(Clearwisdom.net) In our area there is a couple in their 70s who began practicing Falun Dafa prior to July 1999. After the persecution began, the woman practitioner continued cultivation, but her husband gave it up. However, he still read every one of Master's new lectures and occasionally also did the exercises. He appeared like someone who was still practicing, but also as not practicing. He developed a strange temperament. Their five daughters are all very filial but couldn't make their parents happy. They often came for a joyful reunion, but it would end up falling apart. Though the woman practitioner kept practicing Dafa, when she ran across some conflicts she did not do very well and was not able to overcome sickness karma.

In November 2006, the man suddenly became unable to walk because of leg pain. Whenever he sat down he could barely get up, and it was equally difficult for him to sit down from a standing position. His five daughters, being aware of this, worried about him and took him to the hospital for a CT scan and spent quite a bit of money. His leg pain did not seem to get any better after treatment.

A person who had genuinely attained the Fa would not revert to an ordinary person. Since this practitioner had the Fa in his mind, the other practitioners shared their understandings with him. All believed that the leg pain was an excellent opportunity for him return to Dafa practice. Therefore, his wife led him in doing the exercises and to study the Fa together. There were certainly some mental conflicts, but they all looked inward.

About two weeks later a miracle happened: his leg completely recovered. From then on, the couple got up early in the morning and went to sleep late at night to seize the time to do the exercises and Fa study and they improved their xinxing. They also went close to the locations where practitioners were being persecuted to send forth righteous thoughts.

They became energetic and compassionate without experiencing any sickness. Their five daughters all saw the changes in them and truly witnessed the power and beauty of Dafa. They also started to practice Dafa. Moreover, their older son-in-law also stated that once he learned how to practice, he would teach his own parents to practice.

The couple had previously asked their daughters to practice, but they always replied saying, "You go ahead and practice yourself! Don't worry about us."

Now, seeing how their whole family became practitioners, I have realized that cultivating oneself well is really a silent way of truth clarification.

Having written this much, I would like to say a few words to those practitioners who have been unable to break through their family obstacles: Each one of our family members has a predestined relationship with us practitioners and with Dafa. Even if they cannot become practitioners, we need to at least help them see the beauty of Dafa. We have a significant historical mission to cultivate ourselves well, to show them the power of Dafa, and to bring them what they have been waiting for, a wish that has been sleeping deeply for several millennia. Let them all have a glorious future; let us not forsake our role as their closest family members in this life.

This is my personal understanding. If there is some deficiency, please provide feedback.

April 4, 2007