(Clearwisdom.net) Recently a fellow practitioner said to me, "My Canon 4300 printer stopped working three days after I bought it! When I took it to the service center they told me that the motherboard had burned out. Do you want it for spare parts?" My first thought was, "That's too bad," but in my heart I felt, "Maybe it's not broken."

I took it home to check it out. My computer showed that the USB component was overloaded and there were errors in the motherboard. The yellow and green indicators flashed alternately 15 times.

When I saw this, I basically lost hope and thought that the only option I had was to replace the motherboard. However, there was none available on the market, so I had to put the printer aside. But there was still a faint feeling deep in my heart, "Maybe I still can save it?" So everyday I sent forth righteous thoughts to clean the printer. A week later, it seemed to come back to life. When it was connected to the computer, the sound was normal and the yellow indicator did not light up. It printed continually for over four hours and everything was normal. Finally, this printer was saved. I was very happy!

But my human disbelief reappeared. I wondered, "Was it just an accident? Maybe it was not broken in the first place. Maybe I didn't check it carefully enough." The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became. "But even the people at the service center said that the motherboard was burned out. Maybe they weren't careful enough." My human notions appeared and several "maybes" negated the effects of the righteous thoughts.

The next day when I turned it on, it did not sound right and the yellow and green indicators began lighting up alternately again. "Maybe it's a bad connection?" I restarted it. After trying many times, I finally admitted that it was "dead." I was very disappointed. My righteous thoughts were replaced by human sentimentality, and my mind was full of thoughts of whether there were other ways to fix it. "Maybe it will be good again tomorrow? I will try it again tomorrow." In this way, I wasted several days and finally decided that it was "truly dead."

But at last I realized that cultivation is serious. How could I use "maybe" to negate the effect of righteous thoughts? I remembered that Master said, "Belief comes before seeing." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada") There will be magical phenomena only when we truly believe in Master and the Fa. Only by doing so are we able to really cultivate and improve ourselves. If we believe, we cannot be suspicious. We will not be able to cultivate if we have a suspicious attitude. The two different outcomes were due to first my correct and then my incorrect thoughts.

But from that day on, I did not think that I could fix that particular printer. It sat quietly in a corner of my storage room, while everyday I sent forth righteous thoughts to clean the computers and printers. Time passed quickly. One day, another practitioner's Canon 4300 printer stopped working. On inspection we found that just one component on it was broken, but the motherboard was all right. So I took the part we needed from the one sitting in my storage room, placed it in the second printer, and it quickly stepped into the work of Fa-validation again.

Looking at the broken motherboard and the broken part from the second printer, I felt quite sad. I said to them, "You guys are here to help Dafa practitioners to validate the Fa. How can you become useless so quickly! Especially the motherboard, how can you die three days after you were purchased? I hope you two can come back to life."

I put the broken component from the second printer into the first printer and sent strong righteous thoughts to the motherboard, "You must come back to life!" With no other thoughts at all, in that moment I really felt that it was alive again. It was a very special and wonderful feeling, as if I was able to hear its words. I immediately put the motherboard on the printer. After I connected it to the computer, the sound was normal and the yellow indicator was not on. It was alive again! Since then, it has worked very hard everyday validating the Fa.

"Believe in the Master and believe in the Fa"--many practitioners say this. From this incident I have seen a process in my cultivation. There are stages to arriving at "belief:" from "not believing" to "maybe believing" then to "totally believing" and finally to "righteous faith." "Belief" means you have cultivated from "not believing." Then one will truly feel the power of "believe in the Master and the Fa" and realize the effect of righteous thoughts.

Fellow practitioners, let us all truly arrive at righteous faith!