(Clearwisdom.net) Five practitioners from Jilin City--Ms. Wang Liqiu, Mr. Zhao Guoxing, Ms. Mu Chunhong, Ms. Zhao Yingjie, and Mr. Liu Yuhe--were arrested on February 12, 2007. The police brought them to the Jilin Municipal Police Station and tortured them. Officer Di Shigang force-fed Ms. Wang with eight bottles of dark mustard oil, causing her to lose consciousness. Officer Di then doused her with cold water to revive her and force-fed her again. Ms. Wang is now exhibiting symptoms of heart disease.

The members of these practitioners' families have been going to extraordinary lengths to try to rescue them. The members of several families went to the Jilin Municipal Police Station on April 10 and 17, attempting to win the practitioners' release.

On April 10, members of Ms. Wang's, Mr. Zhao's, and Ms. Mu's families went to the police station and heard that provincial government officials were accepting appointments from citizens that day. Members of six practitioners' families went to the city government's Appeals Section and asked Chief Xing Tieying (male) and Xiao Xuemei (female) to arrange appointments for them. The families wanted to tell the provincial government officials of the practitioners' horrible experiences. Both Xing and Xiao answered, "No one will touch the Falun Gong matter." The family members replied, "Then why are the police arresting practitioners? Once they arrest them, no one cares anymore?"

Ms. Wang's 77-year-old father begged Xing and Xiao for assistance, but neither of them showed any sympathy. The family members persisted until 3:00 p.m. before they finally left in disappointment.

On April 17, at a little after 9:00 a.m., eight members of Ms. Wang's, Mr. Zhao's, and Ms. Mu's families returned to the Jilin Municipal Police Station to meet with the director, Liu Peizhu (male). The personnel of the Secretarial Section claimed that Liu was on a business trip. The family members felt they had no choice but to contact the State Security Section. They made several calls, but no one answered the phone.

No one at the State Security Section would receive them, so the family members stood at the entrance and asked whoever came out the door, "Are you from the State Security Section? Your officer, Di Shigang, fed Ms. Wang Liqiu eight bottles of dark mustard oil causing her to lose consciousness. Then he doused her with cold water to revive her and force-fed her again. Shouldn't such an officer be punished?"

Some of the people who heard this were very surprised, some were aloof, and others just hurried away. Then a person arrived who claimed to be a reporter from a human rights magazine sponsored by the State Department. He asked the family why they were there. They told him how the police had force-fed Ms. Wang with dark mustard oil. The reporter said, "We have a restriction that prevents us from discussing the Falun Gong matter." One family member replied, "Isn't your magazine about human rights? Aren't Falun Gong practitioners human beings? Go back and give this report to your supervisors. If you do that, we will thank you, but if you do not, it does not matter. As you can see, Falun Gong practitioners do not have human rights. No one here will receive us. Where are our human rights?"

After 10:00 a.m., the family eturned to the city government's Appeals Section to find Chief Xing. He said, "We cannot handle this matter. You may go to the District Attorney's Office to file a complaint against Di Shigang." The family said, "On April 10, officials from the provincial government were accepting appointments from citizens, but you would not do a thing to arrange an appointment for us, no matter what we did. This is your responsibility. At that time you said no one would receive Falun Gong practitioners. If our family is experiencing difficulties, can you say that you are not accountable?" Xing was unable to respond.

April 20, 2007