(Clearwisdom.net) In the morning on March 19, 2007, a group of plainclothes police officers in Daqing City followed and monitored Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yan Xiuli. After Ms. Yan arrived at the home of her in-laws, several plainclothes officers appeared and loitered outside the building. One officer positioned himself by a staircase inside the building. After Ms. Yan left her in-laws' home, the police that were waiting outside followed her and illegally arrested her.

When the officers discovered the key to Ms. Yan's house, her home was plundered. The police confiscated her computer, printer, Dafa books and some other computer materials, such as toner, ink and cartridges. The policeman who was stationed by the staircase posed as a renter inquiring about a place to rent so that he could invade the home. Then several officers entered the home and confiscated property. Ms. Yan's mother-in-law was sick and bedridden and was unable to get up. The officers showed no concern for the woman and ransacked the home. The police pried open locked drawers and confiscated compact disc burners, along with many compact discs and Dafa books as well as other things. They also stole 300 yuan. While trying to protect the Dafa books, one of the officers hit Ms. Yan's mother-in-law's hand and it swelled. One of the officers constantly swore during the incident.

According to the police, Ms. Yan Xiuli had been under surveillance for a year. Ms. Yan's husband (a non-practitioner) was also taken away the same day. The police asked him to identify Falun Dafa practitioners in some photographs. Her husband did not know any of the people in the photographs and he was released the next day.

In the afternoon on March 19, 2007, practitioner Ms. Tian Guiting went down the stairs of her residence and was arrested by plainclothes police. The officers discovered her house key and her home was ransacked.

That afternoon, the police attempted to arrest practitioner Mr. Han Defa, but Mr. Han did not appear at the location where the police were waiting. The next morning after Mr. Han Defa got off work and was headed home, he was arrested. Similar to the previous arrests, police uncovered the key to his house and ransacked his family residence. A computer, paper cutter, Dafa books, Teacher Li's picture, and compact discs, along with other items, were confiscated.

The premeditated arrests of practitioners were planned by Daqing Municipal Police Department, the State Security Division, and Longfeng District Police Department. There were many indications that the maintenance and cleaning workers of the residential area of the Petrochemical Factory of Wanlong Property Company in Daqing City participated in monitoring practitioners. Moreover, some practitioners' neighbors were hired by the police to participate in the surveillance. We hope practitioners will pay attention to this.

At present, practitioners Ms. Yan Xiuli, Ms. Tian Guiting and Mr. Han Defa are imprisoned at the First Detention Center of Daqing City, and their family members are not allowed to visit them.

March 25, 2007