentient beings, we wanted to join them. However, the evil in other dimensions controlled my husband and made him monitor us closely. Wherever we went, he followed. We had no choice but to go home. However, we still felt that we must do something. We decided to send forth righteous thoughts at 7, 8, and 9 p.m. We sat with our legs in the double crossed position and with the lights turned off. This was the first time that we sent forth righteous thoughts. As we were still afraid somehow, we did not erect our right hands. A few minutes later, my husband kicked the door open. Seeing we were in the meditation position, he asked us what we were doing. I told him "just sitting." Three of us all sent out thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that were controlling my husband and making him interfere with Dafa practitioners. We also kept thinking that we would give up our fears.

Unlike before, my husband breathed heavily out of anger, but he did not speak or explode. He just sat in front of our younger daughter and watched. My younger daughter said silently to the evils behind my husband, "Since you dare to sit in front of me, I have a great opportunity to eliminate the evil in close proximity. All evil factors, black hands, and rotten spirits will be eliminated. None will be left." It really was a battle between righteous and evil. Although we did not erect our hands, it was really a break-through in our situation.

After more than ten minutes we opened our eyes. My husband said that we were braver and braver and did not take him seriously anymore. He also said that it was nice to see my younger daughter sitting with her back so straight and it was good for her body shape if she kept sitting like that. He did not shout or curse as he had previously. We were so glad that we had made a step forward. We knew Teacher used my husband's mouth to encourage us. As long as we did what Teacher asked us to do, the evil factors did not dare to do anything.

When local authorities came to disturb us, the three of us collectively told them about the goodness of Dafa. With those who refused to listen to the truth, we exposed their attempts to break our family apart to all of the people we knew. After that, none of the local evildoers who persecuted Dafa practitioners wanted to come to our home. They said that I was very stubborn and they could not handle me. During this time, a director who understood the truth also used his power to stop others from harassing us. All the interference was removed. The evils in other dimensions saw that they could not use other people to torture us anymore, but they continued to hold onto my husband tightly.

Since our breakthrough, in addition to continuously sending forth righteous thoughts to my husband, we also worked on him: First, we used every opportunity to clarify the facts about the goodness of Dafa to him. No matter whether he accepted it or not, we kept telling him the truth. Then we found that although he shouted and refused to accept the truth, he still absorbed some things and sometimes clarified the truth to other people. Second, to stop him from monitoring us and from entering our rooms without permission, we put a lock on each door. We told him that he had to knock on the door first, because our daughters were grown up now. He knew what we were doing, but he could not argue with us. Gradually he developed the habit of seeking permission before entering our rooms. He also learned to respect us.

Since there was no legal process for my younger daughter's two years of forced labor, I went to her company asking them to bring her back to work. Her company used the excuse that her two years of forced labor were not completed yet. At that time, we were afraid of being tortured again. Although we knew that we should not acknowledge the forced labor, we did not have enough righteous thoughts to reject it right away. We spent more time studying the Fa. Teacher said that everything today was carefully arranged in history, even a person's profession was not accidental. My younger daughter used her skills to help people with predestined relationships to learn about Dafa. She gave shots and I.V. injections to patients free of charge. No matter how far the patient was from us, in wind or snow, she would visit them, bringing the wonderfulness of Dafa and the truth about the persecution to every person with a predestined relationship.

Through studying the Fa, we set our minds on saving people and got rid of the attachments to seeking results and pursuing fame. We again visited the related personnel who could allow my younger daughter to return to her job. During this process, many of our bad thoughts showed up, such as being disappointed, discouraged, impatient, or afraid. We were able to readjust ourselves to the right standards during our Fa study at night. We shared about our gains, failures, problems, and good experiences all the time. We found that we had relied on others and thus had missed many good opportunities for face-to-face truth-clarification. Digging deeper into our hearts, we discovered that this occurred because of our selfishness, and attachments to ego and self-image. We got rid of these bad things right away. We sent forth righteous thoughts before leaving home. Going to my daughter's employer was the stage for us to clarify the truth to people. During that period, we kept bumping into people we knew. Many of them had not spoken with us for several years. We felt Teacher's great benevolence and the sentient beings' eager waiting for the truth.

After giving up our human attachments, we were happy every day. There is nothing that can stop Dafa disciples. Two months later, my younger daughter's company told her to return to work. We knew that our benevolent Teacher had made this happen. Teacher was only looking at our hearts.

We kept studying the Fa together and supporting each other. In order not to give the evil any opportunity to torture an individual practitioner, we went everywhere together. Here we suggest that practitioners who are rescuing someone or requesting the return to work of their practitioner family members, please form a unified group with all the practitioners in your family and work together. This is what the evil is most afraid of.

It was not easy for our local practitioners to get Teacher's new articles and truth-clarification materials. There was a long wait-time and sometimes the handwritten copies had some incorrect characters. After we got an article, we would use carbon paper and hand-write several copies, then pass the original to other practitioners. Sometimes we would not sleep for a few nights if we were copying a long article. When we got "Minghui Weekly" it took us even longer to copy the articles. It was very rare that we would see other truth-clarification materials.

How we wished we could get on the Internet and print Teacher's articles and truth-clarification materials!

So we told my husband that we wanted to buy a computer. He did not agree as he was afraid that it would mean that we would be persecuted more. But in our dimensional fields, we had no room for evil. We had only one thought: Doing things for Dafa is the most righteous thing in the entire universe and nobody should harass us for that; it is normal for us to use our own money to buy a computer, so no one should interfere with us. Without any impure thoughts, we brought a computer home without any problems.

We did not know anything about using a computer. Teacher arranged for us to meet a technically savvy practitioner from another region. My daughter learned how to use the computer from him during her work breaks. It was quite challenging though. There was no place for him to show her what to do on a live computer. They just went to a restaurant and talked. The technical practitioner wrote down the steps to operate a computer, then my daughter followed his instructions at home to search for the buttons and menus on our computer. There were some differences between what he wrote down and the actual operations. Sometimes we just had to guess. Sometimes we could not figure out what he meant, then we had to wait for my daughter's next work break. In the meantime, my daughter also tried to learn general computer skills. After many trips, we were finally able to log onto a Dafa website. When the Minghui home page (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) showed up for the first time, we were in tears with excitement. Then someone suggested that we buy a printer. Thus, we would be able to print copies of Teacher's articles and truth-clarification materials.

During the Chinese New Year, we were kept busy with ordinary people's activities and could not concentrate on Fa study. We knew this was not right, but we could not stop ourselves. We did not think about saving sentient beings at that time. Instead, we enjoyed eating and watching television just like ordinary people. We wasted a lot of time. Every time we watched the television, we felt regretful and said that we would not do it again. But the next day, when my husband turned the TV on, we all sat down again. The evil beings in other dimensions saw our deviation from Dafa disciple's standards, so they went after us.

One evening after 7 p.m., four people from the National Security Team of the Police Department came to our home to harass us. We were scared at first, but quickly realized we should send forth strong righteous thoughts, "We are Dafa disciples. We are here to validate Dafa and save sentient beings, not to endure persecution. Though we have our own attachments, that should not be an excuse for the evil to persecute us. Teacher, please strengthen us. Let us completely reject all the old force arrangements and disintegrate all their plans to torment Dafa practitioners using the black hands and rotten spirits in the other dimensions." When we sat down to send forth righteous thoughts, our hands were shaking. We felt the atmosphere was filled with wicked matter and there was a strong evil pressure.

We had just read Teacher's article "Eliminating the Evil:"

"Moreover, at this point the interference from the secret agents has developed into a trend of persecuting Dafa disciples, and that is absolutely unacceptable. The use of lowlife secret agents to target Dafa disciples' cultivation in such a manner, as arranged by the old forces, absolutely cannot be acknowledged. Viewed in terms of cultivation, it's not as if there is some indispensable connection between cultivation and those lowlife secret agents, who are the lowest of the low of the human race. Thus I shall no longer recognize this type of thing, and in the future, this specific type of agency will not exist, nor will there be great numbers of people who hold this type of loathsome occupation."

We also sent out this thought: "Do not let the evil utilize my husband to commit crimes against Dafa or Dafa disciples. Do not let the evil use innocent ordinary people to torture Dafa disciples." We held them at bay for almost an hour. Realizing that they could not get what they wanted, the evildoers left.

Looking at our cultivation process over the past several years, we feel that we could have done better. Because we did not cultivate well, we encountered many bumps on our cultivation paths. This is the result of not studying the Fa well and not keeping up with the Fa rectification's progress. By writing this experience sharing article, I realized the importance of Fa study and cultivating the mind. I hope all fellow practitioners will cherish this unprecedented cultivation opportunity to advance diligently and walk steadily on our cultivation paths.

By May 5, 2007