Reminiscence: Attending Master's Lecture in Harbin City

Prior to beginning Fa study I was an old person with many illnesses. I had heard that qigong could cure illnesses, so I was thinking of giving it a try. I attended Master's lecture in Harbin City on August 5, 1994. Just two months earlier, my husband had died. I was at the poverty level, with my son in college and my daughter still in high school. Adding these to my illnesses, I was pretty depressed.

The first time I saw Master I could feel his kindness. Master looked very tall and wore simple, clean clothes. He had a compassionate smile and was very amiable, making people feel at ease and respectful. The auditorium was quiet during the lecture, even though there were thousands of people present. I listened very carefully. I had never heard the universal law taught like Master taught it, but it was very easy to understand. The whole lecture passed quickly, just like a second. Master spoke very precisely and carefully. Once in a while he would ask the students whether or not they understood. When he taught the exercises he walked around the lecture hall, smiling and waving to students.

We went earlier each day to wait for Master. We stood in two lines to welcome him. He took students' written questions and answered them before the lecture. The lecture was held in a gymnasium that was still under construction. The blocks, tile, and sand were all over the floor. Master didn't mind the poor conditions; he only thought about saving sentient beings.

The last day, Master gave the lecture with gong. There were many people, but the lecture hall was very quiet. In the middle of the lecture Master started to cure students' illnesses. He told us to think of the illness we had or the illnesses that our relatives had. He asked us to put out our hands and stomp our right foot. We did that together, and then we stomped our left foot together. I thought of my sciatica and my son's lumbago. After the eight lectures, many of my illnesses were cured. After I went back home I asked my son, "Does your back still hurt?" He said he didn't feel any pain any more. I told him that Master had cured his illness. He said he appreciated Master a lot.

I was so happy those days. I cannot express it in words. Though 12 years have gone by, the scenes from that time are still clear in my memory. Master's kind face is imprinted in my heart and mind forever.

"The Memory of That Time Will Remain Forever"

By a practitioner from Anhui Province

Because of the CCP's mind-poisoning propaganda and their proliferation of atheism I did not believe in the existence of gods or Buddha. On the other hand I felt compassion and sympathy for the monks and Daos who "wasted" their golden lives on cultivation. However, I didn't understand why there were always successors in cultivation for thousands of years from home to abroad. At the height of the Chinese qigong craze I found the miracle of qigong by chance. At the end of 1992 one of my friends brought me a qigong magazine; on its cover was a picture of a qigong master sitting cross-legged. I looked at the picture. Suddenly I felt strong energy flowing from my arm into my body. After I read the article I realized that the qigong master was Master Li. I understood that Falun Gong was not only for having good health but also for strengthening one's cultivation.

In March 1994, with the weather becoming warmer, unexpected good news came: Master would give a second lecture in Hefei City, Anhui Province, on April 15, 1994. It was just like the saying "Pursue nothing and it will come to you without putting in any effort." Master brought the Fa to my door and put it before me.

The lecture was held in the auditorium of the provincial Party school. My seat was in row 13. I could see and hear very clearly. From beginning to end I paid constant attention to the lecture, afraid to miss anything. Master's kind face and strong stature and his geniality and friendliness made me feel very warm and secure.

At that time I was dealing with an issue at work where I was being treated unjustly. It worried and concerned me a lot. I always worried that it would affect my learning the exercises. Master said that, when the tests come, just see if you can control your xinxing. I felt that Master was talking to me directly. So I thought, "Since I have started my cultivation, I will listen to Master no matter what the issue." In my heart I was wondering how Master knew about it so clearly. He knew what was in my mind. In the lecture, he said that some people in the audience were chosen by him. He said those words three times. The next day I saw Master's Law body. I felt Master was really divine.

Every day, Master came very early. Students would gather around him and ask many questions. That day I didn't know what I should ask, so I just followed Master around. His compassion and tolerance gave everybody one more teaching from his own example.

The last day of the class, students were sharing their experiences. One student was a doctor. She said that, before learning Dafa, she had used other exercise methods to cure illness for others. Later she herself developed many illnesses. She was afraid that others knew she had illnesses, so she went to the headquarters of that exercise method to ask to be cured. But the result was that she became even worse. She thought her situation was hopeless, so she told her family members not to let her work place know her situation and to send her back to her hometown when she was going to die. After she attended all Master Li's lectures, her body was purified, and she could walk with ease. She thanked Master for saving her. She cried the whole time she was sharing her experience.

On the day that Master took pictures with students, one of the students asked us to take a picture of her with Master. I wondered how many people in this group of one thousand five hundred had this wish. How could Master do that for everyone? Without thinking I said, "Does Master agree?" When we went to Master, he smiled and agreed to the students' requests. By that time there were many new practitioners, and their xinxing levels were still not much different from ordinary people. Two students even fought with each other to get their picture taken with Master. Master looked at the one student on his right and then looked at the other student to his left with a smile on his face. Master was gracious and respectable. In my heart I felt that Master was just like a senior member of my family.

At the end of the teaching, everybody was reluctant to leave. The applause was like thunder--as one crescendo faded, another rose. Master stood up and made a set of big hand signs for us.

Since I became a practitioner, I have diligently studied the Fa and been strict with myself. On July 20, 1999, the Party began to libel Master; the deceit was totally unacceptable. I refused to listen or to watch. I followed Master's words using my wisdom to do the three things rationally. Under Master's care I avoided many different forms of persecution. Many supernatural things happened, but I also experienced the difficulties of cultivation. Without Master's protection it would be hard to cultivate even for a second.

We have been admired by all the beings in the whole universe. The memory of that time will remain forever. Master rebuilt our new lives. From now on I will continue to do the three things well, walking with confidence the last leg of my journey as Master expects.