(Clearwisdom.net) The 610 Office, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members, and police in Taoxu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province, often arrest, torture, and extort money from practitioners. The following are details of some practitioners' experiences.

Jiang Yongjian, Secretary of the Taoxu Town Commission, Tells Police Officers They Will Get Fired if They Don't Beat Practitioners Hard

Practitioner Mr. Shi Yunting from Qiancheng Village was a doctor of Chinese medicine at the Taoxu Town Hospital. Mr. Shi started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995 and his health dramatically improved. His family, having witnessed this, joined the practice as well.

After the persecution started in 1999, Mr. Shi planned to go to Beijing to validate the Fa, but he was stopped on the way to Beijing and had to return. He tried to see if he could get to Beijing from the Linyi Train Station, but the station refused to let him enter. The CCP sent people to confiscate Mr. Shi's Dafa books, extort 1,300 yuan, and arrest him.

On March 2, 2000, authorities arrested Mr. Shi and sent him to a brainwashing center in Taoxu Town. Mo Guangli, Deputy Head of Taoxu Town, transferred him to the Finance Division the same night. Mo, Jiang Yongjian (Secretary of the Town Commission), and Liu Xingshi (Leading official of Taoxu Town), ordered police officers to torture Mr. Shi. Before they started, Jiang treated the officers to a feast in a hotel and told them they would get fired if they didn't beat Shi hard enough. The police beat Mr. Shi until he was soaked in blood. They removed his clothes and shoes and kicked him. Liu wanted Mr. Shi to slander Teacher but he refused. Liu immediately slapped him so hard that his nose bled. The police then jumped on him and beat him. Qin Zhicheng from the Finance Division wore hard leather shoes and kicked Mr. Shi's head with all his might. Mr. Shi's ear started to bleed. After the brutal beating, Mo threw Mr. Shi's shoes away and ordered him to walk back to the brainwashing center barefooted. Mr. Shi's wife was also tortured. She was bruised from the waist down. These people extorted 8,000 yuan from Mr. Shi and his wife and threatened to beat them to death. Before the couple was released, Liu took back their receipt for the money they paid.

On June 18, 2001, Lv Yixiang (deputy official of Taoxu Town) and officer Zheng Jie, arrested Mr. Shi and took him to the police station. They hung Mr. Shi on a tree for 11 hours. During that time, officer Diao Chuanjun hit Mr. Shi in the ribs with his baton. Yao Zuorong from the 610 Office and officer Xiong (first name unknown) tortured Mr. Shi until the next day. Mr. Shi would not give up his belief. The officers took him to the yard. Bao Xitang, (Deputy official of Taoxu Town), wrapped Mr. Shi's head with a piece of cloth and pushed his head down to the ground, trying to choke him. Others started to hit him with wooden rods. Bao hit him with a rubber stick. Mr. Shi passed out because of the pain. The gang dragged him into a house. After him woke up, he found himself covered with blood clots.

The next day, the gang took him to the police station to interrogate him. Li Changxiang (Deputy Director of the Police Station) and officer Xiong were there. Xiong kicked Mr. Shi until he fell on the ground. Xiong then beat his legs with a rubber stick for about 15 minutes.

On June 28, 2001, the gang took Mr. Shi to the Mengyin County Detention Center and locked him there for a month. Then he was transferred to the Mengyin County 610 Office and locked in a room without a window. The door was locked with a guard standing outside. He was not allowed to do the Falun Gong exercises or sleep. Once he was tortured because he was found doing the exercises.

One day, Li Zhiye and Lei Yancheng from the Mengyin County 610 Office and several people from the county tried to talk Mr. Shi out of doing the practice. They said thing like: "How come you practice Falun Gong when you are a doctor? How will you see patients like this?" Mr. Shi told them how Dafa had made him a good person and healed all his illnesses and that they shouldn't persecute practitioners. Li told him that Falun Gong occupied too much of his head and left with the gang. Later, a person came in and warned him that he shouldn't be talking so much in front of the leaders.

While Mr. Shi was locked in the Mengyin County 610 Office, Li Changxiang, deputy head of the Taoxu Town Police Station, and officer Xiong came to interrogate him twice. During the second interrogation, they took off Mr. Shi's clothes and beat him with a thick bamboo stick. The stick was shattered into two pieces because of the severe beating. The gang continued the beating until they got tired. Li forced Mr. Shi to sit on the ground with his legs straight. Li used a bamboo stick to beat his legs. Then Li put a flat board on Mr. Shi's legs and stomped on it.

The 610 Office tried to transfer him to the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for a year. During the health check, a doctor found that Mr. Shi had severe heart problems, so the camp refused to take him. The 610 Office then took him to the Third Detention Center, but it, too, refused to take Mr. Shi. The Fourth Detention Center turned down him as well. The 610 Office had to take him back. They extorted 5,000 yuan from him and let him go home.

In 2004 a practitioners disclosed information on other practitioners under torture. Cui Huadong, Director of the Mengyin County 610 Office, tried to arrest Mr. Shi. Mr. Shi escaped using his wisdom. Mo Guangli then led people to Mr. Shi's workplace, Toaxu Town Hospital, to search out and destroy his possessions. Three cars full of police went to his house to search his possessions, but found nothing related to Falun Gong. They only took away the receipts for his illegal 610 Office fines. Mo led a group of people to Mr. Shi's daughter's home. When they saw Shi's son-in-law, Gong Weicai, five of them jumped on him, tried to choke him, handcuffed him, and tried to drag him out of the house. Mr. Gong passed out from being choked. His family called the ambulance and the gang then left. Mr. Shi, who is almost 70-years-old, had no where to go, so to avoid further persecution, he became homeless.

The CCP Forced Ms. Zou Hui to Stand Absolutely Still and Brutally Beat Her if She Moved

Practitioner Mr. Zou Xuefa, 62, lived in Shuiying Village, Taoxu Town, Mengyin County. His daughter, Ms. Zou Hui, is also a practitioner. Mr. Zou's illnesses disappeared one month after he started the practice.

The day the persecution started, Lei Weigan, the village secretary, led some 610 Office staff in extorting 200 yuan from Mr. Zou.

In the evening of February 23, 2000, Liu Yong and Diao Chuanjun from the Taoxu Town Police Station, took Zou and his daughter to the police station, took their pictures and fingerprints (to establish a case) and extorted 440 yuan from them. On February 25, 2000, Zhou Zijun, Li Qiang, and Mo Guangliang took Zou and his daughter to the Town Hall and locked them up. Three days later, Li Weidong ordered a group of his subordinates to torture Zou and his daughter. They beat the two practitioners and forced them to sit on the floor with their legs straight and touching their toes with their fingers. They forced Ms. Zou Hui to stand on a pointed rock and brutally beat her if she moved even a little. Among those doing the beating, Li Peiguo, Zhou Zijun, Li Qiang, Liu Benfeng, Hu Faming, and Mo Guangliang were the most vicious. Later Zou Xuefa had to pay 3,400 yuan before he could be released. Ms. Zou Hui didn't have money and was detained for another three months before her release.

In the fall of 2002, before Mr. Zou Xuefa woke up, Lei Weigan, Li Zhenguo, Wang Zhaoyang, Li Qiang, and Lai Xianlu, broke into his house at 4 a.m. and searched it. They took away 300 yuan.

On February 11, 2004, Li Zhenguo and more than 20 others broke into Zou's home again and illegally searched it. They took away a tape recorder and arrested Zou. This gang beat Zou three rounds that morning. On February 17, 2004, they detained Zou in an isolated house and viciously beat him. On February 24, 2004, Li ordered his subordinates to beat Zou again. On March 3, 2004, Li ordered Zou to stay still and kicked Zou. Zou was tortured for 28 days and had to pay 400 yuan before he was released. Li Zhaofa and Li Zhenguo took 100 yuan to buy alcohol.

Endless Extortion and Persecution

Practitioner Mr. Lei Weifeng lived in Shuiying Village, Taoxu Town, Mengyin County. Lei Weifeng his father, Mr. Lei Shuliang, and wife, Ms. Zhang Yuanlan, all used to have severe illnesses. Practicing Falun Dafa greatly improved their health. After the persecution, the three of them were tortured and financially ruined.

On July 20, 1999, the town hall extorted 1,400 yuan from Mr. Lei's family.

In 2000, Mr. Lei Weifeng signed a petition to the UN to call for an end to the persecution against Falun Gong. On February 16, 2000, village secretary Lei Weigan and director Lei Weiqing led officers Liu Yong, Zhang Daoxin, and Diao Chuanjun in the arrest of Mr. Lei Weifeng and sent him to the police station in the middle of the night. The police took Mr. Lei Weifeng's picture and extorted 220 yuan from him. Mr. Lei was later taken to the town's financial building and Qin Zhicheng beat him on the stairs. The CCP's gang put labels on Mr. Lei and other practitioners and took them out to the streets to humiliate them in public. Mr. Lei and other practitioners were forced to stand against the wall or bend down and touch their toes for a long time.

On January 19, 2000, Zhang Daoxin and Diao Chuanjun took Mr. Lei's father and wife to the police station and extorted 440 yuan before their release.

On February 23, 2000, Zhou Zijun, Li Qiang, and Mo Guangliang took Mr. Lei's father and wife to the town hall. Zhou, Mo, Li, Hu Faming, and Li Peiguo threatened them, beat them with wooden rods, did not let them use the toilet, and had them stay in the toe-touching position for a long time. At 11 p.m. on March 7, 2000, Li Weidong brought a lot of people to take turns beating the practitioners. These people included Zhou Zijun, Li Qiang, Bao Xitang, Liu Xingshi, and Qin Zhicheng. They beat the practitioners until they were tired and sweaty. In the end they extorted 8,000 yuan from Lei's father and wife before their release.

In February 2001, Mr. Lei went to Zibo City to work. The head of Shuiying Village, Lei Weiqing, and staff persons Wang Xiangling and Li Peiguo, abducted Mr. Lei and took him to the Taoxu Town 610 Office to brainwash him for three days before he was let go. Mr. Lei had to pay 350 yuan for these people's travel and living expenses.

Around February 2004, Li Zhaofa, head of the 610 Office, often sent people to watch Mr. Lei and patrol around his house. They often broke into Mr. Lei's house and threatened his family. Mr. Lei's mother was often scared and vomited and his child was scared and cried. Mr. Lei's family was mentally tortured. Mr. Lei couldn't go home; he was in a terrible financial situation and couldn't live a normal life.

The CCP Steals a Practitioner's Bank Book and Cash

Practitioner Mr. Lei Weiheng lived in Shuiying Village, Taoxu Town, Mengyin County. Before learning Falun Gong, doctors couldn't treat his severe illnesses. Practicing Falun Dafa saved his life.

On July 20, 1999, the CCP in Cunhe Town extorted 200 yuan from Mr. Lei because he practiced Falun Gong.

In 2000, Mr. Lei signed a petition to the UN to call for an end to the persecution against Falun Gong. On February 23, 2000, officers Zhang Daoxin and Diao Chuanjun arrested Mr. Lei at night. The police took his picture and fingerprints and extorted 220 yuan from him.

On February 25, 2000, Zhou Zijun, Li Qiang, and Mo Guangliang arrested Mr. Lei and sent him to the town hall. On February 28, Li Peiguo, Hu Faming, Liu Benfeng, Zhou, Li, Mo, and several others beat practitioners with wooden rods. Every night, this gang of thugs was drunk and threatened practitioners with foul language. On the night of March 7, Hu, Li, Mo, and Li viciously beat Mr. Lei again and extorted 4,000 yuan from him before his release.

In 2002, Wang Hongzhong, Zhou Zijun, Li Qiang, Lu Xuanxiang, and a dozen others broke into Mr. Lei's house in broad daylight and performed an illegal search. Mr. Lei wasn't home. They took away 3,150 yuan in cash and arrested his wife (not a practitioner). Mr. Lei's wife was so scared that she vomited in the gang's car. Zhang Chengwu, the driver, threatened to split her in half. She was locked up for three days. The gang beat her many times and humiliated her with slanderous words.

On January 30, 2004, Lei Weiqing, head of Shuiying Village, led Li Peiguo, Gong Piguo, Li Qiang, and another 20 people to break into Mr. Lei Weiheng's house. Gong twisted Mr. Lei's shoulder and took him to the town water plant. The directors of the plant, Zhang Anyi, Fang Zhengping, Gong Piguo, and Zhou Zijun, instigated many people to take turns in beating Mr. Lei. After that, Shi Yunduan forced Mr. Lei to hold a chair over his head and viciously beat him if he lost his balance. That day, Mr. Lei was beaten twice and the pain prevented him from sleeping at night. The next day, Zhou Zijun ordered the same people to beat and humiliate Mr. Lei and did not let him sleep for three days. Mr. Lei feared for his life and escaped. After his escape, they arrested Mr. Lei's wife instead. They tortured her and extorted 1,000 yuan from her.

Drunks Beat Practitioners with Wooden Rods

Practitioner Mr. Gong Chuyou lives in Dawangzhuang Village, Taoxu Town, Mengyin County. He started Falun Gong in 1995 and had a great family life.

After the persecution started, the CCP regime detained Mr. Gong seven times and unlawfully searched his house and threatened him over 50 times.

On July 18, 1999, Mr. Gong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong but didn't make it. Liu Zhongxiang and people from Taoxu Town arrested him on his way there, locked him up for ten days and fined him 1,200 yuan.

Once Mr. Gong's daughter was home alone. Liu Zhongxiang broke into Mr. Gong's house with a dozen others. One of them took 30 yuan from Mr. Gong's son. Mr. Gong's wife came home and told them to treat Dafa with compassion because practitioners did not do bad things. They wouldn't listen and told her, "You can't do what the CCP forbids. Even being a good person (is forbidden)."

Once Mr. Gong went to an experience sharing meeting. The authorities arrested him and interrogated him over night. The next day they locked him up in the Mengyin County Detention Center for a month.

In February 2000, Li Weidong from Taoxu Town government imprisoned Mr. Gong for 15 days for no reason. During this time, the drunken thugs often hit Mr. Gong and a dozen other practitioners viciously with thick wooden rods till they broke. They even hit practitioners with chairs until they were shattered. Mr. Gong was injured and swollen all over and he couldn't see anything. They extorted 3,000 yuan from him before his release.

In March 2002, Zhang Zhaohui and Mo Guangli arrested Mr. Gong and his wife while they were working. They released Mr. Gong three days later and kept his wife for 15 days. They forced her to lay on a freezing concrete floor at night and wouldn't allow her to go out during the day.

Around August 15, 2002, Shi Yunduan arrested Mr. Gong, locked him up for 28 days, and extorted 60 yuan from him.

In 2003, Li Zhenguo and policemen arrested Mr. Gong and his wife after someone reported them watching a truth clarification VCD. Li interrogated and tortured him overnight and fined him 200 yuan.

On January 30, 2003, the Taoxu Town government detained Mr. Gong for ten days, fearing that he would go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. They extorted 600 yuan from him.