(Clearwisdom.net) After the Chinese Communist Party's inhumane and criminal practice of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and then cremating their bodies was exposed, the Falun Dafa Association and Minghui website [Chinese version of Clearwisdom] founded "The Coalition To Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong

On-site in China" on April 4, 2006. The coalition calls for people from all walks of life and any organization to form a united investigation group to gather possible leads for investigation of illegal organ harvesting. The following are some leads we obtained recently. We hope all kind-hearted people who have special knowledge about such activities will assist us in continuing to expose the inside stories of labor camps, prisons, and hospitals in China that are colluding with each other to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Together we are striving to end the persecution.

Investigation lead: Tianjin City To Perform More Than 100 Kidney Transplants This Year

The No.1 Central Hospital, which is located next to the multi-level crossing bridge at Wangdingdi, Tianjin City, has recently accepted a lot of foreign patients who need kidney transplants. Someone from the hospital revealed that this is the last year for Tianjin City to be able to use organs from prisoners who are sentenced to death. After this year the decision shall be made by the central government. So this year they are planning to perform more than 100 kidney transplant operations.

We are concerned about these "death row prisoners." If these organs are taken from Falun Gong practitioners, we hope those kind people and hospital personnel who know the truth will bravely step forward, expose the criminal acts, and stop the slaughtering. We hope the international community will pay attention to this issue.

Investigation lead: Facts of a Liver Transplant Death Case at Eastern Organ Transplant Center

A few days ago when I was chatting with my husband, he told me something that I feel I have to write about.

My husband met with an ex-colleague of his whom he had not seen for years. The colleague told my husband this sad story: His brother passed away three years ago. His brother suffered from liver cancer, and he had heard that a hospital in Tianjin could do a transplant so he went in hopes of extending his life. The hospital was quite famous with respect to organ transplants, even internationally. Many foreigners went to the hospital for transplants and they did not have to wait long. The hospital told the colleague's brother that they could guarantee success if the patient paid 300,000 yuan. The doctor told them how many operations had been successfully done.

So his brother went to the hospital and soon they performed the transplant for him. But unlike he was promised, his body rejected the new liver. He then went through six operations in total and spent more than 800,000 yuan before he eventually died. His family felt that they had been cheated. They went to see the doctor but the doctor didn't even want to talk to them.

This colleague went to live in Tianjin and tried every few days to see the doctor. But the doctor refused to see him. With no other recourse, he just stayed at the hospital and started to tell the true story of his brother's death to passerby and hoped other people would not be cheated anymore.

One day he saw the doctor coming out. He tried to catch the doctor. The doctor spotted him and quickly ran to his car. He saw the doctor was going to run away, so he got in front of the car and lay down, stopping the car with his body. Many people were around. The doctor knew he was at fault, so eventually he got out of the car and took the colleague into the building. The doctor offered to return 200,000 yuan. He wanted to insist on a more just compensation, but it was too difficult for him to keep pushing the doctor. He accepted the money offered.

He said that when he was at the hospital trying to tell his story, he saw five or six young men in camouflage uniforms bringing organs into the hospital every day. The hospital performed many transplants every day, but only a few patients survived. Doctors used those few survivors as advertisements, but most patients died like his brother. He said, "I cannot afford to continue my protest anymore. Otherwise, if my condition allowed, I would sue them for selling human organs. They actually got the organs very cheap and they sell them to patients at a very high price. But I can't afford this anymore. I have to accept it."

I asked my husband whether the name of the hospital was the Eastern Organ Transplant Center. He confirmed that it was.

Investigation lead: The CCP Removes Organs from Living Falun Gong Practitioners, A Thief Crying "Stop Thief"

Since the exposure of the CCP's criminal practice of harvesting organs from practitioners and then cremating their bodies and the consequent formation of "The Coalition To Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong On-site in China" on April 4, 2006, room for the CCP to continue to remove and sell organs from living Falun Gong practitioners is getting smaller and smaller. More unspeakable secrets have been exposed.

On March 15, 2007, Shandong City Bandao City News reported on page A20: "Underground kidney sales have become an 'order form' operation." The article said that a reporter saw an advertisement for a "Kidney Sale" on the wall of a hallway in a hospital wing in Jinan City Central Hospital. The reporter dialed the number listed on the ad. The woman who answered the phone recommended a doctor. The doctor said he has a large kidney supply and he told the reporter (who pretended to be a friend of a patient) that a kidney from a dead person is 5,000 yuan and a kidney from a live body usually costs 60,000 yuan. He said that one could fill out an order form and that all they needed was a patient's medical record. They would then find a person who sells kidneys. The patient only needed to pay the fee and then the seller would sign a contract with the patient stating "kidney donation without payment." That's all.

More that likely this is a "show" concocted by the CCP, the hospital, and the reporter. How could an ordinary doctor have access to such a large supply of kidneys unless the CCP granted him such power? Plus, how come this advertisement appeared only in the Jinan City Central Hospital but nowhere else? How could the hospital allow such an advertisement to be posted without reporting it to the police? The only answer is that the hospital obtained certain benefits or that it tried to shift people's focus to clear themselves of participation the crime. They used this to say "those kidney transplants are not done by the hospital but by those underground 'business doctors.'" The hospital is trying to protect itself from the charge of openly selling organs.

Also, the first sentence of the article was: "On July 1, 2006, the Health Ministry issued a law that forbids selling or buying organs." If it is illegal, why doesn't the governor take action? Obviously the organ sellers have permission from the CCP to do this. The article can even be seen as an advertisement itself, telling people the situation of organ supplies and prices.

April 2, 2007