Although I witnessed this in person, it's still hard to believe. Too supernormal!

In Hunan Province, a government employee had read the Falun Dafa books. Some of her friends were cultivating. She knew the truth about Dafa and understood in depth that Dafa is good, so she continued to clarify the truth to her relatives and people she had contacts with at work, and told them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party.

Last year, on January 15--the Lantern Festival on the lunar calendar--her boyfriend's nephew, who was riding on a motorcycle, crashed onto a moving concrete mixer truck. His front teeth were knocked out, and his nose was torn up. Blood sprayed out of his nose and mouth. He was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment, where it was discovered that he had a serious intracranial hemorrhage. His blood pressure was only 24, and his pulse was 196. The hospital notified his family: Be prepared for his death!

She and her boyfriend had rushed to the hospital after hearing the news. While she was watching, the cardiac monitor began to show a straight line: His heart had stopped. His entire family broke into tears. Seeing this, she called the whole family together and told them, "Don't cry. If you want to save his life, everyone should repeat sincerely, 'Falun Dafa is good!'"

The whole family believed this with all their heart. They kept repeating sincerely, "Falun Dafa is good!" It seemed that the patient heard something, and the heartbeat monitor started to register movement. The whole family became very excited and kept on repeating, "Falun Dafa hao!" with great sincerity. Looking at the heart device again they saw not only a heartbeat, but also blood pressure. The young man survived!

Her boyfriend excitedly said, "Although I saw this happen in person, it's still hard to believe. It's so miraculous!" After a few days, they went to the hospital to see their nephew again and found that he was recovering very fast. They held an MP3 player so that he could listen to Master's Fa lectures for a while. As she was leaving, the young man burst into tears. He understood that it was Dafa that had saved him.

April 3, 2007