(Clearwisdom.net) In February 2006, practitioner Ms. Yu Xianna was tied up and tortured after refusing to write the three statements at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Team leader Guo Qiuli and guard Wang Nana tied Ms. Yu's hands behind her back with ropes. Then she was hung up by the rope on a metal bar in the storage room with both legs approximately half a meter above the ground. On the night of February 9, Ms. Yu declared all her so-called "comments and opinions," spoken or written, to be null and void. As a result, guard Cong Zhili called her to the office and beat her up brutally. Cong used her fists to thump Ms. Yu's head; Yu's vision immediately blurred and she almost fainted. Cong then beat Ms. Yu's face using her hands. Cong's hands were numb, painful, and shaking uncontrollably when she finally stopped the beating. Then she forced Ms. Yu to stand and did not allow her to sleep.

In November 1999, Ms. Yu was imprisoned in the Beijing Penitentiary after traveling to Beijing to appeal to the government. She was later transferred to the Second Detention Center in Shuangcheng City and was not released until May 2000. In September 2000, she was intercepted by policemen on her way to Beijing for a second appeal. She was imprisoned in the Second Detention Center and released two months later.

At around 6 p.m. on February 21, 2004, several policemen broke into Ms. Yu's home, where she lived by herself. They immediately arrested her and took her to Minzhu Police Station for interrogation. They asked her where she obtained her truth clarification materials, but she refused to answer and sent forth righteous thoughts. A policemen pulled her to the center of the room and forced her to stand. However, Ms. Yu refused to cooperate and returned to her seat to continue sending righteous thoughts. More than an hour later, the policemen went to Zhang Guofu's office to ask for directions. Zhang replied, "Send her to the detention center."

On the fourth day after Ms. Yu was sent to the detention center, she began a hunger strike. Zhu Xiaobo, deputy superintendent of the detention center, and the prison doctor tried to force-feed her by inserting a plastic tube through her nose down into her stomach. However, halfway down her throat the tube got stuck. In March, she started a second hunger strike and on the fifteenth day she was sent to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. By then, she was already very weak and had difficulty walking. She was coughing and spitting up blood regularly.

In the so-called "concentrated team" in the Wanjia Labor Camp, two collaborators stripped off her clothes and made her put on a prison uniform. Then they made her to sit on a plastic stool with both legs tightly together, with her hands on her knees, and did not allow her to move. At that time, Ms. Yu was already very weak. Seeing how other practitioners were hung up and persecuted, she wrote the so-called "three statements" against her will out of fear. A week later she was transferred to the twelfth team.

In October 2004, Ms. Yu began refusing to perform the slave labor. After being brutally beaten by the team leader, surnamed Lin, as well as guard Wang Nana, she was forced to squat down with both legs tightly together, her hands behind her back, and not allowed to move. At night, when she could not continue squatting anymore, she suffered beatings from guard Liu Baibing before being forced to squat again. Only when the twelfth team completed the day's quota was she allowed to stand up.

In November, guard Qiu Yang called on team leader Guo Qiuli and found that Ms. Yu had one of Teacher's articles in her possession. Qiu moved a metal chair to the corridor of the twelfth team and handcuffed her hands behind her back and to the chair frame and forced her to sit on the metal chair for a week. Later, after she refused to answer a question sheet that defamed Dafa and Master, she was forced to squat in the cell. Later, policeman Wang Nana cuffed Ms. Yu's hands to the frame of a metal bed and forced her to continue squatting while beating her brutally.

In November 2005, Ms. Yu was persecuted again for refusing to answer a political test. Policeman Qiu Yang instructed two collaborators (one of which was Wang Meifang, a practitioner who has enlightened on an evil path) to strip off Yu's clothes and made her sit on a metal chair in the storage room of the twelfth team barefooted and wearing only a pair of short pants. The windows were opened and it was a very cold winter day. The next day, they repeated the same torture but made Ms. Yu sit down on the floor with both legs tight together. She was not allowed to wear shoes even when she was going to the restroom. At that time, even policeman Wang Nana, who was wearing a winter jacket, said that it was cold, and Wang Meifang was shivering although she wore her winter coat.

On the third day, policeman Sha Yujin took over. Even though Ms. Yu Xianna was handcuffed to the metal chair and squatting barefooted on the floor, Sha Yujin was still filled with hate and anger. She handcuffed Ms. Yu to a metal bar in the storage room and started kicking her legs with her thick boots. Ms. Yu's toenails were shattered from being kicked, and the pain was almost unbearable.

On the fourth day, guard Wang Wei instructed collaborator Wang Meifang to move the metal chair into the supervising room. Having being cuffed to the metal chair barefooted for several days, Yu's legs were both swollen and red. Soon her legs started to hurt badly and she could barely place one of her legs on the floor. Wang Wei made Wang Meifang push Ms. Yu's legs upwards with all her strength, creating tremendous pain for Ms. Yu. Wang Wei even stepped on Ms. Yu's head to humiliate her.

On the fifth day, guard Qiu Yang arrived at work with a police baton and sat down next to her. Qiu forced Ms. Yu to squat with both legs tight together and she was not allowed to move. Ms. Yu's hands were still cuffed to the back of the metal chair and if she made any movements, she would be beaten by the guard. This lasted till midnight and by then, Yu's legs and arms were hurting unbearably. When her hands were uncuffed she could not move them anymore. Two collaborators carried her to the chair, and at this time, Qiu Yang arrived and made a cup of cereal for Ms. Yu in an act of false compassion in order to try to convince her to write the three statements.

On the sixth day, Ms. Yu had reached her limit. Having been so brutally persecuted, she was misled by their false compassion and was unable to tolerate their brutal torture any more, so she wrote and submitted the so-called "three statements" and other reports. However, Guo Qiuli (the team leader) said that the reports did not meet the requirements and told her to rewrite them. Guo also said that if Ms. Yu did not write them, she would be tortured again. She began a hunger strike for eight days and was finally spared from torture on the eighth day.

In April 2006, the labor camp started a new wave of coercion to make practitioners give up their cultivation. Ms. Yu Xianna refused and team leader Guo Qiuli and Li Peihuan made her squat with her hands behind her back again. On the second day, Sha Yujin, Xie Chunyan, and another guard surnamed Wei made her stand in the office with her head bent down between her thighs. Whenever she moved even a bit she would be beaten. Later, she could not control her legs anymore and fell to the ground, and was beaten and kicked by guard Xie Chunyan.

In May, team leader Huo Shuping, guards Qiu Yang, Wang Wei and Zhou Yingfan brought Ms. Yu to the supervising room for another round of torture after judging that her so-called "comment and opinion" speech was unacceptable. Ms. Yu was forced to stand with her head bent down between her thighs and both hands cuffed behind her back. Criminal Yang Fengling was instructed to strip off Ms. Yu's pants and Zhou Yingfan used her police baton to brutally hit Ms. Yu's buttocks, back, and arms countless times. After seeing no response, Huo pretended not to know what to do, and Ms. Yu was once again fooled by the false compassion and agreed to repeat the "comment and opinion" speech. Later on, Ms. Yu was often made to stand up or bend down for an entire night when she refused to say the "comment and opinion" speech.

In mid-September 2006, the local judiciary wanted to start training in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp for an army performance. The camp made all female prisoners participate. They had to practice under the heat of the midday sun and continue to do slave labor at night. One morning, Yu Xianna was dizzy and was unable to participate in the marching, but Yao Fuchang brought her out onto the square and made her squat on the ground. Yao barked at her, "This is a political requirement. Let's see how you dare to not participate" while using a ruler to slap Yu's face. Seeing this, twelfth team leader Guo Xiuli remarked sarcastically, "Your head is probably not dizzy anymore now!" Qiu Yang and the discipline leader, surnamed Zhou, also brutally beat Ms. Yu.