(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to begin practicing Falun Dafa at the end of 2006. Now I want to share with fellow practitioners my experience of obtaining the Fa.

1. Obtaining the Fa

In 2006, I read a story about "looking for Buddha" when I was using special software to surf the Internet. It made a very strong impression on me. Either intentionally or unintentionally I opened the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. I was deeply fascinated when I read the first sentence of the precious book Zhuan Falun. As I continued reading the book, I realized that I had found the fundamental answers to many things that had perplexed me, especially, in the eyes of higher level beings, that the real purpose of coming to this world is not to be human but to return to our original, true self. It also reminded me of all the slanderous propaganda that the government media outlets began fabricating in 1999 when the persecution of Falun Dafa started. It made me see more clearly the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ever since I could remember, I had had all kinds of large and small tribulations. When I was small, very often I had a fever. Once I had such a high fever that I became unconscious for a very long time. My family gave me acupuncture all over my body to wake me up. Whenever I had a fever, I would say terrible things, which really worried my family.

Especially during the two years before I obtained the Fa in 2004, my lower legs and the joints in my feet were swollen. The pain was so intolerable that I could hardly get out of bed. This situation lasted about a year.

One night in July 2005, right in front of my own home, a hoodlum with a knife cut my left arm. I bled a great deal and had to spend 20 days in the hospital before I recovered.

When I look back now at what I experienced, I enlightened that our great compassionate Master eliminated karma for me so that I could obtain the Fa. When I thought of this for the first time, I could not help shedding tears.

2. Studying the Fa and doing the exercises

When I finished reading the first part of the precious book, I suddenly realized that I should not only read the book, I should also do the exercises. I went to the Internet and downloaded the exercise music. Every day I practiced. When I was doing the third exercise, I coughed badly, but I was fine within two to three days. I bought an MP3 player to listen to Master's lectures in Jinan and also the exercise music. Whenever I had time, I listened to the lectures.

3. My feeling about studying the Fa

Before I obtained the Fa, every day I took things too hard, and I easily worried. After reading Master's lectures, I learned to take things lightly and I made great changes both physically and mentally. I didn't force myself to do anything and I learned to do things naturally. I considered others first. I cultivated my xinxing wherever I went. However, in studying the Fa, I still found that I had many selfish attachments. I understood that through all these, Master wants me to discover my own attachments and then eliminate them. It is very painful to eliminate all one's attachments, but everything will be dissolved if we study the Fa more.

4. Passing the tests

After obtaining the Fa, I developed many lumps on top of my head. My family wanted me to go to the hospital. I felt so ashamed of myself, because my aunt is a doctor and she applied some tincture of iodine to my head. Several days later, the lumps were all gone. Now, however, I have many lumps on my body. And I have dermatitis on my face. I understand that I am eliminating karma, and Master is cleansing my body. If I study more of the Fa, if I have righteous thoughts, I will pass all these tests.

5. Sending righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth

I now work for a community and I often clarify the truth in many different ways when I am off work. When I take the bus, I write a truth-clarifying sentence on the one-yuan bill I use to pay my fare. When I go shopping, I do the same thing. I have opportunities to print truth-clarifying flyers and I understand that it is Master who provides me with this convenience to clarify the truth. I understand that we should have a righteous mind in clarifying the truth and I understand why we should clarify the truth. I pay attention to my every single thought, and at any moment try to do things from the Fa-perspective.

I recalled that several weeks after I obtained the Fa, I suddenly received a notice that personnel from the city 610 Office wanted to come to our place to check things out. I thought there was no way anyone would come. I kept thinking in this way and no one came. Later I found out that they had checked all the other communities except mine. I witnessed the power of our righteous thoughts. After reading more experience sharing articles of fellow practitioners, I feel I am still not very diligent. For example, I do not send forth righteous thoughts often enough and sometimes I study the Fa merely as a formality.