(Clearwisdom.net) During the past eight years, through the Fa rectification process, Falun Dafa practitioners have matured significantly, and many sentient beings have understood the truth about Falun Dafa and have benefited from Dafa. Reflecting on our methods of truth clarification, there are several areas where we could improve.

Our Truth Clarification Style Is Too Simple

Many fellow practitioners use only one or two methods of "truth clarification." Some practitioners just send out truth clarification materials and help their relatives quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but no longer try to help other people quit the CCP. They are blocked by their stubborn notions and are unable to break through.

There are many ways to do truth clarification if you use your wisdom:

a. Face to face: This is good when you clarify the truth to your acquaintances, relatives, or people related to you through work or business. You should focus on clearing up their misunderstandings about Dafa.

b. Distributing truth clarification materials by hand, through the mail, by making phone calls, hanging banners, or through writing the truth on small monetary bills.

Many of Our Relatives Do Not Understand the Truth

Many of our relatives do not understand the truth, mainly because we have treated them as "relatives," rather than sentient beings. Many of them do not understand us or the things we do. This can create interference in our truth clarification. The Chinese New Year season is a good opportunity to clarify the truth to relatives and help them understand the truth about Dafa and the reason to quit the CCP.

In truth clarification, we need to work on "clarifying." We should read the truth clarifying materials ourselves and spend more time communicating with the people around us, rather than going along with our attachments to leisure and only using one or two methods.

When you truly use your heart to clarify the truth, even if you were not very articulate in the past, you will notice that you are able to express yourself well, and your truth clarification will become easier and more effective. The Fa will help you eliminate all of your attachments. If you have an attachment to fear and hold onto too many ordinary people's ideas, you will meet with many obstacles in truth clarification. For example, you might not express yourself very well and be easily refuted by the people you attempt to help.

Remote Areas and Particularly the Vast Countryside Are Still the Main Focus of Our Truth Clarification

In the past two years of truth clarification, through mailing and from reports on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, we know that there are many cities and counties in western and southwest China that do not have any practitioners, and many people in those areas have never heard about our truth clarification materials. In some provinces only have a dozen or so people quit the CCP each month.

Our current truth clarification is done through mailing and through phone calls from abroad, which only cover a small area. In order to cover remote areas, we need to do more to clarify the truth through mailing, phone calls, and hanging banners.

In mailings, we must make sure to include the phone numbers to call to quit the CCP.

Everyday People Who Understand the Truth Can Also Help Us Clarify the Truth

There are many ordinary people around me who understand the truth and have righteous thoughts about Dafa. I let them clarify the truth to their siblings and relatives and help them quit the CCP. Through experience, I have found that letting ordinary people help clarify the truth is a good method.