A righteous person risked his/her life to take this picture. Here are three terribly beaten Falun Gong practitioners behind bars. Do not look only at their swollen, bloodstained, and disfigured faces, but see also the peaceful, calm confidence in their eyes, an expression of their firm belief in the truth of the universe. Our sincere thanks to the righteous person who took this history-making picture documenting the evil of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The identities of the three have been confirmed as middle school teachers Mr. Yang Yufeng, Ms. Yang Shifang, and Ms. Sui Jingmei from the Shouguang Experimental Middle School in Shandong Province. The picture was taken a few days after they were tortured. They suffered this kind of inhumane torture only because they wouldn't give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

Mr. Yang Yufeng, Ms. Yang Shifang, and Ms. Sui Jingmei went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong during the summer of 2000. At midnight they were grabbed by authorities and transported back to the school. They were detained behind bars in a small room already prepared for them. They all ate, slept, and eliminated in the same room. All the school leaders were part of this persecution.

The following day, the former principal, Zhang Chunhe; the driver, Wu Ruixian; and the security director, Zhang Peifeng, hired four gangsters just out of prison at the labor market. The three practitioners passed out many times due to the beatings at the hands of these hired gangsters. These teachers received no salaries during the 50 days they were illegally detained, but the gangsters were paid.

During that time, the school administration placed the playground off limits to keep the teachers and students from seeing the practitioners. Any food and water left by sympathizers was taken by the school. Many sympathetic students hated the authorities for what was going on .

The three teachers suffered severe and unrelenting torture both physically and mentally during their detention. At first the school refused to release them no matter what. When the school finally agreed to let them go, the former Education Bureau director, Zhang Wennan, refused to agree. The teachers were kept until they could not move anymore.

Shouguang Experimental Middle was divided into two schools during the last six months of 2000. The high school students were moved to the current Modern Middle School, while the junior high students remained. In June 2005, the 610 Office from Shouguang City came to seize teacher Mr. Yang Yufeng. They took his computer and books with the complete cooperation of principal Li Zhengping and other school leaders. Mr. Yang and his wife were detained in the city's detention center for one month. Later that year, Mr. Yang was sent to the heinous Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for two years, while his wife, Yang Shifang, was sent to the nefarious Weifang Brainwashing Center.

Names and phone numbers of those taking part in the persecution:
Former Education Bureau Director Zhang Wennan: 86-536-5226966(Home) 86-13806362879(Cell)
Former Experimental Middle School Principal,Zhang Chunhe: 86-536-5116696(Home) 86013505366968(Cell)

Qiu Weifeng: 86-536-5115093(Home), 86-13906366706(Cell)
Zhang Peifeng: 86-536-5115035(Home), 86-13853602166(Cell)
Wu Ruixian: 86-536-5115017(Home), 86-13721980926(Cell)
Hou Jiasheng: 86-536-5115138(Home), 86-13853602196(Cell)
Zhao Guotian: 86-536-5115150(Home), 86-13583600921(Cell)
Han Yongxiang:86-536-5115266(Home), 86-13964772166(Cell)
Yu Mingguang: 86-536-5115016(Home), 86-13963625069(Cell)
Sun Xuehai: 86-536-5115070(Home), 86-13561440128(Cell)
Cai Shuqing: 86-536-5228268(Home), 86-13806499089(Cell)
Among them, Yu Mingguang and Sun Xuehai used to monitor Dafa practitioners.

School leaders taking part in the persecution:
Principal Li Zhengping: 86-536-5263996(Home), 86-13905360899(Cell)
Assistant Principal Hou Zhongjin: 86-536-5262768(Home), 86-13869622816(Cell)
Yuan Xifang: 86-13969621000(Cell)
Yao Banqing: 86-536-5232166(Home), 86-13964619266(Cell)
Xu Xuewu: 86-536-5228488(Home), 86-13696369595(Cell)

March 12, 2007