(Clearwisdom.net) Meizhou Prison in Guangzhou Province is a men's prison. It is also an evil place detaining Falun Dafa practitioners from eastern Guangdong Province. In 2003, the prison established a special district and sent Dafa practitioners to different groups in it. Policemen designated several criminals to monitor and "teach" Dafa practitioners, and every Dafa disciple had a special "guard."

In this special district, all newly-arriving Dafa practitioners were monitored in groups all day long-- even when they went to the restroom. If they yielded, they could have a little more freedom. In the beginning, every guard would show friendship and care, and always said "to convince people with principles", "do not force people to be brainwashed", in order to deceive Dafa practitioners. After several months, if Dafa practitioners were not yielding to them and were not brainwashed, the guards' true faces would be exposed completely. At first they would arrange some so-called homework and force Dafa practitioners to answer them as they required, or the criminals who monitored them would be punished severely. Under these conditions, the criminals monitoring Dafa practitioners would beat and threaten them in order to avoid punishment by the guards. The guards would also order the criminals to monitor Dafa practitioners until two or three o'clock in the morning, and Dafa practitioners could only sleep for about three hours every day. In the beginning, they would find an excuse that they did not finish their homework and should work extra hours until they finished it. In the groups, except for eating and going to the restroom, there was only so-called "study." That is, criminals and guards "taught" Dafa practitioners and forced them to watch VCDs which slandered Dafa and distorted the facts about Dafa.

Dafa practitioner Zheng Zeqiang did not want to answer the questions as the guards demanded. Criminals Xie Qianglong and Xie Zhenguo, who were in the same group with him, stood behind Zheng Zeqiang when he was sitting on a low bench. Xie Qianglong hit his ribs fiercely with his knees and slapped or chopped his head and neck. Xie Zhenguo knocked his ribs with his knuckles. Zheng Zeqiang's neck was slapped until swollen. His ribs were badly bruised and it was difficult to turn when sleeping. He was beaten like this once or twice every day for three days. They also said that Dafa practitioners were harming them by not finishing the homework according to the official requirements. If they did not finish their homework, they would be "strictly ruled", and forced to do fifty or sixty push-ups. If they could not finish, they would be beaten and kicked. Zheng Zeqiang was punished to stand facing a wall and do military practice, claiming, "It was useless to die in prison, the CCP has all kinds of methods to make you brainwashed" to threaten Dafa practitioners.

Dafa practitioner Peng Huisheng would not give in to the guards and was forced to stay up until midnight for over forty days. At last he gave up.

One day in June, 2006, Dafa practitioner Huang Huajie cried, "Falun Dafa is good; Buddha-light illuminates the world!" He was then sent to the special district to be watched more strictly. It was the second time that he was sent to the "strict" zone. The so-called "solitary compartment" is a room about five or six square meters large and two-meters high. All activities were done within, including eating, drinking, using the restroom and sleeping. One could not see the sun at any time and there were special people to watch over them. Huang Huajie was detained and tortured in this solitary compartment for more than three months.

More than twenty Dafa practitioners are illegally detained in Meizhou Prison now.

Meizhou City Prison
Address: Rd 3, Meizhou City
Phone: 86-753-2202527022

610 Office Chief in Meizhou Prison: Wu Youpeng, Deputy Chief: Ye
Guards in the special district detaining Dafa practitioners: Wu Ziru